This, of course, was inevitable. The BBC were never be happy about thugs being actually sentenced for their crimes looting and rampaging through our streets, but they are so subtle and so the new agenda item is “proportionately”. Enter Lord McDonald. Interviewed by Today presenter Sarah Montague, he warned there was a risk of a “collective loss of proportion” and said it was important that courts maintain their objectivity and do not get swept up in any moral panic that might be elsewhere in society.

Yes, it’s vital we ensure that “morality” is kept out of the Courts. The BBC sympathised with the scum who were protesting, sorry rioting, (Or “crying out for help” as the BBC’s new hero Prince Charles put it yesterday) and now, when at least some are brought to justice, the new meme is all about how unfair and disproportionate it all is. The BBC is the best friend of the feral underclass who demonstrate physically what the BBC intellectualise.

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  1. Umbongo says:


    Craving your indulgence, this seems a more appropriate thread to post an earlier comment of mine:

    Today had former DPP Lord Macdonald on bleating the BBC line about disproportionate sentences.  He was “opposed” by a barrister and part-time recorder who – there’s a surprise – gave a more nuanced version of the BBC line: ah the joys of a “balanced” discussion.  In his summing up Davis read a totally gratuitous quote from a New York Times editorial about the “disappointment” of that august organ with Cameron’s stance on sentences for the criminals involved in riot and looting.  All in all a microcosm of the BBC/Guardianista line on the looting, its causes and its consequences.  
    BTW, I am old enough to remember the Notting Hill riots of the mid-50s.  At the time the rioters were given (even by the standards of the time) severe sentences to the approbation of, more or less, everyone in public life.  There was little (if any) commentary – certainly not on the BBC (even “Any Questions”) – about “disproportionate” sentencing or “justified” anger by the rioters.  But, of course, these rioters were mainly white “teddy boys” and were aimed at the then fresh waves of black immigrants arriving in the UK.  Deplorable, I know but maybe, then, our political masters should have understood a bit more . . . and condemned a bit less.  Instead the “lessons learned” at that time morphed, over the next 50 years, into immunising from criticism (or even comment) any ethnic “community” or the policy of third-world immigration.  At the same time, those responsible for the ruin of this country demonised the indigenous white working class which bore – and still bears – the main deleterious effects of immigration.


    • cjhartnett says:

      I have mentioned elsewhere Evans rush to review a morning paper from NYC before it had even hit the NYC newstands.Must be urgent then!…oh, it is…it is!

      Good to know that collaborative dirt dishing by the NY Times and The Guardian has led to more than sharing needles isn`t it?

      Who knows?…if “[email protected] Yonkers” can send the web summary just half an hour earlier tomorrow…well, it might even be included in with the” normal”  review of the morning papers…well the Guardians (and support team  like the Indy) anyway!

      As I say…if anyone could hazard a guess about what the NY Times/Grundy line to take on Rupert, Sarah or Bratton/DSK might be…pray do tell, so I`m not up all night wondering!…


      • George R says:

        Yes; BBC-NUJ’s propagandist EVAN DAVIS, on Labour Party’s ‘TODAY’ programme, doing an empathetic slot on behalf of rioters, suddenly threw in an anti-Tory bit of extra propaganda from the ‘New York Times’!

        Obviously, EVAN DAVIS’s copy of his politically ‘leftist’ bible, ‘The Guardian’ was not at hand, so we are fed the next nearest thing politically!

        BBC-NUJ’s gratuitous political propaganda gets more blatant daily.

        The influence of anarchist NUJ President DELONG is really taking hold of not only ‘NEWSNIGHT’ political propaganda, but also of ‘TODAY’s.

        “Drop the brooms, you capitalist scum”http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/damianthompson/100100831/drop-the-brooms-you-capitalist-scum/


  2. My Site (click to edit) says:

    I had a new TV aerial fitted last year. The guy reckoned I’d get a better reception if it faced a different direction, so I now get the local news from the open-sewer known as London.
    It would appear that black on black gun and knife crime has claimed a victim every day this week.
    The frequency of these attacks amazed me when I first started watching London news, as so few make international headlines.


