On Today we had ‘Thought for the Day‘ presented by Abdal Hakim Murad, a Muslim. He’s a regular, unsurprisingly. A reader writes;

“As usual with nearly all Muslims he slips in a bit of anti Christian rhetoric whilst promoting Islam. Jesus is the Son of God in Christianity, the Lord Jesus, divine himself, God on Earth. The Muslims claim he was just a man, merely a prophet.

Murad cleverly attacks the Christian theology without openly doing so…stating merely that worshipping a ‘human baby’ is idolatry….he then goes on to say that that has nothing to do with his thought for the day so anyway let’s get on….he just thought he would mention it….

I could be wrong but is his final sentiment really about Muslim terrorists betraying Britain’s trust….but Britain must still trust Muslims?”

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20 Responses to TRUST ME, I AM A MUSLIM

  1. ian says:

    Clearly the BBC approves of Murad preaching that Jesus was only a human being, since it is a militantly humanist organisation.

    But if and when the caliphate is established, I wonder how long the BBC’s other prejudices will last – towards equality, for exmple?

    On the plus side it would be nice to see feminazi interviewees like Germaine Greer made to wear burkhas. They would muffle the noise somewhat, too.

    On the minus side I really don’t fancy hearing the Grand Ayatollah of Canterbury raging against half the population of Brighton on the box.

    Any more than I like hearing the antisemitic, anti-Christian rants of the present incumbent.


  2. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) is politically committed to providing special preference to Islam.

    No doubt any ‘rules’ about Thought for the Day have been broken by any Islamic contributors who make deceitful critiques of other religions; but this is acceptable to INBBC because of its own preferential treatment for Islam, which goes against all Charter principles.

    ‘Cranmer’, 6 months ago. (Note first comment below.):

    “Is the BBC in thrall to Islam because of a Saudi landlord?   ”


  3. RGH says:

    Murad is a believing Muslim and as such his writings have a lugubrious style in which his underlying certainty as to the inevitable triumph of Islam in Europe is expressed in a manner which makes it seem more reasonable than it is.

    Here’s a for instance:

    “In the immediate aftermath of the election of Joseph Ratzinger to the Papacy, Muslim reactions to the new pontiff were diverse and confused. Turks were dismayed by his very public opposition to their membership of the European Union, a view rooted in his conviction that ‘Europe was founded not on geography but on a common faith.’ Others pointed to the absence of any mention of Muslims from his inaugural address (a fact welcomed by the Jerusalem Post)”

    Elsewhere he eulogises his Islamic identity and presents European history as a product of a Greek mystery religion the modern failure of which is confirmation of the inevitability of his cultural values.

    This is the most menacing in its absolutism. It ‘poetically’ demonstates the twin obsession of Islam that it is denied, its birthright by older, unreformed monotheism who have made the moral mistake of not recognising the revelation of Mohammed.

    “Yet Europe will no more see Islam as a rightful inheritor of Athens than it will allow Ishmael legitimate authority over Jerusalem. The reason was Christianity.”

    Ishmael, the son of Abraham and the Egyptian slave, Hagar and the ‘parent’ of the Arab cast out by Isaac.

    What you hear on Thought for the Day is not the voice of multiculturalism but a thinker convinced of the inevitabi9lity of European Islam….cleverly biding his time.


    • noggin says:

      yes! he is just as bad as those, who shriek “we will conquer Rome”
      as their eyes glaze over & they punch the air.
      one direct, the other stealth, they are programmed the same.
      the hours & hours of rocking & reciting, hmm seems to work 🙂
      and you know, it is no matter if intellectual or not.
      always there, just under the surface.

      “show me the child, i will give you the man”


  4. John Anderson says:

    I heard the guy yesterday morning.  SLICK.

    Not sure what his message was.

    Except he was not preaching Christianity.  In a Christian country.

    I know I am getting old,  but I cannot work out why in a Christian country the “national broadcaster” gives frequent time to a religion that wishes to trample on Christianity or any other religion.  With violence if necessary.


  5. noggin says:

    John,  this twisty doublespeak is the norm my friend,
    & in my opinion just as dangerous as fuzzy faced, bulging eyed
    nutjobs, with their placards…..& in the end their aim is the same.

    Islam is an ideology, the religion is just the get in free card, its aim is empire
    Islamic empire…Calliphate., its way, its laws, with no room for anybody elses
    ideas, or thoughts, yes thats right, every other religion,(with special emphasis for jews/christians), is a perversion, & should be reverted back to
    (by any means possible) the erm..”truth” of Islam…yep! didn t think i heard that on thought for the day…tsk tsk how dangerous is religion eh!

    In fact i would say this method is more dangerous, because is the subversive
    type that slithers into school RE lessons,that rides the equality train, then creates enclaves.
    That demands are endless, that gets its way, one bullied cartoon show, one cartoonist, one author, one teacher, one outspoken councillor etc at a time.

    The BBCs “death roll” towards this is coming to fruition, now we have the deeply problematic Aquill Ahmed as head of religious programming, of course
    it is not only that, i for one are sick & tired, of seeing the muslim panellist
    so we can all hear AGAIN….what Islam thinks about this or that issue.

    Where are the Hindi, Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish, Jian panellists eh!…oh yes, all INTEGRATING very very well thank you very much, not setting themselves
    up as an irritating wedge, forcing their opinion to be heard at every opportunity.

    Your seeing it Bradford, Oldham, Tower Hamlets, Leicester etc,(Sweden,Holland,France, Denmark)….thank goodness there are many many moderate muslims, but you think they wouldn t jump ship, for THE “perfect religion” if it came down to it?


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Can’t agree with this complaint.  To me it sounded as if Murad was speculating on the vandal’s motivation and wasn’t saying himself that worshiping Jesus was akin to idolitry.

