A quite remarkable tale of BBC and Guardian duplicity uncovered by Autonomous Mind. 

To set the scene;

“It has felt like ploughing a lonely furrow, using this blog and Twitter to try to make people sit up and question how the Guardian was getting informationa bout the Met Police’s investigation into ‘phone hacking’ and getting unreleased details of arrests.”  

But now….

“Sky News is reporting that a 51-year-old detective at the Metropolitan Police has been arrested at his desk and suspended on suspicion of leaking information from the phone hacking investigation team to journalists at the Guardian.”

So, how does the BBC cover this. Well, it manages to entirely avoid the Guardian connection!

Further Update: Despite the story of the Met Police detective being arrested for allegedly leaking information to the Guardian being all over Sky News and various news media outlets and blogs, the BBC’s update of their story, 34 mins after the last version was published, doggedly continues to omit the name ‘Guardian’.
In fact, they are even trying to focus attention on the arrest of another News of the World journalist and unashamedly are even using the NotW logo as their story image, which could give the impression the police leaks were to the NotW and not the Guardian! Utterly incredible.

Hat-tip to the excellent Autonomous Mind. The BBC/Guardian axis of hypocrisy revealed for all to see.
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  1. stevefb says:

    Glad you grabbed a copy of this page because it will disappear as soon as a fuss gets made 


    • Llew says:

      It has already!!

      There is now this in it

      “It is understood that the officer’s arrest relates to the alleged leaking of information to an unnamed newspaper. It is not possible to confirm the newspaper’s identity however the Guardian has issued a statement.

      It says: “On the broader point raised by the arrest, journalists would no doubt be concerned if conversations between off-the-record sources and reporters came routinely to be regarded as criminal activity.”

      It seems they now want to pretend to be naming them, but at the same time trying to do damage limitation.

      Screen shot taken in case they edit it and remove it.

      I think we need a public enquiry into the obvious strong links between the BBC and the Guardian and the way the “impartial” BBC deliberately fails to accurately report the news.


      • Martin says:

        Police officers should not be briefing hacks on on going cases, that’s why the plods have a press department. The Guardian need to be hung over this.


      • hippiepooter says:

        Somehow, an hour before this BBC update, the Daily Mail had no problem in naming the Guardian as the paper allegedly leaked to.

        Just the BBC smartypants playing their clever games to justify the complete abscence of the name of the Guardian previously.


  2. Phil says:

    I’m appalled that the BBC has mentioned the ages of the suspects.

    Under usual BBC guidelines we don’t need to know their sexual orientation, religion, skin colour or political affiliation ( unless they aren’t lefties) so why do we need to know their ages?

    Is the BBC ageist? 


  3. Cassandra King says:

    This is the BBC in action, the rancid ugly BBC in its true colours. The axis partner BBC helping another axis partner the guardian.So confident are the BBC that they are untouchable they can display such breathtaking bias and dishonesty, brass necked over confidence.

    The charge sheet is growing longer by the day, the evidence of corruption is mounting, the degenerates at the BBC feel immune to and above its own ethical guidelines and rules, the BBC trust a bought and paid for stooge body in it upto their wealthy necks.

    We have the BBC trying to cause a run on shares in a publically traded company, we see the BBC making up smears and false allegations and hiding evidence of a wider scandal involving their close friends and partners. And yet the BBC are untouchable it seems. Will they ever be stopped and brought to account?


  4. Martin says:

    I posted about this in the other thread below. There is a suggestion that the female Guardian hack was asked outright if they were getting information from the Police which she denied. 

    Are we really to believe that some copper has thrown his career away for nothing? Did the Guardian editor know? Shouldn’t the BBC now be asking if the Guardian has contact with other Police officers?

    I have posted on many occasions that the Guardian were announcing arrests long before Sky for example (usually first out of the traps) could. 

    The Guardian/BBC made a big thing of Andy Coulson’s arrest the DAY BEFORE he went to the Police station.

    The BBC normally make phone hacking the top story on the 6pm news, tonight it was a minor story in the second half of the show, just before the Cricket score.


  5. Andrew says:

    Strange that the Guardian weren’t ahead of the curve on this bit of the story – how curious eh?


  6. Gerald says:

    Really made my day.

    I just heard the 19.00 hours news on Radio 4. They mentiuoned the arrest but no hint of the recipient of the information!


