Robert Peston, as the Mail on Sunday pointed out today, is a media whore, happy to quaff the champagne and extensive private hospitality of Elisabeth Murdoch, and huddle conspiratorially there with his long-time buddy Will Lewis, the group general manager of News International. At the same time he has broken a strong of so-called revelations about the hacking affair, the latest of which has been posted this afternoon. Despite this clear concern about his position, the BBC are continuing to flaunt his works. He comments that the arrest of Rebekah Brooks is very bad news indeed for News Corp. Any journalistic organisation worth its salt and with any integrity would have quietly pushed him to the sidelines because of the clear conflict of interest. But not, of course, the BBC – it’s pretending as usual that because this story was in the Mail, it is left-wing garbage.

Meanwhile, Autonomous Mind, as ever with a very interesting slant on developments, spells out that back in 2003, the US journalist Michael Gonzalez, visiting the UK to report the aftermath of the David Kelly affair, spotted the real Guardian-BBC agenda: to smash forever News Corp so it would be free to dominate the UK with its liberal-left agenda. Nothing has changed, except now the BBC scents real blood and all its dogs – including Mr Peston – have been slipped from their leashes and are out to savage the Murdoch domain until the bitter end. Make no mistake, this is a battle for press freedom – and the BBC are not the good guys, blurred as some moral boundaries may be.

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11 Responses to NOT THE GOOD GUYS

  1. Techno says:

    Met Police chief has resigned now.  Good grief.  They’ve been saying there is much worse to some and it looks like there is.


    • Techno says:

      *much worse to come


    • Cassandra King says:

      Apparently he is “completely satisfied with his own integrity” =-O

      So satisfied in fact that he has repeated the same sentence about a dozen times, is he trying to convince himself or us?


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Is it me or has Peston’s tune changed over the last couple weeks from saying this won’t be so bad to the Downfall story we’re hearing now? The way I see it, Peston has been using his “friends” for inside scoops for years.  He just occasionally sells them out.  His list of contacts is the reason he has his job at the BBC.  It sure isn’t because of his commanding on-air reporting. He’s selling one of them out now, impartial journalist that he is. 

    He’s much less impartial when it comes to protecting his biography subject and his economic policies.


    • The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

      Peston always sounds like he can’t read the Labour spin doctor du jour’s hand writing.

      The man is a pygmy in reporting terms who founders when challenged.  that’s why he rarely interviews and always comments.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        One can only imagine the way Peston would torture the questions he’d put forth in an interview.  The way he spits out his words in between those odd…..pauses…is unbearable as it is.


  3. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC are going all out on this story, pulling out all the stops and sticking the boot in.

    Still not a word from the BBC about how close all the central characters were with newlabour. Still not one question put to the growing list of labour hypocrites lining up out the door and round the block about how most of these revelations occurred during newlabour rule and just how close these new arch criminals were with newlabour.

    Funny thing, but absolutely nothing was done when newlabour were in power and taking full advantage of all the utter press hacking and narrative construction, story line implanting and bad news burial detail. All the years that the hacking went on and many newlabour people knew just what was going on and where was the outrage? Where was the intrepid BBC then I wonder?

    So lets get this straight, the gutter press was OK with the BBC just as long as newlabour were in power, just as long as those in newlabour were in the circle of gutter press dirty tactics and now the story is out the BBC somehow sompletely forgets that newlabour were in fact in power for most of the wrongdoing. The BBC somehow completely forgets to ask any searching questions of the newlabour hypocrites lining up at the BBC to put their tuppence worth of smears in.

    As far as the BBC is concerned it seems Cameron is completely to blame along with the very same Murdoch and Brooks/Wade that for years were so close to newlabour and during the time that many of these supposed crimes were committed.

    Its a funny old world isnt it? A cynic might think that the BBC was taking part in a partisan politically motivated attack.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    There is such a disconnect between the vast majority of people and the political elite now that the BBC really ought to be careful.
    Like MPs expenses-it will have deep roots and the likes of the Squidgee tapes, Angus Deayton?Richard bacon stuff will be back-the braodsheets will have been paying, and the BBC will have been paying too!
    As the Mail takes a large share of what Rupert loses, Toynbee and the political elite will have to be very careful. It is clear now that it is only the BBC/Guardians play to abolish any alternatives to their worldview…and it won`t be tolerated!
    Can`t pay my licence if it`s going to fund criminal illegal activities or promote terrorism now can I?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Great point about Angus Deayton, cj (If I understood you correctly).  The high moral standards of HIGNFY forced him to step down as presenter after he made the tabloid headlines over prostitutes and coke (or something like that).  Yet Peston can consort with someone Gordon Brown and how many others now call a criminal, and his position at the BBC is unassailable.

      A silly news quiz – and not even the only one on the BBC – has more integrity than BBC News itself.  Sad.


  5. Autonomous Mind says:

    Thanks for the inclusion Robin.

    What we are seeing are all the links behind the scenes with these people all rubbing along together as pals. Peston is a glaring example.

    They act as if they are not tainted, but if these stories have been known about for so long, why have the likes of Peston continued to enjoy their hospitality on the one hand but act as if they are completely disconnected on the other.

    The British people are starting to see the tangled webs and quiet friendships that have been kept out of sight for so long. This is the exposure of the establishment and the elite that sneers at us and plays its power games at our expense.

    A plague on all their houses.


    • George R says:

      Yes; I agree with this ‘Autonomous Mind’ conclusion:

      “Once again, based in historic record we find more evidence to demonstrate the Guardian-BBC campaign is nothing to do with public service or public interest, but about domination of the news, information and editorial line fed to the British public.  Far from the plurality the Guardian and BBC claim to hold dear, they are doing everything possible to make themselves the sole source of news in this country.”

       It can, of course, be added that the political axis extends far beyond that of the Guardian and BBC; it extends throughout the Labour leadership and the TUC (via NUJ); and it extends to the E.U. bureaucracy through e.g. Patten, and to USA via BBC Obama Democrat lobby, to BBC-America, NPR,etc, etc.

       In policy terms, it involves campaigning for:

      1.) E.U ; 2.) mass immigration; 3.) Islam; 4.) Labour Party; 5.) Democrat Party; 6.) pro-public sector; 7.) pro-special monopoly status for BBC, extending globally, financed by compulsory tax.