    However, I wonder if he’d be so quick to lecture the National Gallery about leaving up controversial artwork which some people may find insulting to their religion if Islam was involved.  I seriously doubt the BBC would ever have someone do a Thought of the Day acting all mature about how the Gallery should respect the public enough to allow something offensive to Muslims.  This smacks of hypocrisy from the BBC.

    Come to think of it, though, I can’t imagine the National Gallery daring to display anything which might offend Mohammedans.


  7. George R says:

    On its ‘Entertainment and Arts’ page, Islam Not BBC (INBBC) gives 6 months propaganda notice of an exhibition on the HAJJ:

    No doubt the following are censored out from any account:


    “Robert Spencer: Is the Hajj an Act of Apostasy?”


    “The Siege of Mecca: the forgotten uprising” (of 1979).

    book author: Yaroslav Trofimov.

    ‘Look inside’; Amazon-

    And if INBBC is interested in ‘entertainment and art’ which may relate to Islam, then INBBC should be interested in this –

    new book by DANIEL SILVA, ‘Portrait of a Spy'(out this week):

    ‘Look inside’:-


  8. cjhartnett says:

    Hate to say it, but I agree with David above.
    I know that Islam is a slippery and double minded “faith”-but you could have levelled the same charge at Paul (1.Cor 9.22 amongst others).
    Murads analysis is thoughtful and raises issues that are valid in general “spiritual” terms. He doesn`t say that Christ is not worth the paint, let alone the praise-he may think it in his Cambridge garret, but says nothing here: so reckon he`s done pretty well on this occasion.
    Still-after Regensburg and the like-best to stay vigilant, if not suspicious!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Murad’s point is valid, but it’s still massively hypocritical of the BBC to have him say this when they would do no such thing about artwork which offended Muslims.


  9. George R says:

    Melanie Phillips:

    “Whooaa! Is Britain finally about to go over the cliff into official Islamisation? ”


    “Yup, it looks more and more like Lemmingland”by Melanie Phillips


  10. Dez says:

    As usual David Vance (always the politician) hides his bigotry behind “A reader writes…“.

    “As usual with nearly all Muslims he slips in a bit of anti Christian rhetoric whilst promoting Islam.”

    “As usual with nearly all Muslims

    Any evidence for this statement, Mr. Vance? Or are you quite happy to sit back and rub your hands with glee as this blog degenerates into little more than a racist hate-fest against Muslims?

    “I could be wrong but is his final sentiment really about Muslim terrorists betraying Britain’s trust….but Britain must still trust Muslims?”

    You are not only wrong, you are completely batshit crazy and need to stay indoors more.


    • john says:

      Where ? – The Batcave ?
      Speaking of crazy :  “………..this blog degenerates into little more than a racist hate-fest against Muslims?”
      So I take it by “little more” you mean the BBC aren’t :
      Pro-Global warrming
      etc,etc, …………………………………
      So yes Dez, should you be right, then there is very little else to discuss on this Blog outside of laying into Muslims.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Truly depressing Dez!
      Thought that David and myself had already made it clear we did not think there was too much wrong with what the speaker said.
      That said, Melanie Phillips etc are right on the money-the likes of Sue are 100% right to be vigilant and suspicious, and the BBCs recent snowjob on Muhammad(maybe YOU could tell me when we last had a programme about the life of someone that they dare not cast for dramatisation!).
      In short Dez-check your Koran as I do my Bible…and you`ll find there are tactics that are justified by the believer in the furtherance of their faith. Only Judaism is exempt from this charge in my opinion. I am a Christian though-so maybe I`m being slippery here!
      Just open your mind, see for yourself and stop these lazy reflexes and generalisations. DV is only highlighting a real and present danger. One that won`t spare your genuflections when their sword is being sharpened just for the opportunity that you seem content to present!
      Hence these blogs!
      It`s not wrong to test out Islam when its critics are dying elsewhere…and the BBC (as well as your kind) seem unable to discern the threat!


      • noggin says:

        Racist hate fest, dez what race? is Islam.  
        look are you saying there is no issue? with excessive  
        favour for the BBC  
        No problem, with aggressive association, with integration  
        a plethora of other issues, in our UK society, communities  
        that are particulary pertinent to that Ideology called Islam?  
        if thats what you think…..its not not David who is batshit crazy.  
        About muslims the “tiny minority of extremists” minority well  
        certainly,(thankfully)….TINY definitely not.  
        The issue we ve seen again and again…the blurry grey line, 🙂 between, where the loyalties lie, when it comes down to it.  
        The penchant for threat/violence,or this disturbing insidious stealth aspect, all used to back up those loyalties.

        are you saying this doesn t happen?
        because to point that out, that is not hate
        why do you laughably jump on the “hater” bandwagon
        or play the “race” card if someone does?


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Actually, cj, I thought that while the discussion of the paintings themselves was not objectionable, the main message Murad was putting forth was massivley hypocritical and reflective of gross hypocrisy on this issue at the BBC.  Not the same as what DV said, I know.


  11. George R says:

    POLYGAMY in Britain.

    That’s something for Islam Not BBC (INBBC) to go lightly on.

    ‘Evening Standard’:

    “State ‘could start official register for polygamy'”


    “Polygamous Sharia marriages don’t belong in Britain”

    (by Christine Odone)


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Polygamy is now part of growing up and being British.  Multiculturally British, that is.


  12. Margo Ryor says:

    So, where does Mr. Murad stand on worshipping large black rocks?


  13. sunniship says:

    Leave our dear Abdal (aka Angel of Muslims) alone – he is trying to fight the seduction of the phantom (aka BBC disinformation). See our site:

    Also read some of our letters to Abdal: