Been away all day but listened to a debate on Radio5 Live this morning concerning the fate that awaits Ghadaffi. Best laugh was when the Amnesty International mouthpiece came on. Her view was that he should be tried in the Hague because there were “problems” with the Libyan Judicial system. It would take a few years to fix them to the high standard that Amnesty deigns to accept. She was also adamant that the Death Penalty should NOT be applied and for good measure she confirmed to a breathless BBC interviewer that Saddam was “denied justice”. She repeated this for all to hear. However a Libyan came on and he denounced her typical Amnesty arrogance in no uncertain terms and with considerable success, to the evident concern of the BBC who swoon at the court of Shamnesty. It strikes me that Shamnesty are fully aligned with the BBC and so it was very uncomfortable to hear an ordinary Libyan declare that his country was quite capable of putting Ghadaffi on trial, with execution as one very possible outcome.

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  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    And Egypt’s trial of Murbarak is totally cool because….er……wait, wait, don’t tell me…which dictator who oppressed his own people kept the peace with Israel again?


  2. isoprophex says:

    Still it could be worse……..We could have Abu Bowen:


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Ah but…
    On PM tonight Eddie Mair said that the BBC could not locate the whereabouts of Al Magrabhi amidst all the kerfuffle in Tripoli.
    That said, they had been in touch with East Renfrewshire to check on whether or not his bail conditions were still in operation.
    Our Scottish chums seemed to think that this might not have been a priority, so were not too worried!
    Now Shamnesty must have a view of this…justice must surely be seen to be done!
    I would love to say that the BBC were not being serious-but I`m pretty sure that they were!
    And then I heard about Jody McIntyre…and just knew that they meant every word.


  4. Span Ows says:

    There’s always the chance he’ll feign cancer and be allowed to go to Scotland.


  5. Alfie Pacino says:

    Proving that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were ‘quite right’ to shake the skunk’s hand:


  6. Michael says:

    Be fair David. With OBL and Saddam dead, and no guarantee that Al Megrahi will grace these shores again, the BBC are rapidly running out of subjects for “The Reunion”. Gaddafi is their last hope.


    • cjhartnett says:

      “Our night cowering in the minibar at the Tripoli Hilton” might suffice until Gaddafi/Dylan shows up for Sue Mc Gregors seance round trhe Aga….sadly her attempts to make contact with the living fail every Sunday, but we cough up for the old bint.
      Bring back Doris Stokes…oh, she`s here apparently!


  7. pounce_uk says:

    I had a run in with a female AI chugger a few years ago. funny enough I wrote about the incident on Monday. If you want a laugh have a butchers.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I was about to point you to the video of the shopkeeper being harangued for selling israeli dates, but see it’s at the bottom of your post.

      I have the utmost respect for that shopkeeper for not clocking her one.