I always enjoy listening to Israeli spokesman Mark Regev and he was on Today this morning. Following the deplorable attack at Eilat, I was pleased to hear Regev make several references to the terrorists from Hamastan who had carried this out. That must have given the BBC apoplexy! Jeremy Al Bowen was also on this segment to give his sage analysis – give it a listen!

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  1. pounce_uk says:

    Just listened to the Abu Bowen hate fest which the bBC tries to pass off as breaking News. That small child killed during the Israeli strike was 13 year old Mahmoud Abu Samra. While still a child, I wouldn’t describe him as small. Maybe the bBC has a reason for describing him as such.

    Funny enough as I wrote in answer to Dez a few minutes ago. While the bBC is more than happy to change the direction of the actual event which started this off (The murders of 8 people in Israel) into an attack on Gaza. They still haven’t mentioned how overnight 12 Missiles were launched from Gaza into Isreal. (Including 2 Grads)

    I wonder why Abu Bowen hasn’t mentioned that snippet. Just suprised he isn’t wearing body armour.


  2. Andrew says:

    I would love to be in the BBC studio when these fools get handed the running order for the show and they see that Regev is on the interviewees list.  I’ll bet its a combination of shrieking at producers for bringing him on because he runs rings round them each and every time or its juvenile smirking towards the poor sap that has to try and fend him off in the interview.


  3. john says:

    Regev is always brilliant. I’ve seen bBC interviewers goad him many times, their blind hatred and rage against Israel evident in expression, word, and body language. Regev never gats flustered and never gets angry, he just restates the truth over and over again. This often drives the anti-Semites into near incoherency which does their perverted cause no good at all.


  4. ltwf1964 says:

    there’s a lady soldier who comes on as well……can’t recall her name just now-Liebowitz maybe?

    she’s top notch as well

    you can just see the foam starting to form at the sides of the jew hating autocue readers mouths

    i love it

    by the way-if any of your family use LUSH,the bath soap/perfumed salts high street store,do tell them to stop,won’t you?

    they suffer from israel boycott derangement syndrome-very anti semitic business

    my family know the score   😉


  5. John Anderson says:

    Bowen is such a sick piece of work.  He makes sure that he mentions “children” (adolescents?) being killed in the Israeli precision air strikes. 

    But he failed to mention that two Israeli children had been murdered near Eilat –  4 and 6 years old.   The attacks were some 20 hours before he was on the Today programme,  Bowen knew full well that children were killed at Eilat.


    Nor does Bowen or the BBC mention that the terrorist attacks near Eilat are strongly supported in Gaza,  they are not just the work of some obscure splinter group.

    Bowen actually appeared to contradict himself this morning.  At one point he seems to be saying that the Egyptian soldiers were killed by Israeli air strikes – at another he says they were killed by the terrorists.   As the focus of the BBC at 7.30 was more on the Egyptian soldiers than the Israeli civilians whon were killed (why this wrong focus?) – surely Bowen should have got his story straight ?     

    My guess – Bowen was happy to let London think that the Egyptian soldiers were killed by Israel,  bigger consequences,  Israel bad etc,  set up the Today agenda item with that framing  – than to put London right FROM THE OUTSET on what really happened,  namely the terrorists killing Egyptians as well as Israelis.

    And of course – neither Bowen nor any other BBC person uses the word “terrorist”.


  6. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC has yet to  make any mention of the jewish victims of this terrorist attack, they do not exist it seems, they are non people unworthy of merit or mention. It sees they are somehow less than human to the BBC, something unworthy or dirty.. Children murdered by terrorists? If they were not Jew children the BBC would certainly mention them but as every beeboid anti semite knows, in order to dehumanize the Jews it is essential that the viewer listeners mind is not confused with such narrative polluting facts as murdered Jew children, wouldnt want anyone feeling sympathy for the Jews would we BBC?


  7. Biodegradable says:

    Bowen can’t even pronounce “Sinai” correctly, he calls it “The Syneeay”!

    I wish we could say Syanara to Bowen…


  8. RGH says:

    Have you noticed the latest gem from the BBC.

    Apparently it is not terrorism but ‘Al Qaeda inspired militancy’.