  7. Michael says:

    i have been viewing this site for a month, this is the most shocking.

    the worst line of the lost is “On Thursday, a 38-year-old man, named by the Guardian as former News of the World journalist James Desborough, was arrested and released on bail.”

    This gives the image that the Guardian is somehow doing a top job at reporting whilst the NoW have been up to the normal devious tricks.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Excellent.  Who watches the watchers indeed.  I’m sure it was a mere oversight by the sub-editor who forgot to put in the Guardian bit, right?  Of course it’s just police corruption and the Guardian is not at fault in any way.


  9. London Calling says:

    Strangely reluctant to expose themselves The Guardian. And The Guardian would have known well in advance, as the bent copper would probably also tipped them off that he had been nicked – give them time to delete emails, all that sort of stuff.

    It’s too delicious for words. The sanctimonous leading light of the Liberal Intelligensia, the Guardian, caught up to its armpits in sleaze. Somebody push Rusbridgers head under, please. Waterboard him to confess. Whilst the BBC tries to pervert the cause of honest reporting to cover their mates at the Graun.

    Not to lose sight of AM’s other big story, how the Guardian “outed” heroic whistleblower “Jeff ID” in Climategate – his identity was known only to one very high ranking police officer. Finger pointed at Andy Hayman. The Guardian would have had no qualms about shopping Anne Frank. Bastards.

    The Guardian says it wont reveal its sources. Not a defence it accepted from Murdoch. The stench of hipocrisy can be smelt here as far as South London.

    Watch the bBC try to keep the heat on News International. All we need now is to find out where Robert Peston got his market sensitive information about the nationalisation of certain Banks. Government sources? A Hatrick?


    • NotaSheep says:

      To the Guardian/BBC the first question to ask about Annne Frank would have been whose house was she staying in the attic of and what happened to the original inhabitants of that attic?


  10. Lloyd says:

    Could this story get any more bizarre? You bet ya – (regarding the Guardian) “It says: “On the broader point raised by the arrest, journalists would no doubt be concerned if conversations between off-the-record sources and reporters came routinely to be regarded as criminal activity. “


    • London Calling says:

      And the difference between “off-the-record sources” and a “leaking confidential police information” is? The Police are bound by Standards of Professional Conduct, breach of which constitues misconduct (close the door after you) or gross misconduct (Pick a window, you’re leaving)

      Police “Standards of Professional Behaviour” (2008)


      Police officers treat information with respect and access or disclose it only in the proper course of police duties.

      If proven, this guy is toast. One can only hope he brings down the Guardian with him


  11. cjhartnett says:

    As soon as NewsCorps weren`t mentioned in this latest item, anybody familiar with the liberal elites workings will know that it`s the Guardian.
    The rot hopefully will now be spreading from Ruperts toe and up to the very head of our smug and self-righteous BBC and their house rag of choice. 
    Not been quick enough though-and we can expect a lot now on “sub-judice” and “legal reasons”.
    They still will need to explain how they revealed that Coulson was to be arrested the next day…or does the Met have a book-in service at their custody suites now?


  12. Martin says:

    I still want to know if it’s right the ugly Guardian hack was asked outright if she were being fed info by plod and she denied it.

    If that is true the Police really do need to do some arresting at the Guardian. What other information have they been given? They seem to know a lot about Cameron and Coulson and things that went on, where did that come from? Has anything Coulson said in his statement to the Police (or Brooks) been leaked?

    Unless the Police seize those Guardian computers and emails we can’t be sure can we?

    Was any payment made? Again the fact the Guardian might deny it isn’t good enough, the Police must investigate. 


    • hippiepooter says:

      I’m sure the Guardian would produce a public interest / freedom of the press defence for accepting illicit information from a Police source, although of course, it’s somewhat hard to see how the public interest was served by their disclosures.

      One occasion where there was an extremely strong public interest defence is when Her Majesty’s Loyal Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green accepted leaked information from a civil servant.

      He was arrested.


  13. matthew rowe says:

    I would like to invite those pro BBC types who breeze in now and then to call us names and correct the odd spelling mistake to justify  this failure to report the title involved ? and I will not except  a note from yer mom on this one just a good sound explanation of the outright left washing of this story !


  14. George R says:

    Where’s BBC-NUJ-Labour’s ROBERT PESTON on all this?

