Presenting a Better Image

A news Correspondent from BBC’s One Show has been Tweeting. This person. ‘one_uk’ describes him/herself thus: “Research Correspondent from the One Show trying to present a better image of the UK.

The frantic tweeting in question goes something like this:

”PLS RT Israel did to a 5-year-old Palestinian boy.He was killed a last night by Israeli air strikes.”

If this photograph is genuine, and similar pictures have been known to be ‘unreliable’ in the past, it’s very sad.

It’s an image of a young Palestinian victim, tragically killed by an Israeli air strike. Air strikes which the Palestinians themselves provoked by their own murderous attacks on Israeli civilians, including Israeli children aged four and six whose corpses probably won’t be appearing in any posed publicity pictures.

What the hell does a BBC employee think he’s doing letting him/herself blatantly perpetuate Palestinian propaganda without a care in the world while proudly advertising his BBC credentials for all tthe world o see. The BBC’s conduct in the latest outbreak of violence has already been heavily criticised.

War is a nasty business Mr. One Show Researcher, and the motto is, if you don’t like it, don’t start it.


I really should have focused on the tweet to CiF Watch.

“You will realise how powerful the Muslims r growing through the use of media. Your Zionist tweets will show the world what u are”

If that isn’t explicit enough for your bosses at the BBC, Mr. One Show correspondent, I don’t know what is.


I read in the comments that David Vance has been contacted by Heather from the BBC.

My sources have also been contacted by Heather Taylor and have informed me that she stated that the account “is not connected to us or an official account in any way.

They still wished to know if there is someone who works for the BBC who may own that twitter account, and later received this assurance from Ms. Taylor:

“To the best of our ability, we are sure that this is not owned by a BBC employee. Twitter are also investigating this further.”

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43 Responses to Presenting a Better Image

  1. pounce_uk says:

    Actually I am more disturbed by what the oneshow person has to say to the CIF watch tweeter from the screen dump you posted sue.


  2. Span Ows says:

    Unfortunate. Cameras in front and cameras behind. Notice the arm on the left keeping the medic from blocking the picture.

    Sue you need to delete the quote mark at the end of the honest reporting link.


  3. London Calling says:

    He/she is a silly immature little low-level twat that imagines they are at the centre of the truth of things when they are little more than a useful idiot in the Pallywood war of cynical deception against the only functioning democracy in the Middle East. Ask Lara Logan how she feels about the Arab Spring, one-show researcher.

    Silly question, but are you tweeting in bBC paid time One Show person?  Doesn’t seem to me to be part of your One Show remit. Perhaps you need a disciplinary to explain to you you are not being paid to indulge your asinine infantile politics at work.


  4. ian says:

    Why don’t they just publish “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” on their website?


  5. David Gregory says:

    If this is a BBC staff member then you have them bang to rights, but the bio does seem a little odd. “Research Correspondent from the One Show trying to present a better image of the UK.” I don’t know every job in the Beeb but I’ve never heard of a “research correspondent” and why link to the News site rather than The One Show site?

    I could be wrong but I don’t think The One Show has an official twitter feed, which is understandable after this; So at the moment i’d be more inclined to think this is someone using the name of The One Show rather than a real staff member.


    • sue says:

      As it happens I really hope you’re right.


      • David Gregory says:

        Me too!


        • hippiepooter says:

          Well, here’s the link for the BBC to look into if they’re so minded:-


          As Hawkeye notes below, if it isn’t a genuine BBC researcher on the One Show, why would he/she delete the message to CiFWatch above?  Having a butchers around who he’s followed by, does seem very much he’s a Muslim on the programme, taking advantage of how much BBC peeps are so terrified of ending up with a message stabbed to their chest if they stand up to Muslims taking the Jimmy Riddle (or ‘Yvonne Ridley’?).  Seems even this particular Muslim supremacist thought he was pushing the boat out to far with his CiFWatch message.

          Over to you David G and your fearless seekers of truth at the BBC!


    • Hawkeye says:

      I think its real. Shortly after the tweet was sent, it was deleted.

      Below is the link to the original tweet to CiF Watch!/one_uk/status/105318902564786176

      Why delete the tweet?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Not being a twitter expert, I did wonder how we can be sure it’s a BBC employee and not just an imposter.


  6. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    It’s a tad odd that no other Beeboids or Guardianistas are “following” “one_uk”…..
    The Inglorious UAF, The Muslim Council of Great Britain yes, but why no beeboids?!/one_uk/followers


    • Cassandra King says:

      Its the ‘muslim council of britain’ they leave out the ‘great’ they will not recognize that word associated with our nations description.

