An eagle eyed B-BBC reader notes;

How odd….an article in the Guardian by one of Ken Livingstone’s mates echoes precisely a BBC article:
Both suggest it was Tory cuts wot done it….to youth clubs, jobs and police finances. Compare the beginnings of the articles:

From the BBC:
Was Saturday night an orgy of mindless violence or a cry of rage from a marginalised, disaffected part of society? Riots polarise opinion and instant analysis is a dangerous game.’
From the Guardian:
 ‘I don’t know what could have been done to avoid last night’s explosion of resentment and criminality. But I’m grimly confident of its potential elsewhere. Instant punditry on such events is a perilous and often irresponsible pursuit.’

and compare these two final words from each article….just how similar are they?

from the BBC…..
‘Would that alone have stopped the violence on Saturday night happening? Unlikely. If police had come out of Tottenham police station and spoken to protesters would that have been enough to ease tensions? Hard to say. Any number of things can spark a riot; especially if temperatures are already running high.’
from the Guardian:
‘Could the worst have been avoided? Might the police or the Independent Police Complaints Commission have made a better job of anticipating such trouble and so defusing it in advance? I don’t know what the answers are, but feel grimly confident that such an awful, perfect storm of rumour, resentment and criminality could break in a dozen other parts of inner city London any day. These are nervous times.’

As we frequently observe here, the BBC is simply the broadcasting arm of the Guardian. The only difference is we are FORCED to pay for one.
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  1. My Site (click to edit) says:

    So if the racist sex-pest, Lee Jasper, hadn’t have stolen all that money, then there would’ve been no trouble in Brixton last night!


  2. Foxgoose says:

    You don’t understand – some of these people are so poor they barely know where their next 50″ Sony plasma is coming from.

    There are children running around there with last month’s designer trainers and last year’s IPhones.

    Have sme pity for God’s sake!


  3. Tom Paine says:

    Since the Guardian survives on government advertising revenue, we are actually forced to pay for both of them.


  4. TheGeneral says:

    Obviously these people have had a wonderful life for the thirteen years in which Blair and Brown looked after them, but for the past twelve months this horrible new Government have taken away all their money, employment and hope………………………..

    I think I will apply as a script writer for BBC news.


  5. Olivia B says:

    The Left-establishment have a made a big mistake this time by trotting out those tired old excuses for inner city rioting. It is clear for anyone to see that its pure, rampant criminality. The Left just look like idiots.


    • jarwill101 says:

      Well said, Olivia B. Despite the endless playing of the Left’s broken old record, the visceral imagery emerging from Tottenham shreds the apologists’ bankrupt special pleading. There for all to see: packs of nihilistic, selfish morons who are never going to be anything else. That’s a chilling thought, & one the Left has no answer to. Except for further indulgence & infantilisation at public expense. When are they going to demand that the black community puts its own house in order?


  6. wild says:

    “It is clear for anyone to see that its pure, rampant criminality.”

    The Labour supporting BBC are not going to let facts get in the way of their agenda. Facts are always the enemy of the Left. That is the real agenda of the “everything is intepretation” mantra. It is not “Let a thousand flowers bloom” it is “Everything is lies and so we should promote the lies that best serve our interests”.

    The BBC does not want the freedom to lie, because that would give others to freedom to tell the truth, they want a monopoly of truth. Just listen to the way its “reporters” deal with any opinion that does not accord with its narrative.

    The BBC are the scum of the Earth.


  7. cjhartnett says:

    Luckily the BBC are running on empty-time to pull the plug on Auntie!
    Assisted dying is their code for it all…it`s our job to smother the old bag albeit with cow eyes and a sense of shared compassion!
    The BBC have been on the wrong side of history now and the incestuous relationship with the Guardain/Nu Labor troika has created the birth defects we see in Brand, Ross, Stanhope and Paxman etc.
    Time not to give them a penny…clear them out and give it all over to asylum seekers or rioters seeking sanctuary.
    Don`t want them on that high speed rat run to Salford either!
    Ross Perot and Rupert Murdoch for President in 2012…let them use our hellhole to plan for the USA election four years afterwards!