    Nowhere to be seen.

    Come out, come out, come out, whoever you are-

    Peston only investigates Murdoch-News Corp, NOT  his Labour chums at ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Mirror’.


    • Lloyd says:

      I’m hoping that the police investigation into this includes probing the links between senior BBC figures and the Guardian.


  15. Demon1001 says:

    And let us not forget Piers Morgan (if only….).   He should be extradited back here straight into an arrest.  That would be the only possible outcome if all is played equally.  That means the Mirror, the Guadrian and possibly the BBC itself could be in the deep brown stuff.


  16. Evil Tory says:

    10 o’clock news used the words journalists .


    • cjhartnett says:

      Not a word I`d apply to most of the agitprop tosspots that write their “bloody awful” newspaperl
      Still-glad to see that they managed to find space for it between the Chinese streetcleaner and the tarmac of Poole recovering from the floods of yesterday.
      Poor little things are so shy sometimes…


  17. Mailman says:

    Its funny how the people who seem to be arrested with any speed are all NoTW reporters…and on a whim or even heresay. Yet Guardian reporters, who are clearly receiving information on the sly and have admitted to hacking in to peoples answer phones are still at large.

    Be interesting to see if the bent copper was receiving some money for his services from the Guardian.



  18. Martin says:

    The point is even if the Guardian deny paying the plod they should still be investigated to see if they’ve been paying other plods for information.

    Does the editor of the Guardian really think that with them throwing around all these allegations that it was a good idea to have a plod in the pocket? Also knowing that Sue Akers had made all her plods sign to say they wouldn’t do this sort of thing?

    In what way could the Guardian justify it being in the public interest? That is for use when something is being covered up. How does announcing Andy Coulson’s arrest 24 hours before it happened be in the public interest? Was it being covered up? No.


  19. davejan says:

    and still Mr Hunt believes that the BBC isn’t biased and that they are not accountable for their actions. Lets hope the phone hacking includes the goings on at the Beeb


  20. crabtreecottage says:

    My greatest hope is that the sacked copper, taste of sour grapes well and truly in his mouth, makes a full and detailed statement, naming names. I’d love to see the BBC weasel out of that.

    Mind you, the Guardian is on borrowed time anyway. Any paper whose circulation is dropping like that, AND loses over £50m a year, isn’t long for this world, methinks (indeed, mehopes!) 🙂


    • hippiepooter says:

      One is going to indulge in wild speculation here.  Perhaps the Guardian had something on the detective that they have kept quiet about in exchange for information?  Will be fascinating to know the reasons this detective was supplying info.


  21. London Calling says:

    The Guardian Media Goup should follow the lead given by News International and announce the immediate closure of the Guardian, as the honourable thing to do.

    I am sure all those so-called “journalists” could easily find jobs at the bBC. Business as usual from the GBC – Guardian Broadcasting Corporation


  22. Billy-no-mates says:

    Was it a dream?….. On Today this morning no mention of the Poice Officer arrrested. Whilst on SKY – it was brilliant yesterday as they cut to the reporter outside the Scotland Yard .. I’m sure I saw a smile as he said that any further improprieties would now be investigated whilst the officer was suspended.


  23. BBCwaste says:

    The particularly newsworthy part of this story was (a) further police integrity issues and (b) that is WASNT the NOTW or a News International paper.

    I wonder why the BBC chose to omit one of the most important facts in the story? It wasn’t as if they didn’t have the facts at the time this was released.


  24. George R says:

    A reprise:

    James Delingpole:-

    “Murdoch, Hackgate, Climategate, the Guardian and the vile hypocrisy of the Left ”


    “The liberal-Left has many vices. But surely the most noisome one of all (in a crowded field) is its rank hypocrisy. If you’re going to take the moral high ground – as Lefties will insist on doing at every opportunity – the very least you owe the world in return if you have a shred of compunction, decency or intellectual consistency is to demonstrate more integrity than those you are impugning. And if you can’t do that, then bloody well shut up.
    “In the last few months, you can’t have helped noticing, the liberal-Left media, led by the BBC and the Guardian, have been dwelling on the News International phone hacking scandal with a shrillness and hysteria and foaming moral outrage out of all proportion to the nature of the offence.”