  9. RGH says:

    “However, given the substantial distance between the Sinai desert and Gaza, it is unclear why Israel is so certain the attackers were Gazans, says our correspondent.”

    Presumably that is Bowen.

    The man is a buffoon.

    Suggestions for Bowen. INTELLIGENCE. INFORMATION FROM WITHIN GAZA. Perhaps HAMAS itself. Perhaps FATAH.

    It doesn’t matter at this stage. And will never be known.

    Bowen is an opinionated fool.


  10. George R says:


    “Israel attacked by Palestinian terrorists – but the BBC focusus on Gaza ”



  11. Cassandra King says:

    Oh how the BBC love to frame the narrative, peddle their version of the news, their warped prejudices.

    Already pictures appearing on the BBC of civilians desperately running away for their lives and into ambulances, who is taking the pictures we do not know of course and could well be hamas staff PR. The narrative is clear, the IDF lashing blindly out at innocents with a disproportinate response.

    The reason for the violence forgotten now, these Jews and their attachment to their civilians eh? So the game is rigged from the start, the IDF is being set up as vengeance minded killers who dont care who they kill or why. The Israelis play by the rules, do the right thing, abide by the basic laws of humanity and where does that get them? Now hamas are evil cruel beyond belief pitless killers who would gleefully kill their own if it advanced their cause, have killed their own in large numbers, they practice and anti liberal belief system that has no room for liberal beliefs and yet our liberals flock to their cause, support their evil narrative, cheer their Nazi race hate, assist them in attacking Israel, the only seat of liberalism in the entire region. Its a mental illness isnt it

    Building sympathy for Gaza, they are the victims you see and as the BBC knows full well there can only ever be one set of victims. So, having wiped out the reasons for the IDF response all that is left is for the BBC to do is keep in close contact with its friends in hamas in order that they can be fed propganda pictures which they then air without question or hesitation, from hamas gangsters down the line to the BBC.

    The BBC and hamas, the BBC and hezbollah, the BBC and fatah all woorking 24/7 to demonize a race of people. If Reith could see his degnerate offspring now.


  12. Umbongo says:

    Apart from Bowen, who anybody with a modicum of good sense – let alone good taste – ignores as a purveyor of unbiased fact or informed opinion, it seemed this morning that the terrorist attack and the Israeli retaliation were dealt with (almost) properly.  For instance, I discovered that Egyptian troops were killed by the terrorists and that those killed by the Israelis were Hamas thugs (albeit accompanied by “children” which is the usual marker of an “atrocity in waiting” to be lapped up by Bowen).  Moreover, for the first time that I can recall, Mark Regev was given the opportunity to make his points uninterrupted by the usual foam-flecked expressions of mock disbelief.

    Now it might be that I was only half-listening and got the wrong impression.  Generally when the report of a punch-up in Gaza comes on Today I tend not to pay much attention in the same way that many Germans ignored the “news” broadcasts of the Reich Broadcasting Corporation (and for the same reason: anti-semitic ranting – even the subtle type practised by the BBC – is highly disagreeable not to say offensive).  However, I don’t kid myself that this is the first swallow of an unbiased BBC summer.  Rather I suspect that some of the Today apparatchiks are either on holiday or labouring at the BBC College of Journalism seeing if any further nuggets of bias can be mined and, after being refined, used to further any part of the BBC narrative.


    • John Anderson says:

      If people listened VERY carefully to the whole Today programme they might have realised that at least some of the deaths of Egyptian soldiers were due to the terrorists,  not to the Israelis.   But most of the BBC news coverage over the course of Friday gave the clear impression was that it was just the Israelis.

      BBC World Service is making no mention of the terrorists killing Egyptian soldiers.   It is all presented as Israel’s fault – now amplified by the “protestors” at the Egyptian Embassy in Cairo. 

      Meanwhile the BBC is presenting the Gazans as victims yet again.

      NEVER have I heard from Radio 4 or the World Service that 2 very young Israeli children were killed near Eilat.

      Bias ?     What bias ?

      It now looks as though Hamas might drop their “ceasefire”,  says the World Service – oblivious to the irony that dozens of rockets are being fired from Gaza,  now including Scud missiles.

