BBC jihad against Murdoch continues in full voice this morning. “Sunday Morning” with sultry pouting Suzanne Reid posits “Is Rupert Murdoch’s empire responsible for corrupting Britain?. That followed Andrew Marr’s love in with Yvette Cooper as Murdoch was further demonised, along with the Police. And if you still haven’t got enough, Panorama has a one hour special coming tomorrow night on the fall of Murdoch. (Were Murdoch dead they would now be insisting his corpse was dug up and hung from the tree in the ecologically sound Blue Peter garden.) To answer the first question, if Britain has become corrupted it is because of the massive sustained broadcasting power of the BBC and decades of propagating a world where all morality is relative, where there is no right or wrong, where Christian values are to be mocked and and where leftist values of anything goes prevails uber alles.

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  1. Martin says:

    Actually I think it shows how over hyped the power of the Murdoch press is, they’ve been undone why a couple of camp halfwits from the Guardian and their own stupidity.


  2. BBCwaste says:

    No mention of Baldwin or that Labour was asleep at the wheel during the entire hacking period in the package setting up the biased debate at the top of this programme.

    Just typical. Switched over to Sky immediately.

    It is an appalling programme.


    • Lloyd says:

      I agree, and the segment on sex was just silly, but I feel obliged to keep an eye on them, to the extent that I probably listen to about 40 or 50 hours radio per week (apart from when the golf’s on)


  3. Demon1001 says:

    I disagree with the assertion that the BBC don’t believe there is right and wrong.  They believe that Lying, cheating and false accusations are right if done by the people they approve of.  They believe that surveillance of individuals, suppression of democratic ideas and attacks on human decency are right. 

    They do, however, believe that voting for a moderate or right of centre party is wrong.  Supporting the only democratic state in the Middle East is wrong.  They believe that anyone expressing an opinion which goes against theirs is very, very wrong.   I could add many more things to both categories but I must dash. 


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Still there`s hope!
    Listened in to the sermon on the Radio4s Sunday Service this morning.
    That it was coming from the Buxton Arts Festival didn`t augur well-thought we`d get the usual stuff about praying for more “arts funding”…as was done at the Lowry way back I think!
    But no-this bloke was as good as the C of E could produce under the liberal fiefdom of Rowan the Druid!
    He said that no-one in the audience could dispute that we needed cuts, to pay back what we`ve borrowed and that the big State idea is dead. He said it in the correct language for the politicos, but the very idea that the State needs reforming into Big Society notions that the churches need to be involved with-well that was unusual!
    His assumption that the debate was over would have enraged any number of BBC toadies who think that there IS to be no debate-just “pay your licence fees and our pensions and shut the f**k up!”
    No it wasn`t the Jan Palach moment for the revolution-but it was far better than the reduced expectations of the BBC/CofE would have led us to hear of.
    No doubt Rowan, Mark and the Guardian committee will be wanting to know how he got onto the air-Porteous Wood will be checking the bins of Derby for some dirt, but well done to our ecclesial pal!


  5. Lloyd says:

    The BBC are OBSESSED with Islam, it get’s more of a look in on sunday mornings than Christianity.


  6. Carti says:

    Bought the Sunday Times for the first time in nearly 15 years today. Only the utterly appalling BBC could induce solidarity with the Evil Empire.


  7. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Noting that, even in the Graun, articles and commentary by Labour and media luvvies that have comments enabled are not going well when they have clearly passed from lack of objectivity to plain delusion.

    One counter comment I just read on a ‘Pede or Polly, taking it apart, has garnered 1300 recommends.

    No wonder they are shutting down blogs left, left and left of centre as the ‘we speak for you’ meme is dismembered.


  8. As I See It says:

    BBC Radio Broadcasting House with Sian Williams….that bit where they do what the papers say….

    I’ve noticed a tendency – perhaps in the interests of balance? (sic) – in which the BBC engage as a guest a presentable articulate seemingly politically neutral luvvie who proceeds to launch a strong attack on some BBC target in a way in which the house commentators or presenters could not dare. Ideally this actor/celeb  comes over as the voice of the man in the street.

    Job done par excellence this morning by Neil Pearson formerly in Drop The Dead Donkey (a comedy about Globelink News – an outfit with dubious morals run by an evil media mogul – get it???).

    Except that a quick google and Neil Pearson: ‘is strongly identified with the British left – having made a party election broadcast for the Labour Party for the 1994 European Elections, though later prominently supported Ken Livingstone when Livingstone ran as an independent candidate for Mayor of London in 2000’.


  9. Buggy says:

    Reid is neither “sultry” nor “pouting”: she is the Reid-bot and basically sexless.