A B-BBC contributor notes;
“One might remember
all the fake outrage concerning David Starkey’s comments concerning language,
appearance and employability? Oh what a fuss that stirred up. I wonder if this piece from ‘Today’ will be as controversial when it says
essentially the same thing….adapt your language, appearance and attitude to
the circumstances if you want to get on in life…..remarkably, or not, not a
mention of Starkey on the programme….”

‘Zero tolerance on ghetto grammar’

‘The writer and broadcaster Lindsay Johns says street language is part of the
problem of unrest and unemployment among Britain’s youth.  Mr Johns and Michael Williams, who was given support by a south London
mentoring scheme, discuss whether communication could be the key to the UK’s
social problems.’

Interesting to read Starkey’s response to the BBC led Jihad against him here.

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11 Responses to LANGUAGE

  1. fred bloggs says:

    If there was the equivalent of the Macpherson investigation, they would come to the conclusion that the bBC is ‘Institutionally Racist’.


  2. Span Ows says:

    Trouble is that Macpherson and other reports before (Scanlon) are what has emasculated the police and a major reason for the rise of the black gang/gansta culture.


  3. Louis Robinson says:

    How does the left counter Starkey’sposition? The usual way: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” – Saul Alinsky


  4. Beness says:

    The left always play the man when what he/she says goes against the grain.
     However: they back theirselves into so many corners that you could get a scorecard out and see what trumps what.

    IE: BME(no matter the age) v White middle aged =BME win
    BMEvBME = nothing to see move along (and the problem grows).
    White working class v Black workinng class= Black working class win caus they have (government funded) community leaders And all White people are Racict.
    Immigration v Non immigration= Immigration win because they have(government funded) groups to help everyone settle in and embrace their multi cultural identity and all whites are Racist.

    But it gets a little bit more testing when you bring in sexuality.

    IE: Attacks on homosexuals by muslims= Muslims win because they are the top trump of being both BME and Islamic.
    Black on Islamic. Never heard of.
    Islamic on Black. Again never heard of. Forget the riots in Birmingham where Blacks were attacking Asians and Vice versa. It never happened.

    Thats but a few. there are many more.


    • gud says:

      of course Benness, very true.
      Victimhood Poker has been a plague for many a while.
      (US version!)


      • Cassandra King says:

        The left need their victims otherswise how would they be able to  sow their seeds of hatred and jealousy and rage?

        A happy and unified people do not need leftism, they do not desire to be ruled by leftists so the left sows their evil seeds and waits to reap their harvest.


        • cjhartnett says:

          True Cassie as ever!
          With of course the soundtrack of “One Love”, “All you need is Love”,”Imagine” ,and the like by way of exhorting us all to be peaceful and “Respect” each other.
          They see no hypocrisy there at all…because the “personal is no longer the political”, until it suits them!
          Would rather have one David Starkey than one hundred Tom Robinsons or any  other wet leftie!

          The way the BBC is going…it will be Nick Griffins and worse to come if they don`t stop being so ineptly biased ,and all the time.


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Lindsay Johns is (I think) black and Oxbridge…and therefore a handy gargoyle for the flagship of the liberal elite…prime hulk speciman number one being the BBC with the Guardian mopping the brows.
    Not that anybody but the stupid wannabes below decks do any work there.
    Johns therefore should be given Starkeys test…would we know he`s black if we head him speak?
    If Starkey is as right as he is about Abbott and Lammy, then Starkeys theory is correct.
    That Johns can say it is becaue he is black…no-one but the victim identity group can nominate the spokesperson. Johns would not have been elected, but the liberal elite confer their blessing on him nonetheless…like Von Rumpoy etc.
    Starkey is excluded as a white male of some learning…which IS racism!
    I`d take `em to court davy boy!


  6. George R says:

    So, is BBC-NUJ’s political correctness one in which it is acceptable for blacks to criticise aspects of Jamaican culture, but not acceptable for whites to do so?


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Oh, my goodness, it sounds like this Lindsay fellow is as racist as they come.  Forcing the black kids to speak white, and suggesting that white culture like Shakespeare and Ibsen will redeem inner-city black kids?  Tut, tut, BBC.  Why wasn’t this racist “robustly challenged”?

    And no, idiot Justin Webb, it’s not merely “a class thing”.  Ali G wouldn’t have existed if the adoption of gangsta posing was restricted to a specific socio-economic class.