BBC running with the story that ” UK police chiefs have reacted sceptically to plans for US “supercop” Bill Bratton to advise the government. David Cameron has called for the former New York police chief to help address violence in English cities. Can you guess who is leading the charge against Cameron?

Association of Chief Police Officers’ head Sir Hugh Orde said: “I am not sure I want to learn about gangs from an area of America that has 400 of them.”

Good old Sir Hugh, so ready to attack the Coalition and so lionised by the State Broadcaster for doing so.
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  1. As I See It says:

    Well, possibly, at this point a few ideas from a top cop who is not completely imbued with Common Purpose ‘Celebrate Diversity’ schtick might be useful. I guess after 13 years of NuLabour you may have to abroad to find one of those.


  2. hippiepooter says:

    This is the game Labour played to get Blair elected, carefully coordinated with the BBC and papers like the Independent (especially Andrew Marr at the time!).  They’d get ‘neutral’ public servants like the appalling Liz (now Baroness) Symons to slag off HMG at every opportunity with the BBC leading at every given turn acting in concert with her in interviews to promote her attacks.

    Orde’s conduct is utterly disgraceful.  There is a case for public servants airing their concerns about HMG policy, but to choose to do so in such an intermperate manner as Sir Hugh Orde has done is clearly for partisan motives.

    I hope Cameron takes the appropriate action that the previous Tory administration so singularly failed to.  Not holding out too many hopes though.


  3. London Calling says:

    “I am not sure I want to learn about gangs from (the US).” Inference: “I already know everything I need to know”.
    Arrogant plod.

    Law and Ordure?

    Orde seems to think running with an “Anti-American” line will chime well with his colleagues, the media, and his masters. Another one that seems to think Labour is still in power. Though in some way it still is: thirteen years of Labour establishment placemen … still in place.


  4. My Site (click to edit) says:

    There’s only one man for Met. police chief.
    A man who knows who the true enemy is and how to nip the problem in the bud:


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Presumably Orde and the other Social Studies graduates of Bramshill will now be referring to themselves as “Feds”.
    You know-be inclusive and absorb the street lingo doncha know?
    Maybe the BBC will start to do it first though, so that rebranding exercise had better start soon..what IS the Latin for” Feds” Boris mate?
    So a successful Policeman from NYC, lA and Boston,Mass-not Lincolnshire mind!-has nothing of use to tell us about our wannabe piddly gangstas then…so unlike Nick Ross or jenny Jones then!
    Look here-why no gangsta prison exchange with Rikers or that nice one Loius Theroux found for us to consider?
    Send our pussy-pretenders in amongst the Vulnerable community of Los Angeles…they`ll know the lyrics surely?…we`ll not be needing the death penalty afterwards, so Clive Stafford Smith WILL be please.
    Am happy to offer up my airmiles quota as my appeal to this most deserving cross-cultural initiative-Comic relief?…any takers?…
    For Gods sake-only the liberal elite could fear an American that actually knew something…rather than on Obama who (you`d think) might have learned something!
    No problems getting Swedes and Italians to do the big stuff for us like the footie though I note!
    I did hear Rowan speak into his cuffs in the Lords the other day…now has Manuel, Hermann or any of the EU got anything to say about the riots then?….they`re our REAL rulers after all!
    No harm in asking then?..


  6. VFC says:

    Former Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey’s Child Abuse Enquiry wants root and branch investigation into leaks to the media.


  7. JOHN GUEST says:

    Orde destroyed the most professional and most effective anti terrorist force in Europe, The Royal Ulster Constabulary. In a few years he managed what the PIRA/Sinn Fein failed to do for 35 years. He is now on course to do the same to the Met, with the enthusiastic support of the liberal media, led by the BBC.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      ROBERT BROWN; Well said John, right about Orde and the RUC. Orde is one of many useless CC’s who have been common purposed and indoctrinated with leftist rubbish, rendering them all but ineffective. My own CC Colin Port is seen mostly in a business suit, think he is shy to be seen in uniform. As i have said before, sack most of the worthless senior officers and promote the hard-bitten sergeants in their place. In the Army, it is widely accepted that the sergeants and senior NCO’s ‘run’ the Army, and i heard a general say that, bless them he said.


  8. Martin says:

    Orde claims we can’t learn from the yanks, but didn’t he do some of his training in the USA with the FBI?

    Orde in my view has gone too far and needs to be shut down. He’s a plod and should stick to nicking criminals (assuming he actually knows how to). I seem to remember it was ACPO who were campaigning for the 90 day detention law, hardly impartial were they?

    Also we keep hearing plods say that they get attacked for being too hard (G20) and then too soft (student riots for example)

    No plods, you get attacked by the BBC and Guardian for being too hard all the time but by the general public for being too soft. Stop listening to the lefties at the BBC and listen to the public.


    • London Calling says:

      Spot on the money, Martin. Policetitians playing games – ” we’re criticised for being too tough, for not being tough enough, we just can’t win can we?” Its only the left-wing harpies and their echo-chamber that plays the “police brutality” line.


  9. cjhartnett says:

    Imagine that Mandelson etc were behind Ordes rise without trace and into Sir Ians hush puppies!
    The BBC and Labour just want soft power over any cultural institution where “stakeholders” of their creating can sabotage confidence and competence..been going on for years now, but the current crop of sweetpeas are European Knotweed!
    Who wants Americans over here-not when some EuroPol gayblade wouldn`t like all that “confrontational” stuff with our darling Europeans reaching out to us all?
    When you get chiefs called Dick and MPs called Balls…God could not make it any clearer could he.
    No quip from a Hardy or a Howard though….


  10. Henry Wood says:

    Perhaps Orde and the rest of AOCP high heid yins are afraid for their gold credit cards for I’ve just read that Bratton claims he has been misquoted on “zero-tolerance” and the only zero-tolerance he insisted on was concerning police corruption.


  11. Martin says:

    The problem is Orde forgets that WE elect the politicians the plods are not elected (yet) and that Cameron etc are entitled to tell the Police to get off their big fat lardy arses and start nicking criminals rather than eating pies in the station.

    The Police really need to take a look at WHY they are now seen as bent as politicians, journalists and estate agents whilst the armed forces are at the top. They pander to the BBC, the Guardian and that vile pig Chami Chakrabarti (like inviting her into the control centre) to monitor what they get up to.

    Perhaps less whinging and more nicking of criminals migh help?

    Bottom line is the Police abandoned the streets to the scum, the public know that, they blame the Police for that and the Police are trying ot use the excuse of cuts (which haven’t taken place) to cover for their gutlessness.

    What are ordinary people now expected to think the next time a riot kicks off?

    Will the Police go into hiding once again?


    • cjhartnett says:

      Shami had no purpose being in any control room!
      Way too small for a battering ram too, so a useless bit of kit…unlesss it was something halitosis/tear gas related.
      I thought it was emotionally literate to cry…presumably not though if you`re in the process of stealing, robbing and killing, when it could only be putting users of purloined electrical goods “at risk”.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Why hasn’t the BBC had Universal Shami on all the shows lately?  She was all over the place during the “student protests”, even worming her way into looking over the shoulder of the police in their control room during one of the protests.

        What’s happened to her?  I know it’s because last week’s disaster proved her wrong, but shouldn’t the BBC be examining this fact, considering how much she’s been presented as a champion and expert on this exact issue in the past?


  12. Martin says:

    Funny that no one at the BBC seems to mind Bill Bratton talking to THIS Mayor of London  
    So when Bratton was coming here and meeting Ian Blair and Livinturd it was ‘good practice’ but now Cameron wants to do it, the BBC oppose it.  
    I wonder why?


  13. Deborah says:

    Rioting broke out last Saturday night and I am sure it was on Sunday that the BBC as well as other media outlets were shouting ‘Where were the police?’.  Reports were that they were sitting in their cars watching the rioters.

    The politicians come home from holiday (and realistically did we really expect DC to come home the very next day?) and suddenly there are more police on the streets and the BBC show pictures of evil policement using their batons.  Rioting stops.

    Now what conclusions am I supposed to draw?

    As far as appointing Bratton as an advisor – that nice Sir Hugh O can listen and if he thinks the advice wrong he could then explain why it wasn’t valid to act in that way in the UK.  However high up the tree we are an outside view can be of value – unless you are of the Left when any view but your own is wrong.


  14. London Calling says:

    Police already have access to the detection weapon of choice for identifying hooded and masked perpetrators. Just needs a short range method of delivery from a safe distance.

    Can’t see the lefty-anti-police media complaing like the did about Tazers. Smartwater leaves otherwise invisible markings that can definitively link the criminal to the crime. Could be against criminals Dry-cleaning Rights but I can’t think of any other complaint.

    Think of all the court time saved. Guilty, next. Guilty, next. Guilty, next. 100% conviction rate. Think of the deterrent power: “They will catch me”


  15. David Preiser (USA) says:

    What’s Bratton supposed to do here?  Even the best tactics will be useless if the criminals aren’t locked up for more than five minutes.  And “stop and search” is considered reality based on hard figures over in NYC and not racist and justification for “boiling anger”.  Can Bratton put a dent in the ridiculous Leftoid management-speak culture that creates the rules which have tied the police’s hands behind thei backs.  No.  Is he going to last five minutes speaking out against wet judges who never saw a hardened criminal they didn’t want to help and set free?  No. As has already been pointed out, Liberty dopes are already in the control room exerting undue influence.  The horses not only left the stable long ago, but took the door with them.


    • Andrew says:

      My point exactly David.  For me this is just window dressing.  As someone who has “followed” the work of Bratton, I’ve conlcuded that much of his success was down to tread on the toes of vested interests by virtue of the fact that he had executive power in his official roles where he could make things happen.  All he would be reduced to here is a talking shop.