      An unlected islamist gang committed to stealing our land from us as and when population levels allow AND they get public monies to help them do it. Our Quisling political class are feeding a deadly enemy, a cancer within, supporting and helping this cancer grow and spread in power and influence.

      The single aim of the muslim council is to colonize and eventually take over the UK, their dream is for Great Britain to become an islamic republic and they are winning and they are being helpedby Quisling traitors in the highest levels of the corrupt regime.

      How many times has the muslim colonization council been invited to No10 in the last two years? At least a dozen times. How many times has UKIP been invited to No10? Not once and they are the 2nd biggest elected party representing the the UK in the EU.

      Live in a democracy do we? Oh no we do not. A self confessed hostile unelected gang of agitators get more access to the corridors of power than a democratic elected political party.


      • graham duck says:

        And Cameron is lining up his next treason……the accession of Turkey into the EU…He thinks it’s a good idea?…..


  7. David Mosque says:

    Have you seen his latest one a minute ago? Choice and Balance.


  8. John Anderson says:

    I came back home at midnight – checked the web to see what has been happening in Tripoli.

    Damn all from Jeremy Bowen et al – the BBC is way behind the curve.  Sky is hours ahead.

    BBC is still spouting Gaddafi propaganda at 1am.  Spouting NATO stuff.

    The facts are on the ground – in Tripoli.  Sounds like done and dusted to everyone except the BBC.

    The BBC claims that it waits until stuff is confirmed before reporting things.

    Bollox.   It reports instantly anything its stringers and reporters claim is happening in Gaza.  It fails to report quickly what is happening to victims of jihad.

    £1 billion a year on the BBC “news” service.   Who needs it ?  – it fails to report news properly,  the whole BBC operation is focussed on spinning and distorting what is really happening.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    How revealing that this “Research Correspondent” is Twitter buddies with Yvonne Ridley “If you’re not radicalised yet it’s because you haven’t been paying attention … think about it”



    • John Anderson says:

      David – or anyone else who knows.

      Anyone following a moonbat like Yvonne Ridley is very, very suspect.

      I am not into Twitter,  don’t know how to trace things.

      Any other signposts about this person ? 


      Sorry,  Mr Gregory,  I am disinclined to accept that someone who describes themselves as OneShow would be anything except a BBC employee. 

      But maybe that is because I have a dire feeling that the BBC “news” organisation is riddled with fellow-travellers of Islamism – and quite a few Islamists too.


  10. Alfie Pacino says:

    Off topic, but Richard Bacon is tweeting rather excited about watching history in the making from the comfort of his own bed regarding Tripoli. Hundreds of human beings have been murdered and killed with more to comev and this tosser thinks he’s watching Super Mario from the comfort of his own wank pad. Disgraceful, but I expect no more from this Troll.


    • Lloyd says:

      I said to one of my customers in my cab earlier – they (the BBC) think it’s all a bit of a jolly. I don’t think they grasp the fact that the conflict entails people getting killed.


  11. sue says:

    Trying to present a better image of the UK reminded me of this


  12. James M. Gowland says:

    What about this disgusting tweet from him? ‘u ugly Zionist f***er why r u picking on Muslim women u f*** head?’


  13. Cassandra King says:

    Oh and BTW.

    Hague and Cameron claim they do not supply arms to rebels in Libya?

    Apart from C17 shipments of ex British army SLR 7.62 rifles which are being flown in via a 3rd party airforce going through a 3rd party stop off.

    Tens of thousands of what still is one of the most potent, accurate and powerful rifles ever made, they make the SA80 look like air rifles. And the Coalition liars are handing them out to islamists like ration packs(halal versions of course).

    So now the islamists have access to powerful weapons supplied to them by this Quisling regime and guess where those weapons are going along with their new owners? Oh yes, they will of course be heading for th newest holiday destination for islamists needing a break from executing poor black Africans in the desert. A nice holiday to the Sinai near the border with Israel. It seems Egypt is asking for deniables to attack Israel and giving them cover by placing Egyptian troops nearby so the IDF cannot strike back.

    How many innocent Jews will be killed by weapons supplied by the Quisling regime?


  14. George R says:

    Alternative to INBBC opposing Israel.

