Here’s a jolly good analysis of a day in the life of the BBC from a regular B-BBC contributor;

“Never ones to let an opportunity slip, at death o’clock this morning R4 gave us some thoughts from the BBC’s World Service (unavailable on listen again for some reason)…..Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza have made Hamas reconsider its two year cease fire and what its response will be to Israeli aggression. 

Moving quickly on we are informed the Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan (him of the bayonets, helmets and barracks…oh and he said ‘Islam means Jihad’) was going to visit Somalia bringing untold relief to the people…..the question is what will the hard line al Shabab group make of the ‘moderate’ Erdogan?…….then onto Syria…whilst Israel had no right of reply in the first report the Syrian government were allowed to plead self defence to their actions in shooting civilians….and all through the day the BBC have been pressing the belief that oil sanctions against Syria will only harm the civilians there and do no harm to the regime….and strangely we hear absolute! ly nothing of Turkey’s recent attacks on the Kurds….Over 30,000 people have been killed in the last 10 years, 8,000 Kurdish villages wiped out and mass movement of refugees….most of this has been done by Turkey….proof recently surfaced that the Turks had used chemical weapons on the Kurds…but the BBC remains silent.

Onwards to glory and Excess Baggage leads the charge with Sandi Toksvig venturing into Istanbul…where of course Western and Eastern culture live in perfect harmony and Turkey would make a valuable new member of the European club….just lock up your daughters, wear a stab vest and carry a gas mask.

Wasting no time we jump aboard a train in the Interrail Tales where we hear that the HST trains in Europe are marvellous, and did you know Europe is great and everyone is so alike…..why can’t we all just get on? If only we had HST trains in the UK perhaps we wouldn’t riot!

Then the intrepid Mark Mardell ‘From Our On Correspondent’ goes on Safari to wildest USA to investigate the ‘delights of the Republican infighting…the wacky races that are the Republican primaries….it all makes good copy!’ Indeed where would be without Mardell’s insights….he does give us a warning though…he admits to professional disdain towards the Republican primaries….never would have guessed…..and he goes on to insinuate and smear with snide remarks that Michelle Bachman would probably like to execute gay people and thinks slavery should continue for blacks who don’t convert to Christianity.

The Republicans are cartoon caricatures that even Republican voters don’t want and who are only waiting for a more sensible Republican candidate to come along…presumably one that Mardell has personally vetted and endorsed….must be Black, a Democrat and Muslim…preferably gay and with a spending problem.

Finally of course there was an earlier discussion about the riots on the Today programme….Justin Webb trying to persuade us that the riots were of course a result of a class battle, a new long term war with the poor rising up ….and he seriously suggested the magistrates were on the other side merely defending the interests of the upper classes rather than dishing out righteous justice.

The fact that he brought in Tariq Ali to buttress his arguments tells us all we need to know when a superannuated old Trot like Ali is deemed a reasonable source of opinion….conveniently he did indeed trot…out the old lie…..poverty caused the riots along with the all pervasive urges to buy buy buy in this consumer society…and of course the poor rioters can’t afford all the stuff they want….so they steal it…it’s only fair….the MPs do just the same….moral equivalency…MPs fiddle their expenses, inner city yoof burns down homes and businesses and kills a few people….all the same thing really.”
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  1. cjhartnett says:

    Still our little Prince across the water -Uncle Tony- tells us that our “hi-falutin` wails will only  depress us all and worry our international partners“.
    Maybe Starkey can give us another talk about gang-led restricted codes of speech…only these gangsters actually sent soldiers to die, drove the economy into a brick wall and set it on fire and conferred Muttley medals on all manner of donors and scumbags.
    Blair has presumably brought peace to the Middle East, and is set to spin his Northern Ireland plate to keep it “pacified”.
    Thank God for the mass of the British people-to prevent Blair even signing his own book in Piccadilly shows that we`re not all stemdead yet. Thankfully we`re “not worth the hassle”
    Think the stand-in PM said something in the Express, but it won`t be as gangsta as Blairspeak…so the BBC will be wanting the translation…here comes Prescott!


  2. George R says:

    For BBC-NUJ riot condoners:




  3. Abandon Ship! says:

    Fatty Mardell’s smear about Bachman being part of a movement where some would like to execute gays is pure wickedness. It also shows that Fatty knows nothing about Christianity. Dominionism, which is the movement that Fatty mentioned, is in fact a part of mainstream Christianity and as far as I know, nobody in that movement wants to string up gays. Shame on you Fatty for your ignorance and for your willingness to smear people you don’t approve of.

    By the way Fatty Mardell, if you want to talk about guilt by association, what about this with regard to your Messiah?



