It must be the unique way they are funded….

Chief operating officer Caroline Thomson, one of the corporation’s biggest cab users, claimed £2,814 on cars in a three-month period – £100 up on the previous quarter. The claims, for quarter four of the past financial year, were disclosed as the BBC said expenses claims were down overall on the previous year. It also pointed out the number of senior managers and the amount they are paid has been reduced. Ms Thomson – who receives a salary of £307,000 – had claimed £2,715.59 for the previous quarter. For the full financial year she ran up a total taxi bill of £10,381, the newly-disclosed expense claims show.

Because she is worth it?

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6 Responses to TAXI?

  1. cjhartnett says:

    Some rather bloated bloodsuckers up in the ivory towers of Mosque Central in EuroManche 1!
    Time to offer these parasites on their altar of MultiKulti Expression…thinking a suitably padded skip somewhere like Stockwell if we improvise!
    Why lose another good kid when the likes of her can scoot round in taxis a la Hatton and avoid the wreck of a society that we perceive to be unduly adding to our carbon footprint…and at the Beeb, it will be THAT alone that ocncerns those leeches!


  2. dave s says:

    And these people go on about unequal Britain. She earns more in a year than most do in 20, A parasite pure and simple.


  3. London Calling says:

    On a salary twice the Prime Minister plus pension contribution, superanuated management Beeb-aparatchnik  Caroline Thomson  knows she is being paid around £200 an hour for her pointless job.

    Every time she takes a taxi, saving a half hour over public transport  she thinks she is saving the corporation a hundred pounds, instead of in fact wasting  £200 – her salary and the cabbies.

     They simply dont get it. We don’t need them, we don’t want them, we hate them. Her self esteem depends on being under cover of the bubble protected from what we think of her and her hated organisation.

    Next time they demand your license fee – remember – its just one cab fare for Thomson.


    • Demon1001 says:

      She can travel as she likes, but she should pay it herself like the rest of us have to.  And this business of saving half an hour – what’s that all about?  Her salary should only cover the period she is at work – not the period she is travelling!  What she is doing is saving half an hour of her own time at our expense and we are already paying her a fortune.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Fine comment Mr Calling!
      I shall now use the Thomson-equivalent to the license fee for a year-as MY basic unit of currency and exchange!
      I reckon the Thomson may yet prove to be of more value than the Euro before too long!


  4. Beness says:

    They simply don’t want to mix in with the Vibrant Multi-Cultural land that they claim to celebrate.