Some interesting observations here from a B-BBC reader….

“Anyone hear John Pienaar on the BBC this morning getting over excited and giving us his version of events?Cameron says he had no inappropriate conversations with News Corp. people. Pienaar essentially claims Cameron is lying. Pienaar states that Cameron has spoken about BSkyB with the Murdochs based solely on the way Cameron phrased his answer.

To me it was quite clear…he had not spoken of the BSkyB deal.

Pienaar then went on to allege News International is acting like a rogue state having serious repercussions for our culture and society.

Nicky Campbell this morning was just as bad.suggesting that Cameron has done a deal with Murdoch to cut the BBC budget. (The horror of it!) His reporter came on to say there was no proof of this (letting it hang of course that well, it might be true) but that the thing was that it reminds people of the value of public service broadcasting. Nothing like being able to slander your rivals and promote yourself!

I also believe it was Dame Nicky who asked one of the 7/7 families ‘how long had your phone been hacked for?’. So their phone was definitely hacked? Really? Any proof? As far as I am aware there is absolutely no proof or evidence that shows any 7/7 or 9/11 families had their phones hacked. Their phone numbers and addresses were in the private investigator’s files, but then they would be as the newspaper needs to get in touch with them in the normal course of reporting events….mere possession of the numbers means nothing.

This is the BBC at its worst feeding into the conspiracies and half truths that are designed to attack the Murdochs, the BBC’s commercial and ideological rivals. Far from being a professional news broadcasting organisation with high standards of behaviour and ethics it has become a platform for any wild accusation to be shouted out to the world by anyone with a grudge against News international and lending the authority and credibility of the BBC to those people and their prejudiced rantings.”

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  1. Buggy says:

    Who’s the tres handsome cove in the picture ? Some relative of Wendi Deng’s new biatch ?


  2. George R says:

    Of course, the LibDem-Labour-Tory Cameron has put  BBC-NUJ chum, Ms. S. Chakrabarti on Leveson panel, where she will no doubt continue to  apply  one sort of BBC  ‘impartiality’ to Islamic LSE’s Saif al-Gaddafi, Al Qaeda trainee Binyam Mohamed, and to BBC-NUJ itself, but another sort of BBC ‘impartiality’ to News International, English Defence League and to Geert Wilders.


  3. Jaded says:

    Good grief. I usually find John Pienaar more balanced in his political coverage than most. I didn’t hear him on the radio but I don’t know what he thought he was talking about if he really did say NI was “behaving like a rogue state having serious repercussions for our culture and society”.

    Talk about overdoing it.


    • hippiepooter says:

      I too normally find John Piennar a breath of fresh air but yes, I too noticed him ‘getting with the programme’ over NI.


  4. Millie Tant says:

    And Greg Dyke, speaking on the theme of the supposed dominance and market share held by Murdoch said on Hard Talk tonight that when he was at London Weekend Television he sent his director of corporate affairs to warn Tony Blair, then in opposition, about Murdoch.


  5. RGH says:

    The culture within the organisation that is the BBC has a well-founded fear of any change in its accustomed privilege. It has crystallised in a dark force which they call ‘MURDOCH’.

    ‘MURDOCH’ is, of course, the projection of their inner insecurity. A ‘GOLDSTEIN’.

    He personifies (personification is metaphor) what they fear most.

    The free market. Where people decide what they want.

    ‘MURDOCH’ has symbolised for a generation the threat to their comfortable, protective, cosseted status.

    Hence the obsession.

    And the poor journalism.

    Murdoch rattles them.


    • John Anderson says:


      Basically this whole site is about George Orwell’s views about how the views of the populace can be warped.

      I am SO impressed that you have drawn the comparison between the 1984 hate-figure of Goldstein,  and Rupert Murdoch.

      ………………….What seems funny is that geriatric Murdoch hardly talks to the editors of his UK papers – nll that was so many years ago – but he is still seen as an evil genius.


  6. matthew rowe says:

    Well as mr Peniarse like all BBC  staffers derives a finacial reward from a N.I comercial rival! his veiws can be laughed at  like the partisan self intrest that they are!.