    • Biodegradable says:

      As somebody who grew up in Hackney, this amazed me:


      • Biodegradable says:

        I should add I grew up in Hackney, on the Downs estate from the 1950s to the 1970s.

        My mother used to leave the door key hanging on a piece of string inside the door, so I could get it by putting my hand through the letter box and let myself in after school, while she was still at work.

        That sort of thing was common practice among our neighbours. We also took it in turns to clean the common walk ways and the stairs down to the floor below, even though there was a resident caretaker.


        • David vance says:

          Sad to see how things have changed.


        • My Site (click to edit) says:

          Sadly, I’ve heard similar stories from countless Londoners who’ve been displaced by the liberal’s social experiment.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Tow things here.
    1. I mention elsewhere about Sarah Montagues assertion that “these sentencing inconsitencies (sic)  may yet prove to be worse than the effects of the riots themselves”.
    That ought to get her sacked…but it`s all “words ,words, words” on Spaceship Liberal!
    2. Soon after Evan Davis thought we`d be wanting to know the belated morning paper review of the Toriz…by the New York Times no less.
    These “amylists” obviously e-mailing at 3a.m EST to their “dealers/fellow seekers after truth” over the pond the benefit of an “independent international perspective”…but of course Evan!
    Turns out that the NY Times hates Dave…so the BBC aren`t all alone with the Guardian this morning.
    So much looking forward to them sending it a little earlier tomorrow so the serious Stateside view of Cameron can be discussed at the normal time.
    Palin, Bachmann, Murdoch?…no, I`m looking forward to finding out too!
    Some electromagnet they must have there to attract a Prince Albert from 3,000 miles away!


  4. DJ says:

    Note how the BBC sets the scene too. We’re talking about the courts so they interview lawyers. Really? Does that means all future coverage of military issues will involve only interviewing soldiers? Ditto, with banking and the oil industry? Or is that different?

    Here’s a broadcaster which has spent years weaseling about sinister fringe extremists and well-funded lobbies, but would rather run a fund raiser for Sarah Palin than ask two pertinant questions:

    i/ what evidence is that there that the Umanrites lobby commands any public support outside of certain London postcodes?

    ii/ hasn’t Nu Labour’s introduction of a zillion Special Appeal Review Tribunals and absurd rights resulted in a huge windfall of money and influence for these people?

    In short, people with less support than Nigel Farage’s supposedly wacky extremist loons are spending more money than the oil lobby to push the line that they should be allowed to act free of any kind of oversight or accountability, and our national broadcaster things that’s just ducky.


  5. Martin says:

    Of course the BBC have no evidence of these court cases not being fair, just lefty opinion. Were they sat in the court?no.

    The BBC just lie and re-write history. When Cameon was still on hoiliady it was hundreds of not thousands of Londoners who stated that the Police had abandoned the streets. Yes Cameron said it as well but only after he came back off holiday.

    If Cameron had said no thePolice didn’t run away and abandon the streets people would have thought him an idiot.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    So if all the rioters seem to have taken was water bottles( dehydration fears), shorts and T shirts( it`s summer-and there ARE Olympics to be training for. Not EVERYONE becomeas an Olympic Ambassador you know!); then I see no problem.
    Neither does Sarah or anybody of gravitas and thoughtful analysis anywhere in the Common Purpose Community either, you plebs!
    Now once we have proof that they actually DID take fags n booze…it`s only an unsubstantiated allegation as I write… then Sarah and Co will be round the estates of Salford with UKUncut spokespersons to jolly well collect all that unpaid excise duty due to HMRC.
    There is NO excuse for tax avoidance Darren…and Sarah went to Bradford without the Silver Cross reinforcements last time, so lessons will be learned.
    The wheels on the bus were swapped with bricks, swapped with…

    “Nanny Stern`s cummin atcha, Pekkam”


  7. Roland Deschain says:

    Personally, I feel that some sentences handed out are rather heavy handed.  Given the lack of space in jails a lot of them would be better sentenced to start cleaning up and repairing the damage.

    But there are other sentences which sound to me unduly lenient.  I’m sure we can all think of various sentences we disagree with.  So why is the BBC bleating about only one side of this coin?  One might almost think that this august, impartial body had an opinion on the matter.