      I fear we may see a huge escalation from Hamas,  probably with Hezbollah joining in.   And the root cause – the terrorist attacks near Eilat – will be subsumed in the overall message from the BBC that Israel is somehow the aggressor.


  13. NotaSheep says:

    ‘terrorist’ or ‘militant’ or ‘attacker’ – the BBC are getting a little desperate as they try to defend their choice of words – end of this article – http://notasheepmaybeagoat.blogspot.com/2011/08/bbc-respond-to-my-complaint-but-i-am.html


  14. ltwf1964 says:

    a couple of gems from the lefty lexicon-

    Disproportionate – foreign affairs: Describes any act by USA or Israel.

    Extremist – Someone who holds non-lefty views

    Humour – as in “sense of”: something that most lefties have surgically removed and replaced with a bile generator

    Impartial – media, BBC: the balance achieved by attacking the Opposition for being Conservative and attacking the Government for being insufficiently Lefty.

    Islamophobic – anyone who objects to having their transport blown up on the way to work.

    Israel – see ‘disproportionate’ and ‘legitimate grievances’. Country the size of Wales, with 5m inhabitants, that is entirely responsible for any and all delinquent Islamist behaviour the world over.

    Legitimate grievances – foreign affairs: why we’re all to blame for deranged Islamists murdering people in the developed world.

    Militant – media, BBC: Murderer or would be murderer with ‘legitimate grievances’ (qv), usually from the Middle East and usually Moslem
    Multi-cultural – All culture is valid – unless Western in some way. Usually to be ‘celebrated’ and always found to be ‘vibrant’. See ‘diversity’.

    Palestinians – archetype ‘victims’ no matter how many teenagers they murder in bars and fast food outlets. Never responsible for anything they do – or done in their name – because of ‘root causes’ or ‘legitimate grievances’.#

    Religion –
    Christianity: irrational, dangerous belief that material things may not be the principal motive behind human behaviour.Judaism: most Israelis are Jewish, so probably ‘intolerant’.Islam: always needs to be ‘understood’.


  15. TooTrue says:

    Ros Atkins of World Have Your Say is one of those rare BBC journalists capable of hosting a balanced programme on the Israeli-Arab conflict, as he demonstrated on Thursday re Eilat and Gaza.

    One has to stick with him for a while and indulge him as he misquotes Israeli spokespeople as saying “Gaza militants” were responsible for the attacks near Eilat. (I’ve been listening to the Israeli news and nobody has described the attackers as anything but terrorists since the Israelis don’t have these PeeCee constraints on plain, accurate speech. But I forgive Atkins for falling into the “militant” mire.)

    The programmme was also balanced in the range of guests, even leaning a bit towards the Israeli side, but I guess that was because Egyptians they had tried to contact did not join the debate.

    Here’s a sample:

    04:00 Atkins: Let’s bring in David Horowitz, former Editor of the Israeli Post. David, wht can you tell us about the nature of Israel’s reaction to these attacks?

    04:18 Horowitz: Former Editor of the Jerusalem Post. [I’ve omitted his take on the attacks here but it’s worth a listen.]

    Continued below


  16. pounce_uk says:

    So here I am, reading the news on a fine Saturday morning and with all the turmoil in the Middle-East:  
    Libyan rebels making huge advances now only 100 Miles away from Tripoli  
    Syria, continues clampdown 20 people killed overnight.  
    Turkey continues 3rd day of airstrikes on over 100 targets in Kurdistan  
    The bBC feels the big story is how Egypt has withdrawn its Ambassador to Israel.  
    So Ok lets read it:  
    The five were killed as Israeli troops pursued Palestinian militants blamed for deadly attacks in southern Israel on Thursday…. The five policemen died as Israel was pursuing suspected militants, who reportedly crossed the border from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula into southern Israel on Thursday and killed eight people.  
    Notice the language, how while the deaths of the policemen is written in as fact (well I’ve heard that they were killed by a suicide bomber) the bBC doesn’t feel the case is strong enough to warrant labelling the terrorists (Not militants) as being behind the lethal attacks on Israel, inside Israel by armed gunmen who were shot inside…Israel.  
    Lastly the bBC finishes with:  
    On Friday, Palestinian militants fired more than 20 rockets into Israel..  
    Actually it was over 30 and those rockets err the vast majority were Grad missiles which contain a 40kg fragmentation warhead. Which kind of explains why 10 people were injured by one when it impacted in a courtyard in the city of Ashdod.  