    • Daniel Clucas says:

      Stringing up gays? I’m sure there is another Abrahamic religion which is quite keen on that sort of thing (and it ain’t the jews)


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Has this motherfucker ever sneered at Muslims who actually do string up gays?  This is a disgrace, and after I calm down I’m going to write a nice complaint letter to as many people at the BBC as possible.


      • Craig says:

        Mardell’s latest drivel is transcribed here:

        Even the Washington Post (and Newsweek) think this is a Leftist smear too far:


        Mardell uncritically laps it up though, and fails to specify who the opponents making these charges are.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          When was the last time Mardell reported that “opponents are asking” if the President is an anti-American neo-Marxist whose economic plans turned a weak possibility for recovery into a New Depression?  When did he report that “opponents say” that the President’s Green Jobs Agenda has been a bust and only funnelled money to His special interest buddies?  When was the last time Mardell reported that “opponents are asking” why the President is taking another vacation with the wealthy elite while the rest of the country is struggling to find work?  When did Mardell every report that “opponents are asking” why the President isn’t visiting black communities in His latest campaign tour to push for job growth?  Oh, wait, that wasn’t an opponent: it was a black woman Democrat.  He and the BBC have censored that news.

          The White House is asking……the far-Left activists are asking….Mark Mardell is asking….


          • Craig says:

            Mark Mardell obviously thinks that passing on gossip about a “supposed” remark in a focus group from “one Perry supporter” (an ordinary voter rather than a close supporter of Perry?) – “it takes real guts to execute an innocent man” – is responsible journalism, rather than aiding and abetting a smear campaign.

            One of the links on Mardell’s latest blogpost (on Rick Perry)…

            But Mr Perry claims the Lone Star State is booming and that much of it is down to his policies, which he wants for the rest of the US – low tax, low regulation, and as it happens, low wages in many cases.

            …takes us to a deeply hostile and very obscure-sounding blog from “a mom in Colorado”, whose ‘About’ page says, ” I have a morbid fascination with things that repel me (i.e. Palin, Bachmann!, Beck, Rush, the Teaparty, zombies, etc.).”

            (And Rick Perry.)

            Mardell’s bias isn’t even subtle. It’s sledgehammer bias.


            • Span Ows says:

              Craig, just above that bit:

              “I will admit up front that I’m the worst blogger, ever (lazy, inconsistent, can get stuck on one thing for days…).”

              Shit, it IS Mardell!


  4. John Anderson says:

    Good tracking in this weblog of how the BBC reported the Eilat terrorist murders.  Or rather – did NOT report the murders,  including the 2 young children.



  5. George R says:


    Exceptionally late in the day, BBC-Patten-EU allows an opinion piece by one John Gray, likening the Euro in Europe to a Trojan Horse.

    Whatever next?

    -Likening Islam in Europe to a Trojan Horse?

    Only kidding.



    • graham duck says:

      Dont worry the dear leader Cameron will soon have his beloved Turkey enshrined into the EU. It will be an act of treason.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    Thanks George!
    Imagine all the Beebs top echelons sticking pins in John Grays effigy and sacrificing all manner of pastries and interns in the hope that Gray is “disproportionate” in his “disappointing analysis” of their “European Partners and the current challenges”.
    Maybe the Pope might say a prayer for them…no, just joking too!


  7. noggin says:

    before the fetish with “protestors”
    up until the other week, norway was the beebo fetish, far right, ultra right, right wing, the disaster of the far right in norway, etc etc
    a GREAT expose to balance beebo b/s, on the multi culti nightmare…i mean dream of the norwegian left.


  8. Cassandra King says:

    Just another day at the BBC?

    Only this time they have really pushed their ugly boat out, it had to happen, we knew it would happen but to see it is heartbreaking.

    The BBC now has a headscarf wearing islamist reporter on air on BBC news pimping her Jew hating filth live on air on a British news channel. Reporting live from Egypt and so heavily anti Israeli it beggars belief, just another day at the degenerate BBC now employing front of house islamists. A step up from employing islamist censors at the back of house isnt it?

    So confident are the BBC now that they can pull out all the stops and turn into a turbo charged Al jazeera minus the impartiality of the Arab channel. Israel isolated from its last ‘supporters’ in the region. Israel to blame for the five Egyptian troops even though that has not been proved. The bitch islamist BBC reporter spewing her poison live on air in the name of the BBC, all that was missing was the green flag and islamist marching music in the background.

    The islamists have been working to split Turkey/Egypt/Jordan away from Israel and turn those nations into hostile nations again. That was the aim of the attacks in the first place, the Arab spring was in reality a spring to close the door on cross border cooperation and dialogue and reason. All that is left is bitter hatred and an evil desire for a war of extermination.