  7. Billy-no-mates says:

    Its all getting desperate now. The public bored by the whole hysteria but the BBC and liebour are still trying to create the air of conspiricy based on flimsy gossip and pure lies. Take the “breaking news” yesterday Captain Underpants (Chris Bryant) says royals warned Cameron on Coulson” – Lies! and a few amongst the other newsworthy events  – Spectator story on NI funds Coulson salary – lies! – Brooks goes riding with Cameron – Lies! How on Earth do they get away with reporting this crap.. Well maybe not for much longer .. I can sense yesterday that (and about time) with changing of the remit of the hacking extended to look at the BBC, that along with all the calls for no-one (or one organisation) should own so much media and a look at the relations between the press and polictians that the BBC has started the process for its own reform (Wel!!l – here’s hoping)  Look forward to a “temporary” attempt at redressing the balance. The BBBC needs a couple of examples it can point to for unbias before charter comes up.


  8. Span Ows says:

    You would have thought that after the select committees and yestreday’s day in parliament – on both occasions where the “anti-Murdoch side” got trounced – they’d try to back-peddle…but no, it’s scrape up the crumpled ash and try to make a piece of paper out of it again, Ok if you’re a petty, bias, privately owned pieceofshit atbloid but not quite what you expect from a global/national/public broadcaster.


  9. cjhartnett says:

    Thanks for listenind David-they still going on with all this then?
    After the fact that their boys and girls got a “good whupping” albeit in the States jockstrap of a committee hearing…Vaz, Farrelly etc make pubic lice look of more value to the body politic?
    Oh well-drool on Beeb and Guardian!
    As I see it we got a great view of how we treat our old, their families and the wealth creators in this country. We saw the useless flounderings of our police and courts-even in Court Numero Uno( in that old Constitutional Handbook before Blair used it all for toilet roll). WE saw endless efforts to cover up and shut down the outrage of what happened to an old American who`d fed and watered the likes of the slime that dared to question him. Luckily they were so inept, unfocussed and clueless that he won`t need Horlicks as long as he has the DVD!
    Welcome to the British State in all its pomp and power-privileges and pretensions…when a John Bercow lives and a David Kelly dies!
    No doubt Star TV in China watched-and this whole rotten carcass of a State is a takeawy that they`ll not be needing to bother with until the dogs need the bones to bury!


  10. George R says:

    Stephen Glover, ‘Daily Mail’:

    “The BBC’s bias has been one of the most shaming aspects of this entire sorry saga”


    “BBC journalists who used to restrict themselves to reporting events are increasingly drawn into punditry, and so are bound to sound partial. In recent weeks that has meant being virulently ‘anti-Murdoch’.”

    Read more:

    Read more:


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I think Glover makes an excellent point about all these BBC ‘editors’ effectively being pundits and opinion-mongers and no longer journalists.  I would include the BBC North America editor (past and present) and Stephanie ‘Two Eds’ Flanders in this, among others.


  11. Martin says:

    Did anyone else hear dame Nicky interviewing Ed Balls this morning? It was an utter joke and another BBC/Liebore re-writing of history.

    Everyone knows in 97 Nu Liebore wanted to take us into the single currency, but Bliar had promised a referendum and the opinion polls showed a huge majority against, so to get around this Liebore came up with the 5 meaningless tests which of course would only ever be met if the opinion polls showed a majority in favour.

    And dame Nicki forgets HE took part in a BBC programme which basically used brainwashing on a group of Euro Sceptics that joining the Euro was a good idea and at the end of the programme they were all of the BBC hive mind. Some of you might remember that programme it went out many years ago and had all the usual left wing suspects the BBC loves taking part.

    Ed Scrotum seemed to want to take credit for not joining the single currency yet doesn’t want to take the blame for the mess of the economy (also funny that since hackgate has started to die down he’s crawled out from under his stone).

    Oh and then the biggest laugh of all was Nicky Campbell letting Testicles claim the EU had stopped WW3 in Europe when as everyone with a brain knows that was actually NATO which was mostly funded by the Americans and in particular those nasty right wing Presidents who hated the commie’s the BBC so love.

    Just how does Campbell dare show his face after such pathetic interviews is beyond me.


  12. hippiepooter says:

    >>Their phone numbers and addresses were in the private investigator’s files, but then they would be as the newspaper needs to get in touch with them in the normal course of reporting events….mere possession of the numbers means nothing.<<

    DV, no they wouldn’t.  They would be in a phone hackers’ possession to hack.  That is why Murdoch and Brooks have been apologising as it was being done on behalf of their newspaper.