    Anybody else noticed how the bBC twists the story around so that the victim becomes the aggressor and the aggressor becomes the victim. Gee I wonder why
    And in my next post I will expand on this story further onto why the bBC is painting Israel as the guilty party in the region.


    • pounce_uk says:

      In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that Janes defence had explained how Iran was using PIJ attacks on Israel in which to force Hamas’s hand on Assad.
      (Janes Defence weekly,Volume 48,Issue 32 10/08/2011: Page 5)
      Written by Mohhamed Najib JDW correspondent Ramallah
      Iran has directed the pro Tehran group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) to esculate rocket attacks on  Israel as part of a complex plan to pressure Hamas into declaring its support for Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad.
      A senior Hamas security source told Janes on 4th of August, that the move is designed to overcome the opposition of Hamas leader Khaled Mashal to declaring his support for Assad, which he has so far avoided due to an unwillingness to interfere in the internal affairs of an external state.
      In order to ratchet up pressure on Hamas,Tehran has pushed the PIJs military wing , the Al Quds Brigade into launching attacks on Israel. The idea is that this could provoke an Israel retaliation against the Gaza strip  as a whole-something Hamas is desperate to avoid.
      The Iranians will not order the Al-Quds Brigade to halt its attacks until Hamas declares its support for Assad, the source told Janes. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Hamas and the PIJ receive Iranian financial backing making it difficult for Hams to crackdown on PIJ.
      “After they failed in pushing us to rain down rockets on Israel, unfortunately they used the PIJ to do this job” said the Hamas source.
      Hamas security forces have now evacuated their police headquarters, moving prisoners to another location on 4th August in fear of a harsh reaction by the Israeli Defence Force.(IDF)
      The PIJ have 60 Grad Missiles in their arsenal and they manage to smuggle two to three Grad Missiles through Sudan via the Sinai Peninsula every month through their own tunnels which link the Gaza strip to Egypt, while Hamas has no control over those tunnels. The Hamas source told Janes.


      • TooTrue says:


        This in-depth info and analysis would never come to us through the BBC. It’s too close to the truth.

        I’ve never heard a whisper from the BBC about Iranian backing for terror against Israeli civilians by funding, arming and training terror groups such as Islamic Jihad. The BBC doesn’t do analysis that goes against its agenda and makes it feel uncomfortable.


  17. TooTrue says:

    Continued from 09:40 am

    19:17 Atkins: Let’s bring in Samea Habib, journalist for the Palestine Telegraph. Samea, can you first of all tell us what you’ve heard from Gaza on the consequences of this Israeli attack.

    19:27 [Samea lies about “Israel attacking civilian targets in the Gaza Strip,” and probably also lies about “extended family members” of his living near the site of the Israeli attack.]

    20:57 Atkins: Samea, there’ll be people listening to you who’ll be wanting me to ask how you think the Israelis should react. They have been attacked on a number of fronts today coordinated in Gaza. If they have good intelligence aren’t they right to act on it to prevent any further attacks?

    21:14 Samea: First of all they have to be certain about their information and it might not be true…How come Israel so quickly knew they were from the Gaza Strip?

    21:33 Atkins: Let’s put that point to David Horowitz. Do you think the Israelis were too fast to act here?

    21:40 Horowitz: I’ll be honest with you. I feel such distate for the nature of these conersations that always ensue. I would just ask your listeners before I hang up to bear in mind this was an unprovoked attack. Israel had done nothing. Terrorits infiltrated into Israel across the Israeli border into sovereign Israeli territory and targeted civilians. Most of the Israeli dead are civilians. I have a great dea of faith in Israel intelligence. I have a great deal of faith in the nature of the Israeli response and I really don’t want to get into a tit for tat row with somebody apologising for Palestinian terrorism, OK? Thank you and good evening.

    2:16 Atkins: Thank you and good evening to you. That’s David Horowitz, former Editor of the Jerusalem Post and we’ll give Samea an opportunity to respond… Michael Rubin on Commentary magazine writes, “If the unholy alliance between the Egyptian government and the Muslim Brotherhood leads Egyptian security elements to turn a bllind eye towards terrorists infiltrating the Sinai Peninsula it could both lead to great insecurity in the region and reinforce the feelling of many Israelis that the ‘Land for Peace’ formula brings not peace but greater vulnerability to terrorism.”

    The dreaded ‘T’ word uttered by Atkins, albeit through the words of someone else? This is the BBC? 

    Gaza air strikes following Eilat attacks


    Downloadable for another 5 days


    • John Anderson says:

      Well worth listening to.  For the most part,  an extended rant by a Palestinian against moderate facts and views from the other side. 

      A reasonable balance,  and an apparently unbiased BBC chairman for the debates  – why cannot we have this always ?


  18. deegee says:

    This is just speculation but could the reason the information we are receiving from the BBC is so generic be that they are effectively shut out of the loop with Israel. No off-the-record; no contacts in the Army or M.O.D.; no exclusive stories?

    The world’s largest news gathering organisation is reduced to official press releases and googling placing it on the same level as the part time correspondent for the Baton Rouge Mercury. The ‘Israel says’ they feel obliged to attach to every statement of fact is not just a reflex to question Israel’s credibility. No one is actually telling them anything. 


    • John Anderson says:

      I am sure they are NOT shout out of the loop.  The fact that they get the same briefings and info as other news outlets makes it more reprehensible when they distort the news so much.

      I think it is a combination of factors – put most simply,  an underlying strong bias in favour of the Palestinian narrative in the BBC groupthink,  and plenty of red editorial pens (Bowen in Jerusalem,  others here in London) who deliberately and specifically edit out stuff on the Israeliu nattarive that should be included in BBC coverage.


  19. Biodegradable says:

    What the BBC aren’t telling us…
    Gaza rockets intensify in South; Grads in Ashdod, Beersheba Three Palestinian workers injured by Grad in Ashdod; eight hospitalized in Beersheba area attack with light injuries, shock; rockets, mortar strike in Gaza border region.

        Rocket fire from the Gaza Strip intensified Saturday morning in the second day of attacks that followed IDF strikes on the Strip, responding to a deadly terror attack near Eilat Thursday, in which eight Israelis were killed and dozens injured.

    Three Palestinian workers working in Israel were injured Saturday morning when a number of Grad rockets exploded in southern Ashdod. Hours earlier, Hamas’s armed wing announced an end to a de facto cease fire in place since the end of Operation Cast Lead in 2009.

    So what do the “moderate” Palestinians in the “West Bank” have to say?

    Abbas calls for emergency UNSC session on Gaza strikes Palestinian Authority president instructs representative in UN to call urgent Security Council session in effort to halt IDF strikes.

        Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called for an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council in an effort to halt Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said in a statement Saturday morning Palestinian media reported.

    According to the statement, Abbas instructed Palestinian representative at the United Nations Riyad Mansour to call for an urgent session of the Security Council to discuss the airstrikes on Gaza.

    Note: Abbas wants Israel to stop the airstrikes – he doesn’t want Hamas to stop “pounding” Israel with rockets.


    • TooTrue says:


      This reminds me of the grad attack on Ashkelon either during or shortly before Cast Lead in which 5 or 6 Arab construction workers were killed. They had failed to take cover when the siren sounded.

      This call for intervention from Abbas is, of course, standard Palestinian strategy. Provoke the Israelis into striking back and then run to the ‘International Community’ for help – which it is of course only too willing to provide.


  20. TooTrue says:

    Just to add a couple of reservations re my post on Atkins, which might well be insignificant but I leave it to my esteemed colleagues here to judge.


    The Israeli Post

    Slip of the tongue as well as an indication of unfamiliarity of the BBC with the centre-right Post? The BBC links consistently to the left-wing Haaretz and rarely to the Post.

    Atkins: Haretz

    It’s pronounced Ha-aretz. (Which, come to think of it, he really should know since the BBC is so fond of that paper.)


    Elat (as in ‘eh’).

    It’s often spelt like that but doesn’t sound like it’s spelt. It’s Eilat (as in ‘hey’).

