Well, as violent thugs (Impoverished youth with inadequate community centre provision caused by the heartless Coalition. if you work for the BBC) torch parts of our Capital city, and others join in the infernal jollity in Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and Nottingham, the multi-billion £££ BBC has been out to report the news. I heard Ken Livingstone on Newsnight last night and it almost made me physically nauseous. In these terrible circumstances, I find listening or viewing the BBC adds to the misery as they duck and dive around confronting the consequences of their support for multicultural uber alles. How about you?

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24 Responses to ANARCHY IN THE UK

  1. My Site (click to edit) says:

    I switched the BBC news channel on for about twenty minutes yesterday evening. In that time they had live interviews with Ken Livingstone, Diane Abbott and Sadiq Khan.
    In their excitement at this vibrant display of cultural diversity, they once again forgot that Labour aren’t in power any more.


    • Peter Parker says:

      Yes but the so-called Tories aren’t any better. Did anyone see Teresa May’s performance this morning: ruling-out water-cannon, ruling-out calling-in the army; mouthing meaningless platitudes about working with “communities” like the useless gutless idiot – eyes darting from side-to-side the whole time like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights.

      Bitch needs to resign. These hoodie-wearing vermin need their heads caved-in right now.


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        Very true. I wouldn’t mind seeing some Syrian style policing used against these filthy savages.


      • Grant says:

        Theresa May sums up everything which is rubbish about the Tories.
        I was chatting with Black friends on the internet yesterday and they were all disgusted by the riots and couldn’t understand why the British police are so useless.
        I just hope the riots spread to Islington and Hampstead, so the scum at the BBC get a dose of what they actively promote !


        • Umbongo says:


          Islington perhaps – the council estate residents there appear to be mainly black – well the guys that mugged my son 15 years ago in Islington were.  Hampstead – probably not: the “underclass” there (council flat dwellers?) are established mainly white.  Also Hampstead is on the top of a hill – getting there might be a problem.  As it happens I drove north through Camden Town about 10:30 last night: Camden Lock and the road to Hampstead were closed off by the police so, further trouble or not, I think Hampstead will be OK.


          • Daniel Smith says:

            It is interesting that the police managed to find armoured cars to protect Lavender Hill while South London was left to burn. They know their priorities.


  2. Llew says:

    Cameron could make a huge statement by coming down tough on the rioters, the organised left wing who are fueling it, the liberals who have allowed this touch feely culture to grow in the first place, and the BBC who are always ignoring the truth. But he won’t, spineless twat.


    • Graham Evans says:

      No he won’t do that…his solution will probably be to accept Turkey into the EU, that will cure all our problems huh?


  3. jarwill101 says:

    The spectacular death of enforced multiculturalism. Blatantly clear to all but the beeboids. In the early hours gangs of scumbags were attacking lone pedestrians minutes away from my north London home. Lives are seriously in danger. I’ve had LBC Radio on all night – telling it like it is, & not afraid to vent their contempt for the sub-humans (not animals) destroying our capital. The BBC? About as much use as an umbrella in a fcuking hurricane. The Left’s fantasy has blown away like the morning mist. For ever.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      At times like this it’s important to remind ourselves that not all blacks are thieves and arsonists. The vast majority of them are drug dealers and rapists.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        I know that was meant as a joke, but it will just encourage Dez and his ilk to derail the thread.


    • Graham Evans says:

      Don’t bet on it! It wont be long before they are telling you what you reaaly need is more multiculturalism! Just wait for it.


  4. George R says:

    “London riots: This is what happens when multiculturalists turn a blind eye to gang culture ”


  5. cjhartnett says:

    “Auntie in a coma…and now it`s really serious”.
    Garry Richardson must have been taking “gravitas pills” direct from Dimbos viagra mountain…boy, was he serious this morning on the 8.25 locker room lollabout!
    These rioters(sorry- protestors) have put a couple of Carling/Heineken footie matches off for tonight…they threaten ..and that`s the only word…the INTERNATIONAL…no mere aimless kickabout, but a FRIENDLY international no less….that was scheduled for tomorrow at Wembley too.
    There was trouble in Birmingham-and here`s Graham Gooch who plays cricket there to tell us if the Third Test can be saved for the ages in the next few days.
    Oh my God…the Olympics too-and there`s lots of `em from the Committee  coming by today to check if the trampoline has no tramps sleeping in it!
    Reroute the coaches Seb!

    Humph was exercised about the Olympics for next year-don`t these rioters SEE what the consequences of all this might be?-if only, they`d be so kind as to remove the hoodies to talk…well grunt and “do gangsta”-“na wha` am sayin` bruv?”
    Am guessing that our protesting Benetton/MSM community are taking all those pricey trainers, so they TOO can play a part in the track and field before it`s too late! Ah bless `em!

    I think we can all now “search for the hero inside ourselves” with one arm through the window of Apples stores in London and the regions.

    So then-now that sport is threatened-can imagine the media being very cross-have they cleared up that unpleasantness at Victoria Station now Nils?-we can expect “action”…here`s Cameron with Theresa Mays slipper to scasre them off!

    Garry Richardson is only a dodgy altar boy at the Great Temple of Nike…but he was sonorous and fearful of what the priest might want him to do later on if these rioters did not go back to other peoples constituencies and prepare for the opening ceremony in the Olympics.
    That will be Boris chasing rioters round a mack up of a torched-out bus now I expect!