    • cjhartnett says:

      I`m sure you`re right Roland.
      Trouble is that if the BBC suggest anything-I`m so viscerally opposed to it these days, that I may well need a kinky-type club to reveal that not all they say is evil…hell, I liked the Garden of Heligan thing on last night for example (sound turned down in case they said that global warming forced the pineapples).
      The Anne Frank thing was good a few years back too!
      There you are-not all bad!
      Turns out there IS a kinky club where “appreciators of the BBC” gather together to swap videos with supporting partners etc…Congress House.


  8. London Calling says:

    Former DPP Ken Macdonald is not a clean skin, with considerable form beyond bBC’s authoritative description as “Former DPP”

    A QC from Matrix Chambers, the gold-plated ultimate Human Rights vipers-nest, Cherie Blair’s work-a-day home. Head of the Crown Prosecution Service from 2003-8 with much of today’s traincrash CPS on his watch. Knighted – rewarded for services to Law, sorry, Labour – in 2007. Enobled in July 2010 as Liberal Democrat Peer. (Yellow on the outside, red on the inside) Currently Chairman of “Reprieve” – an advocacy organisation on sentencing policy.

    That would make him one of the countless number of Labour appointments which made up the Red Establishment for a decade and responsible for the place we now are, Blair-World UK. I wouldn’t take Ken Macdonald’s word for the time of day, and certainly not on proportionate sentencing. But perfect source for bBC approved opinion.


    • DJ says:

      Yep, and that’s exactly the kind of context we never get when the BBC presents these people as disinterested experts in their field.


  9. Louis Robinson says:

    The general drift of the narrative over the last few days appears to be – as usual – to focus on the “over reaction of the police” and the “inadequacies of the justice system” (these media templates go back to the Vietnam war demos of the 1960s and were revived during the miner’s strike). Media types are happy with this because they understand how to play the story. However, once the hue and cry is over, and bold and bloodied reporters are asleep in bed, editors are unable to deal with the “unruly, unthinking mob” story, or the tale of the millionaire’s daughter who steals flat screen TVs during a riot. They are all at sea. To address these meaningfully would mean a radical re-think of their fundamental positions. Criminals/protesters are always victims.  The perfect example of this groupthink is Prince Charles’ statement that the riots were “a cry for help”. Clueless.

    One point on the “Today” interview (and leaving aside the particular cases) Lord Macdonald’s general comment was, “People read about these sentences and they scratch their heads and wonder how one man can get one day, and on the other hand. a mother of two children can get five months”. It was my impression that justice involves taking account of the crime committed, not the personal circumstances of the criminal. In theory, if two criminals commit the same crime, do their personal circumstances warrant different sentences? If so, I’ll hire a mother of two to go out and steal for me…


  10. John Anderson says:

    I would hope that all the BBC bleating about sentences will further alienate the audience.

    Time was,  it would have been unthinkable to suggest that the BBC licence fee should be slashed or abolished.   Not so these days – sentiment is steadily moving against the BBC.  Every time they are seen as totally out of step with t5he broad mass public opinion further undermines the BBC’s legitimacy.


  11. dave s says:

    The entire liberal establishment is out of step and it is a sight to behold. Hopefully it will further diminish their influence with the vast majority. Let them twitter on and may it be as ineffectual as it deserves to be. Quoting the NY Times is just about typical. The Guardian dressed up in stars and stripes and twice as boring and predictable.
    As for Prince Charles- he is unfit to be our king as is the entire House of Windsor. Can’t we find some Stuart descendant somewhere and let bygones be bygones?
    For the historians amongst you I do know that the current line has a vague link with the Stuarts through James 1. But that is all the legitimacy they have.


    • Louis Robinson says:

      Dave S, to your point “the entire liberal establishment”, there’s a nice phrase from Thomas Sowell in National review Online: “the smug intelligentsia”. Nicely put, I think.

      No need to wish for the return of the Tudors and Stuarts or the Perhapsburgs. Trust in “We The people”.


  12. cjhartnett says:

    Remembered another nasty little red herring that Today threw into the paella this morning.
    The Pope is visiting Spain I believe. Still a Catholic country I believe!