    Atkins: Settlements, referring to Israeli places near the Egyptian border, which he smoothly changed to towns and villages, probably realising the specific negative connotation of the word and taking into account the fact that Israel had dismantled all Sinai settlements as part of the Begin-Sadat peace deal.


    • Biodegradable says:

      Yes indeed, Haaretz is the Israeli equivalent of The Guardian, ie; the print version of the BBC.

      Here it is pointing out that the three injured Palestinian workers are “illegal” (bad Israelis for employing “illegals”!) and that the rocket attacks are a response to Israel killing Palestinians, “including a five year old boy”.


      • TooTrue says:

        Hmmm, and according to pounce’s source it was a thirteen-year-old.

        Interesting choice of wording here from Haaretz:

        “The spokesperson also claimed that Hamas must be “held responsible” for the ongoing attacks.”

        This is just an Israeli “claim?” I guess Haaretz is saying reasonable people would not claim that a terrorist organisation put in power by its own people and with an iron grip on its territory is responsible for attacks launched from that territory


  21. Deborah says:

    I always feel that BBC output on a Friday night and Saturday is always more anti-Israel than the rest of the week – well of course observant Jews will not be listening.

    This morning on the Today programme as the second item on the 8a.m. headlines was a report about how the Egyptians would be withdrawing their ambassador from Jerusalem.  Whilst there was a brief but muddled explanation that the Israelis may have killed 5 soldiers (although you had to listen very carefully to realise that this may not have been the case) we then had a couple of minutes from reporter Shama Kahleel (it is what her name sounded like but I could easily be corrected) reporting in Egypt there was no doubt the Israelis must be to blame (so if demonstrators in Egypt think so – well it has to be correct). 

    It was the time element here that made the report so biased.  A brief mention that things were not clear followed by a report from a place where assumptions were taken as truth.


  22. John Anderson says:

    BBC has been running all this as main or second headline.  The drift being to put Israel in the dock – again.

    So why no Israeli spokesman for the past 24 hours ?

    And I still feel it is despicable that the BBC has mostly swept under the carpet the fact that the original terrorist attacks killed two very young children.


    • noggin says:

      yep! looks like… “springtime”  is over already

       “Egypt to withdraw Israel envoy over Sinai shootings,”
        BBC, August 20


  23. sue says:

    Why no Israeli spokesman indeed. Instead follow Avital Leibovich on Twtter.


  24. cjhartnett says:

    These posts are excellent, and I didn`t even need to hear it to know the toxic pernicious agenda of the BBC.
    That said I did hear the 8am bulletin bit-having followed the story yesterday, I imagine the Camel Corps at the Beeb were weaving their magic carpets through the night to construct THIS take on what has happened.
    If Israel “killed” these “people” Bowen…come out and dare to say so.
    If on the other hand ” terrorists” killed “Egyptian soldiers” in a “firefight”, then tell me straight…I can handle it!
    What really offends me is maybe the latest attempt to blow their hookah pipes into my face, by way of “insinuation” and “tactical omission”.
    This causes no end of nastiness and costs lives at its worst-but the BBC would only find that “fascinating” and add more patchouli oil to the flames.
    When the Regevs and Sacks of this world may be observing the Sabbath…we also deserve a rest from the endless slimy double think on Israel and all it does…and all its people too.
    The BBC don`t take holidays in spinning their silks…and I hope that they faithfully pass on what the EDL say about Muslims in the same way they feel compelled to faithfully pass on what Muslims chanted about Jews in Cairo!
    Balanced and impartial reporting of sacred facts eh?…


  25. As I See It says:

    Saturday afternoon and with a rain interrupted Test Match I watched some News 24. Interesting to compare the Sky and BBC take on the Libyan rebels.

    Sky had a report not propagandising the rebels but covering their victory at Misrata as a generally positive outcome.

    Considering NATO is supporting the Libyan opposition backed by the  US, the EU, the Arab League and a UN Resolution that’s reasonable, right?

    So how does the BBC spin the same issue? A very po-faced report bemoaning the casualties and warning of horrors to come.

    Whose side are the BBC on? Is there really a middle way between Gaddafi and the rest of the world? Or do they just hate NATO?