      For me much of Brattons success was not rocket science, but a willingness to follow through on it.  His approach was simple, catch them and lock them up.  That doesn’t happen over here.  As one of the earlier posters said before – he’s given some advice and we didn’t listen to it. 

      Even if he did have a key role, lets look at all the places it could fall down.  You arrest but the CPS (Criminal Protection Service as my mate in uniform refers to them as), won’t charge them.  If they charge them, magistrates often have their arms twisted on sentencing them.  The prisons are full because nobody is afraid to do time so actually getting them in there is a nightmare and even if they do go, our judges end up giving them a tickle of a sentence.

      This has the word pointless written all over it.


      • London Calling says:

        Signing the EUs Criminal Rights Act, the appointment of red-pigs-in-wigs and Brown’s refusal to build more prisons despite Labour passing 4,000 additional laws all begins to make some perverted sense – if your objective is the destruction of the criminal justice sytem and more or less the rest of everything else of England.

        It could make you angry, if you didn’t have the BBC to medicate you and soothe your doubts, Shhhh don’t listen to right-wing nutters and dissaffected blogs, everything is for the best, Big Brother loves you.


  16. Buggy says:

    Anyone catch Ann Leslie reviewing the papers this a.m. and pointing out that, far from being some sort of disinterested body, ACPO is “more or less a trade union.”

    BBC News-Droidette didn’t like that piece of information coming out and unfortunately hasn’t been coached enough yet to be able tocover up her feelings. :-E


  17. John Horne Tooke says:

    Without the BBc the political rantings of Orde would be heard by a few Guardian readers.

    Surely Orde must be a complete idiot for his political rages against the government. Can the conservatives be really all as wet as May and give this stupid social worker the top job at the Met?


  18. AndyUk06 says:

    Sir Hugh Orde, actually has a chance to learn something here, from a guy who at least has real-world experience of this.  Instead he is desperate to cover up his own failings and blame Cameron, whose policies have no relation whatsoever to the rampant criminality we have seen.

    This is the man who ran a half-marathon with his lover, instead of attending a memorial service for RUC officers, is he not?  Shouldn’t the BBC be highlighting this adulterer’s personal and professional failures?  As a senior upholder of the law, is it really in the public interest that someone of his rank and position, should plead privacy and escape unscathed without an iota of an apology?

    Sir Hugh clearly lived a prolonged lie in deceiving his wife of some 22 years as he conducted his affair. Such selfish insensitivity clearly raises doubts about his commitment to his job.

    Such deceit in a fundamental aspect of his life raises doubts about his judgment and the consistency with which he applies this to others, especially where his considerable discretion and powers as a chief constable.

    But the BBC will not dwell on any of this will they, it would be far too judgemental.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      ROBERT BROWN; Gosh, i did not know this about Orde, What a complete and utter disgrace to his uniform. But Bratton is four times married i gather, bet he has some bones in his cupboard too. No, the change must come from Cameron, to be bold and sack a lot of the leftist CC’s and draw up a complete and revised charter for the Police. I’m not holding my breath.


  19. John C says:

    Seems to me the BBC is doing all it can to whip up trouble between the Government and the Police and make that the story. I’ve heard the Prime Minister making uncontroversial remarks which are then spun by the BBC, and I’ve heard the BBC read between the lines of what Orde actually said. I think the BBC agenda is to show the Government as divided from the police and hence out of touch. I think in fact the liaison is working well, and everyone realises the initial police tactics were unsuitable but understandable. As for the idea that we need to spend more on the police – there is no longer ‘more’ money to spend, and where’s the evidence that more police spending would have helped? London has thousands of police.


  20. Demon1001 says:

    If I was the Home Secretary, I would call Orde in and ask him to express his feelings about this.  Then I would explain how the current approach is not working and inform him that his job is not to criticise government policy publicly.  I would also infrom him that if he wants to continue making public remarks about policy it would be better for him to do so from outside the “service” and that his resignation would therefore be “reluctantly” accepted.


  21. cjhartnett says:

    Now Thompson…or may I can you Fatty?
    People out there want to know whether or not you asked dear Jeremy Paxman whether or not he wanted drapes or blinds in the Salford penthouse that is supposed to be coming.
    He says nothing, but you say he wasn`t…now which is it?
    And everyone is taliking about this-Did you or did you not come home from Glyndebourne two hours early, when you said that Salford a move you`d NOT need to leave the opera for as you did. Do you deny that you panicked…answer the question!
    No-one is talking about anything else, you fat liar…oi Patten…did Paxman want blinds or drapes…twat!


    • Buggy says:

      Is this a secret message for some kind of sleeper cell ?

      It’s hard work with the code books when you’re a spy, hey ?


  22. Margo Ryor says:

    Typical insult. Americans are used to being the world’s butt-monkey by now however there ARE things we know about and maintaining some semblance of peace in a multicultural society is definitely among them!