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I saw a good number of white faces yesterday, so I don’t quite buy into the idea that this is all down to black gangs.  Plus you have the Independent’s Jody McIntyre inciting the violence on Twitter.  He’s not a black gang member and his lust for violence against “the Feds” has nothing to do with multiculturalism.  Actually, the Indy dumped him last night after getting enough complaints.  Why they hired a known instigator to violence in the first place is another question.  The BBC won’t ever frown in their direction, though, you can be assured.

    It’s the benefits culture, the horrifyingly weak criminal sentencing from the courts, and the constant message coming from the Left that people from council estates are not permitted by a wealthy elite to have opportunities for success.  They’re brought up from the cradle to believe that they’re supposed to be disaffected, and their “alienation” is justified by advocates and hand-wringing media types every day, as if all these criminals were lovely children until some social service was cut recently.

    They’re out of touch with society because they were never in it in the first place.


    • John Anderson says:


      As we have been saying elsewhere – it looks as though the white anarchists are joining in,   we have seen them rioting in London several times this year


  7. cjhartnett says:

    As David says above-all this coverage and the BBCs reflex responses to the riots actaully does us damage in the end!
    I find it hard to go along with the awful heart-rending stories when BBC vultures just want to do a Milly Dowler on all that passes their way.
    Anyone talking to the media seems to end up being a useless sandbag or windsock for the soft-left/liberal stitchup.
    That Livingston, Batmanghedghli dare to make political capital or wring their fetid hankies over the rest of us…and hope we`ll wear a wristband to show we`re in agreement…is the real crime here at times.
    I find myself raging at the BBC and its chosen agents instead of feeling anything for those decent innocent victims of years colluding with Blairworld agendas.
    With that in mind-I`m turning off and will pray that the BBC take a few direct hits…and more to the good if the Guardian suffer collateral damage in some way or other!
    Let their own warm winds replace the oxygen of publicity…and send it right back into their OB vans along with the dope fumes!


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    “There’s no excuse for it, but here’s someone to tell us the excuse for it.”

    BBC fail.


  9. London Calling says:

    BBC: “What turns people into looters? Many in the UK are reeling after days of violence, but just where is the tipping point when people think they can start looting?”

    Its those darn “people” again. Victimology O-level. They are not opportunist theives and criminals, they are just “people” who have had something done to them that “turns them” into looters.

    How about an opportunity to have something for nothing thinking they can get away with it?

    Like the MP for Clapham saying parents should notice if their kids have suddenly acquired new trainers, and march them down to the police station. Wishful thinking. Their parents are probably well known at the police station.


  10. cjhartnett says:

    I realise that there are an awful lot of innocent people suffering unduly on account of these creeps that the likes of Batmanghedghli, Aynsley Green, Narey and dear old Shami have created for us to deal with.
    I think though of Tony Martin, Sophie Lancaster, Gary Newlove, Fransesca Pilkington and all the other poor souls that have been bullied, kicked or stabbed to death whilst the liberal elite do all they can to “protect their clients” from the rope or cane…indeed to reward the murderer of Millie Dowler for his “creative termination” or whatever the rotten evil elite at the Arts Council etc might call it!
    These people have been killed all over this country over the last few years-like that poor lad killed at Victoria Tube last year-and the rotten elite haven`t given a damn!
    Now they can`t watch a meaningless friendly tomorrow night-maybe we`ll see some action…and then I see Theresa May, Nick Clegg and Cameron/Miliband coming up in a shared Prius…and I look for my wheelbrace!


  11. inexion says:

    Although unless it’s a film, I avoid the BBC like the plague, last night I donned my best S n’ M gear and took the plunge into Madame Gavin’s dungeon of exquisite pain.

    Nothing during Ken’s little foray into blaming da cuts disappointed. So far so Beeb.

    However when the ex tory black guy whose name I shamefully forget started what a surprise.

    Articulate agressiveness is needed when combating the lies, disinformation, non sequiturs and straw men which passes for leftist debate and he certainly showed them a thing or two.

    Being Black obviously helped but it was his sheer force of delivery which impressed.

    Even when the dozy copper whose name I not so shamefully forget, attempted the less than subtle delving into outright blackmail the guy ran his phoney petard so for up his mast he’d be gulping on his own balls for a week.

    That’s the way to do it I thought as I switched back to Sky.


  12. cjhartnett says:

    The blokes name is Shaun Bailey…solid Tory seared in actually being black and being experienced round London and youth work etc.
    Compare the man with “Baroness” Warsi…and weep!


  13. barrenga says:

    I think its fair to say, we’re all well aware of how you feel about Ken Livingstone. But, oh yeah, what’s this got to do with bias again?

    Oh, nevermind, what’s the point eh? I guess you’ll be off to do another spot on Hearts & Minds soon. Thaton the other hand isn’t bias I guess, because you agree with that contributor’s opinon?


    • Millie Tant says:

      What is Ken Livingstone doing on the Beeboid screen? He’s not the government or the police or the mayor.  Oh, we found out quickly enough – as soon as he opened his gob, in fact. He’s off at once, making political capital out of a capital crisis. Yes, he has an election campaign to run and a permanent berth at the Beeboid Corporation, from which to run it. 

      What bias?