    “Certainly it seems that the kind of smearing, conspiring, abuse of power and misuse of public money exposed in those Climategate emails did not come to an end with Climategate. And that the Left-wing MSM – notably the Guardian and the BBC – are at best acting as useful idiots for this shabbiness, at worst as its cheerleaders and co-conspirators.
    “So what exactly is the difference between the kind of behaviour condemned by the Guardian in the Murdoch press and the kind of behaviour it seems happy to indulge in itself?
    Well I’ll tell you a couple of differences: never at any stage have any News International publications boasted about being run by a charitable trust which guarantees their independence and absolute integrity; never have the profits of the News of the World or the Sun been largely dependent on money extracted from the taxpayer and spent on public sector recruitment advertising.”


  25. Lloyd says:

    And is if by magic the story is disappeared from the BBC news frontpage – nothing to see, move along.


    • Llew says:

      World’s shortest news story. They had to clear the desks for a large dollop of doom and gloom this morning over the economy, unemployment, pensioners carrying on working, youth unemployment, full univeristy places, in fact every news item on this morning’s news/breakfast program was hammering the economy / gov.

      Even the twat doing the sports did an article on some indoor pot-holing centre, which he had to mention “was funded by grants from the previous Government”. Ahh wasn’t the “previous” Government so fcking perfect and today’s problems are nothing to do with the “previous” Government of course. I wonder if an instruction has gone out saying “people are spotting our bias, please avoid using the Labour word for the moment but still ensure you big up everything they did”.


  26. Will says:

    A BBC reporter provided informaation on this matter at 7:40 on R5L. The report was positively Delphic and would have been lost on any Saturday morning person with no prior knowledge of the affair.


  27. cjhartnett says:

    Delighted to say that I`ve nad a good morning with the BBC!

    Radio 6 and Danny Baker on 5 Live as well as a smattering of Brian Matthew.

    Decided that there`s no point me being an alcoholic that keeps getting annoyed at the ravings of the bar bores at the Dog and Duck…once we pull the pub down by not subsididing the cretins inside it. I don`t have to go there,so I didn`t!
    We`re well beyond “Last Chance Saloons” now.

    Still I checked on whether this story (of the hacking enquiry itself being hacked!) would be found on the flagships bulletin at 8a.m( as if!).
    I heard some sideways bile aimed at Israel( and it is always the BBCs sad task to repeat verbatim what The Muslim Brotherhood of Man are saying about Israel…unlike the EDL when they too “cry for help”).
    Yes I checked…same old shit…and reassuringly very expensive…but happily drowning in its own “Stella and fries”and not waving its lacy hankie as it likes to think!


  28. Martin says:

    The BBC are doing what I’ve often said they do when they want to kill a story they don’t like.

    They drop it from all news stories, they often big up a non story instead to try to get the media attention, Newsnight last night being a typical example.


  29. London Calling says:

    Suprised to watch a BBC undercover documentary on the Guardian Media Group last night, in which BBC reporters posing as interns revealed the murky world of Guardian reporters, police tip-offs and phone hacking. Russbridger arrested and turns queens evidence. BBC Trust sacks all staff with links to the Guardian or Labour Party. 

    BBC reputation for impartiality restored. Biased BBC accepts the bBC is going straight from now on, and sees no purpose in futher blogging. Portraits of Mother Helen Boaden, recently beatified for her contribution to impartiality, adorn the walls. 
    Alls well that ends well.

    Drrrrng! drrrrrn! Bloody morning alarm call… it was just a dream.
    “The Today programme kicks off this morning with David Milliband in the studio, explaining what’s wrong with Coalition policies. Over to you David…”


  30. cjhartnett says:

    Ah Cassie….I`ve got my granny glasses on by the white Steinway and I`m “imagining”.
    Still-Tony Blairs piece in the Guardian/Observer leads the news bulletins this early in the morning. NOW we`ll get some answers…and doesn`t the BBC push this at every turn?
    He is the Spiritual PM in exile awaiting the call from a grateful nation.
    That he couldn`t even be safe in signing his “book” in Londons Piccadilly last year is now forgotten.
    Maybe the rioters were just doing some late-night shopping to avail themselves of the Masters musings in a spontaneous cry for help to  Uncle Tony.
    Cameron IS Prime Minister isn`t he?…
    Imagine no elections….getting easier to do so by the week at the BBC….