    The BBC ,however, have decided that the Spanish people won` be wanting him though…they just don`t!
    Reasons?…well the cost of it of course in these straitened times…as an excellent speaker of BBC lingo told us…”we cannot afford this circus of Christianity”. 
    Nor can we afford the Olympics dear…and yet…

    Have the BBC set up their EuroLanguage labs with the “appropriato” vocabulary I wonder?…alongside the well-briefed (if ineffective) lads sent out to ambush Willetts on a later show(World at One); I do sense that the radio vox pops used on the BBC are surprisingly well able to mouth the very words that Martha or Jeremy might have done…if only someone had whispered it as Willetts was answering the first “trap”…sorry “question”. And with the required “regional authenticity”.

    At least on telly we can SEE the buggers slipping the ammo to the Lords Resistance Army at the BBC…but not on radio…


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I think the difference is that, as far as I know, no-one is arranging a “same sex kiss-in” demonstration against the Olympics.  So no-one from the Beeb is interested.  Or taking part.


  13. Kendall Massey says:

    We have a due process that the BBC and the people they invite onto their platform are trying to interfere with it. I hope these people are brought to book.


  14. VFC says:

    Something else that BBC won’t be reporting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=464MBi_RYdw&feature=player_embedded#t=7m05s


  15. Ron Todd says:

    For a certain type of leftite the only crime that should be punished by jail are.

    1. If they or an other middle class liberal leftie is the victim

    2. A race related crime as long as the victim is not white.

    3. Not paying the television tax


  16. Millie Tant says:

    And just in case we missed anything the Beeboids think it would be good for us to see, they are putting on a Crimewatch half-hour programme on the riots tonight at 8 o’clock. 


    • cjhartnett says:

      Oh good!
      The BBC are now grasses!
      Hope the next time a Beeboid goes for a night out on the wild side up in Salford…the Langworthy lads express their disappointment in their quaint “crying for help” kind of way!
      Charles could only be proud!


  17. Reed says:

    A “collective loss of proportion” is the appropriate phrase, but not as the Lord intended. It applies not to the recent sentencing of rioters, but to decades of liberal, softly-softly sentencing pushed by the comfortable shoe brigade that has resulted in the punishment very rarely fitting the crime or presenting any kind of deterrent. If sentencing policy in the future will begin to truly reflect the nature of the crime and the wishes of the vast majority then perhaps something good will have come from the shameful events of recent weeks.  
    I’m sure, however, that the BBC will continue to give a wide platform to those comfortable shoe wearers, whose contempt for public opinion is matched only by their detachment from it.


  18. cjhartnett says:

    I refer to my leaned friend cj above( we`re related you know!)
    1. Deja vu…that “circus of Christianity” soundbite REPEATED again in the third deadzone of the show after 8.30.
    Yes folks…some thickos and deniers came from as “far away as Britain” to hang out with some old bloke in red shoes…shamelessly in a public square in Madrid too.
    Our Beebette did seek out the Irish flag…her interviewee seemed a bit coy about the “issues” that must surely be making his faith a pile of crap back home.
    Luckily she chirruped up over him “you mean, the sex abuse scandals”…that`ll be worth some ice with the sangria tonight!
    I would like to know a little bit more about how EXACTLY that got put on the piece…I`m no audio technician, but I sesne a bit of post-suite editing here!
    Why not have a listen and hear if I might be right or not!

    2. Maybe Evan and Justin…”Jedward Option”pairing for the show…were still exercised by Jeremy Hunt in the previous item.
    Evan was appalled…what?…a demand for local new TV stations that are NOT the BBC?…you cannot be serious…have not the people spoken?
    Justin had after all lived in the States, so might know that it just MIGHT be a runner…seems to work there. Jeremy really should not have said that…can you see pursed lips on radio?…I did!

    The item fizzled out, but Jedward will be eyeing the options for panto at the Harlequin, Redhill for next Eid at this rate!
    If the Tories do just this one little thing for us…they may yet be worth years more uselessness!
    Think they`ll be getting Jeremy Hunts name right from now on!