Nice hatchet job on Cameron by Nick Robinson on the 10 News. In essence, they ran Cameron talking the possibility at least of water cannon and plastic bullets and then instantly used the comments of the BBC candidate for Met Commissioner Sir Hugh Orde who flatly contradicted him. Orde has been weaseling away for some time from his ACPO perch, beloved by the State Broadcaster. Robinson also trotted out the “Don’t cut our resources” line that Orde espouses, backed up by Miliband and the opportunist Boris Johnson.

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  1. cjhartnett says:

    The BBC have long moved on from Asian lads run over and killed by someone whose colour is clearly not an issue…not at all…no sirree!
    Now-of course-we`re back to the cuts…but Boris says this, Hugh says that-and of course, Nick, Stephanie, Harriet, Yvette, Polly and Camilla will say that when we invite them too…anone got that webcam to Tuscany for our Poll then?
    Like sick truffle hunters, all they want to do is pin a tail on the Tory Donkey…and it`s perpetual, visceral and utterly transparent.
    I despise them…continual flying mallets from the editing suite aimed at anyone not Labour or Red Lib!
    Yet-the rioters will all be out and unable to hear the praises of Diane,Ken and Eds 1 and 2…and the rest of us utterly despise this boa constrictor of the public square that is the bloated,fat and evil BBC!
    Laxchoc mice for the sad python whose license isn`t going to be paid again!


  2. London Calling says:

    To be fair to Cameron (never thought I’d be typing that!) this is a moment for tough talking, not to be confused with what will actually be done. Operationally, Orde seems to be talking sense. BBC as usual are trying conflate the two positions, knowing they serve two different purposes. But then that’s the bBC pushing the left agenda.

    The one who comes out of this looking weak is Theresa May with her “we don’t do water cannon” line, classically wrong-footed. The answer should have been “we will do whatever it takes to restore order, the police have my full support”

    They need to go on a course somewhere “How to be a Government” 


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Another dawn and it`s Naughtie doing his Mistresses bidding today!
    Like Hudson in “Upstairs Downstairs”, he summons that Clegg maid who showed such promise last year-now look at her.
    Doesn`t she know that M`Lady upstairs wants answers off the footlings?He offers the same menu as he`s done to all of us…we blame cuts or we blame the lack of Plan B…which, funnily enough Master Ed has in the nursery!
    Old Mr `Udson didn`t know where his 1812 ended last night-and where Ealing began…the poor sods who had to take the Plump Poltroon back to `Amsted near on got glass shards in their kebabs!…disgraceful.
    Not only that but the D`Oyly may not be presenting for Jim tonight…`evans to Betsey guv!
    Anyway-Jim tells us “Everybodys talking about the cuts now we`re in a time of refection and not crisis” in the preamble…thus speaks the authoritative voice of the nation from the box seats of Covent Garden!
    For Gods sake-at least the useless cringing toady Mr `Udson got to run CI6…or were ITV merely giving us drama..whereas the BBC continue to “keep it real” so we the oiks can ” reflect” on the BBCs directing, commentating, contriving, colluding on all that threatens good folk all over the land…and seems to think it won`t be answering for it!
    So like their smug pals at the Guardian…the prerogative of the harlot…no forgetting the Harman of course!


  4. Beness says:

    Question: If they are going to arrest agitators who were posting places to meet and times on twitter, Will the also round up the trouble makers and stirrers on the BBC and the Guardian who were doing their own bit to help the cause?


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Incitement to cause public order offences m`lud!
    Joint Enterprise on counts 1 to 4Extra.
    I`r check Toynbees writing desk and her pigoen loft whilst you`re at it Constable!