    Empowered and emboldened by the islamists useful idiots in the West and in particular the BBC giving help and succour and assistance to the islamist cause, war is coming, the final holy jihad to exterminate the Jews with the BBC gleefully playing their part in the coming tragedy.The Arab spring, pimped as some kind of Czech velvet revolution in the spirit of democracy. All it has done is enable islamofascsim. Turkey joining the EU? What happens when Turkey joins the war of extermination against Israel?

    Egypt to the South, Jordan to the East and Syria and turkey to the North, all gathering for the next attempt to destroy tiny Israel, no room for that tiny little democracy in the new islamofascist Arab empire. When the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt win the elections and the Christian minority are persecuted and killed they will turn their sights on Israel, they will move quickly to militarize the Sinai and when that happens full scale war is a hop skip and an IED away.



    • Cassandra King says:

      The islamist bitch Shaimaa Khalil employed by the BBC to spread islamist poison into the airwaves. A reporter representing the British people at the BBC is a headscarf wearing islamist, doesnt it make you want to burn down BBC HQ?

      This is like gold to the islamofascist cause, this is a gift from the child molester himself and the islamists must be celebrating with their useful idiot collaborators, obviously the islamists will picking out the gays for future punishments like stoning or hanging but for now its happy families at the BBC. Oh how they must be cheering and laughing together….for now!


  9. cjhartnett says:

    Wonder when the BBC will get round to telling us the names of the Israelis that have been killed thus far in these recent attacks on the country?
    We have heard little but the name Robert Robertson this week-as if we care about their former colleague the way that they do-yet try as I might, I don`t see any names of any Israelis that get killed…yet plenty reminders of a Rachel Corrie ,when the need strikes them.
    They just don`t think a Jew is worth their bother! I hope that they get reminded that that`s not how the True Dawkins( the only way the BBC can think of a deity)sees things…and He`ll not forget!


  10. Trench Telescope says:

    Test posting please ignore.


  11. George R says:

    INBBC, reporting on SOMALIA, gives much political propaganda to Islamic jihad AL-SHABAB (INBBC’s ‘militants’) – via INBBC’s Farouk Chothia.*

     INBBC reports on Islamic jihad Al-Shabab are politically more favourable than INBBC’s reports on the English Defence League!


    * [Note a INBBC Mr Farouk Chothia’s anonymous source on Al-Shabab:

    ” a London-based al-Shabab observer, who spoke on condition of anonymity …”]


    • Cassandra King says:

      The islamic jihad broadcasting corporation, spreading islamist values to the world. Only those pesky Jews and right wingers stand in the way.


  12. dave s says:

    Off topic but relevant to the liberal media’s stranglehold on debate. C4 last night aired a glossy presenter extolling the virtues of Muslim Spain. It was in Toledo  that the real foundations of European civilisation were laid. Without the Muslim contribution we would still be living in mud huts. And to rub it in tasteful shots of Salisbury Cathedral which apparently would never have been built without their mathematics and science.
    So many questions begged it was laughable. How did the Romans and Greeks ever build anything? Best ignore them or file under too difficult to explain.
    And the biggest question of all. Granted the cultural flowering in Toledo how come it withered in the Islamic world but flourished in the Christian West?
    Better not go there in the new dhimmi age of the liberal west. The Western civilisation hating liberals are everywhere ,redoubling their efforts as it becomes more and more apparent that their world is collapsing. BBC/C4/Guardian/Independent/ the entire liberal media is beginning to lose all sense of reality .
    Idiots become more dangerous as they sense their downfall.


    • RGH says:

      How history is used and abused.

      The current crop of ‘Golden Age’ of Islam puffs does not do justice to the facts.

      1. The desert warriors came into a weakened world as a ‘ruling warrior caste’. They brought nothing but an urge to ‘profit’ as their new religion entitled them to do so.

      2. They entered  and conquered lands (Christian and, in pockets in the shrunken towns, Jewish) which still had what Michael Wood described as ‘the habit of civilisation’. The knowledge and the infra-structure..roman roads, aqueducts and buildings were still all there.

      3. Byzantium, the ‘library’ held out for another 700 years.

      4. Al Andalus (the favourite).

      The buildings (and mosques) of the early period were designed and the building directed by Byzantine and local craftsmen .

      5. The Al Aqsa (Dome of the Rock) is a Byzantine style structure complete with mosaics and colour schemes minus images. Similar to buildings in Ravenna (San Vitale) and , of course, the much older Church of the Sepulchre.

      6. The ‘Arab arch’ was a development of the Roman arch introduced to Spain by the Visigoths. From there it became ‘Arabised’.

      The resistance to Arabs in Southern Europe and the fact that Spanish (a latin language) descends from Roman Latin  (with a very few Arab words surviving) is the language that was never expunged and reasserted itself once the Arab masters were finally expelled.

      The Islamic culture ‘extinguished itself’ as a potential high culture by the 12th Century. The lights went out, never to recover.