    Supporting Israel:

    “Beck Launches Week of ‘Restoring Courage’ Events From Israel”


  15. Philip says:

    It is Hamas that creates the circumstances that lead to civilian deaths in Gaza operations, by dint of its policy of using human shields – but it’s inevitably Israel that takes the flak from credulous journos and lefties for this sickening and cynical practice.  
    It’s one of Pallywood’s most-employed techniques: ‘Palestinian’ terrorists ensure that weapons dumps are located in civilian buildings likely to hold women and children, such as schools and clinics.  
    Israel takes great pains to warn Gaza civilians of impending defensive and pre-emptive actions; employing mass leaflet drops and SMS campaigns.  
    These are ignored by the Hamastan barbarians -and the resulting dead children (filmed by Arab ‘stringers’ – stage managed by guess-who) are waved at the world’s cameras.  
    Take a look at the fourth video down in an article from the blog, for clear evidence you won’t find on al-Beeb.


  16. TooTrue says:

    The Arabs are prepared to shamelessly exploit their dead – even, or perhaps especially, their dead children. Jews would never show a gruesome photo like that of a Jewish child murdered by Arabs.

    This is where the Arabs have the upper hand in the propaganda war.


  17. Lloyd says:

    In recent days I have heard the BBC use the word correspondent very loosely. A 5live presenter refered to a lady, calling from Tripoli, as a “correspondent”, but it was quite clear from the segemnt that she was just a civilian who happened to live in Tripoli and was recounting events.


  18. Jeremy Clarke says:

    The one_uk Twatter sounds like a typical Socialist Unity/MPACUK drone. The “Zionist” reference is a dead giveaway.

    Yvonne Ridley is with Press TV. Its ‘political analysts’ are usually bog-eyed conspiracy theorists or former members of the SWP, expelled for being too extreme.

    Press TV’s website is a cracking read too. It is like a cross between The Daily Mash and Pravda; and, I regret to say, at times it even bears some resemblance to the BBC…

    PS: good to see you back in the lions’ den, David Gregory. 🙂


  19. cjhartnett says:

    When I first saw the lead item I immediately thought “Jonhnny Marbles”…then “Jody McIntyre”…it was a delight to see the latter as I read through…so we`re on the same page!
    Ah Yvonne Ridley…who else?…there has got to be a psychic family tree for all these reflex Islamists…and their  semi-detached role at the BBC…so they can get paid, but be cited as non-BBC whenever the camel dung hits the wind turbine.
    This little band of half arsed mercenaries of any anti-Jewish/American/ Christian/Conserving position are as money- grubbing and as hypocritical as their puppetters up in NuLabor/Hamas.
    An audit trail of their wheelchair spoilers and headscarves would lead right back to Jeddah…via the usual leaky bucket brigade of the flaccid and pastel shady left!
    Why do we need to wait to find our Jones,Scanlons,McGaheys,Gormleys and Blunts from amidst our current crop of Jew baiters. Start with McIntyres “disability benefits” and then work down to the abyss of human experience.


  20. David Preiser (USA) says:

    If this One Show Research Correspondent is in fact a civilian posing as a BBC employee and is not actually connected to the Corporation, then it should be very much in the BBC’s interest to know about this and to take the appropriate actions to protect their reputation.

    What I’m saying is that it’s the duty of any actual BBC employee who discovers this to report this person to the BBC legal department.  If no Beeboid reports it, or if the BBC does know and doesn’t make the person drop the BBC association, then we can assume this is tacit approval of the tweets and attitude displayed.


  21. David vance says:

    To advise everyone that Heather from the BBC has been in contact and that this is a FAKE account.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Good.  They should have it shut down immediately.


    • Demon1001 says:

      But isn’t it amazing that you needed confirmation from the BBC that it is fake, and not automatically assume it is.  It shows it’s not too much beyond what a lot of the BBCers appear to believe.


    • Jeremy Clarke says:

      one_uk is quite clearly a loon, so ‘he’ cannot possibly be a BBC employee.



  22. George R says:

    “The Virtuous Bigot ”

    [opening excerpt]:

    “We have a new kind of bigot today, the virtuous bigot. You can find a virtuous bigot by reading the writings of just about any apologist for Islam. It seems that it [is] almost impossible for an apologist to resist proving the point of the beauty of Islam, by saying that those who find fault in Islam are bigots, racists, haters, and Islamophobes.
    All of those who use fact-based arguments against Islam or reveal the enormous suffering caused by Islam are attacked by being called members of the KKK and worse. Any criticism of Islam is treated as hate speech. ”