      • Span Ows says:

        RGH, very good. There is so much more. Funny how everything from certain region/s during a certain time is “Islamic” influence yet – if we are to believe the shit they shovel (we don’t) – we never hear of a Judaic or Christian influence.


        • RGH says:

          We should. They are infinitely more relevant to our culture than Islam.

          Yes, Islamic society is interesting in its own terms but it is wrong to elevate it beyond its ‘carrying capacity’ is a cultural vehicle for the Christian World (Latin West and Orthodox Greek East) which both hade a remarkable continuity, a direct line with Rome in terms of religion, law and language…the most powerful link of all in cultural terms.

          Islam was ‘ suddenly there’ and  broke the integrity of the Mediterranean World, a break which is causing problems, and increasingly so, to this day. The Med became a sea of hostility instead of a central sea to a Christian civilisation.

          Islam did provide a spur though. A negative one. It was a challenge to be faced and kept at bay. It stimulated resistance.


      • cjhartnett says:

        This seems to be in order alright!
        And yet-a nations awaits Horrible Histories to confirm it!
        Think you`ll find that we owe absolutely everything to our Islamic chums, and in fact only our white infidel skins have stood in the way of a Cuddly Caliphate as set out in Rageh Omars script!


      • Biodegradable says:

        Spanish idyll myth spread by 19th c. British Jews[…]

        Spanish historiography has often been characterized by myths and propaganda. Now new research offers a different picture from the one previously presented, including of the Franco regime and the years leading up to the Civil War.

        In short, history is used intensively as a political argument in the Spanish daily debate mainly by regional nationalists in “office” in their region and in the Zapatero regime. Large financial contributions have been made to such historical representations that support ideological interests. Politicization is so intense that the historians who have a scientific orientation often avoid studying key issues in order to not get into trouble if they come up with the “wrong” results.

        Historians show a lack of honesty in relation to their subject by disseminating rough, distorted versions and a lack of moral courage vis-a-vis their community by not daring to point out how history is misused. Entire areas of Spanish history have thus become taboo. In the very recent past, other research both from within and outside Spain has been able to filter through.

        Some breakthroughs have been made, for example in the scientific study of the Muslim period after 711 and the Second Republic 1931-1936. The breakthrough in the case of the Muslim period is associated with new forms of cooperation. Specialists in Spanish history had been working with experts in the Middle East and North Africa, with Arabists and Islamologists, and the result is that the idyllic picture of conditions in Muslim Spain that is usually conveyed cannot be substantiated except in isolated cases. This (myth) can be traced to the Jewish circles in Britain* in the mid-1800s who, by claiming that Jews were treated better in other cultures wanted to pressure the British government to relax restrictions. (…)

        Read it all…


    • John Anderson says:

      I have travelled quite a bit.  I have bever seen anything Islamic that is truly impressive,  relative to what was being done in Europe.

      Granada,  touted as the apex of Islam in Spain,  has nothing on contemporary castles in Wales,  on the Norman cathedrals in the UK and France and Sicily etc.

      The pinnacle might be the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.  But it was built nearly 1000 years after Hagia Sofia.

      Maybe I am missing something.  But I have seen stuff in China and India – and Peru, for example – that really impressed me.  Let alone Greek and Roman remnants in Greece,  mainland Italy,  Sicily,  Spain,  France.  Different cultures achieving impressive historic buildings, cathedrals, castles,  gardens, art etc.

      My experience is that there is NOTHING in the Islamic world to match Venice – or Hampton Court, or Salisbury Cathedral built at much the same time.

      Americans accept that they have nothing to match our history.  I don’t think Islam has anything to match.  But the BBC turns everything on its head – we are constantly being told that Islamic culture is superior.


  13. Reed says:

    A little background on the ‘moderate’ Prime Minister Erdogan, and a taste of what might come our way should Turkey ever join the EU.



    Moderate? Only by the standards of the BBC and it’s fellow travellers, who love this kind of ‘forced upon us’ multiculturalism. It’s good for us, though we may not know or accept it.


    • Biodegradable says:

      The BBC’s editorial guide explains why they use terms like “militant” rather than “terrorist”.

      I’d really like them to define “moderate” when referring to the likes of Erdogan and Abbas.

      What exactly is a “moderate” Islamist and what sets him apart from a common or garden Jihadist?


  14. Demon1001 says:

    I know this is completely off topic but Sky are getting as bad as the BBC.  They are discussing Libya and the first person they go to is Douglas Alexander the Shadow whatever Minister.  They should go to the government first and only the shadow if more discussion is actually required.


  15. George R says:

    It wouldn’t please INBBC:

    “Bring the Lockerbie bomber back to Britain”(by Nile Gardiner) 


    I suppose the danger is that, given the Islam-compliant UK political  parties and INBBC, Megrahi would not stand trial here, but would be provided with retirement here instead.