The BBC is determined not to let facts get in the way of a good story.

A B-BBC reader writes;

 ‘You and yours’ Winfred Robinson talks to energy minister Greg Barker. Robinson is asking what Baker is going to do about fuel poverty in UK. Baker states that Labour did nothing to help those in fuel poverty and that thepoverty has doubled since 2005. Robinson says ‘it is absurd to blame Labour…it was fuel prices that causedthe poverty….so let’s move on!’

And yet she is here asking Baker what he is going to do about it…..surely shetold us it is fuel prices that are causing the poverty…didn’t she just saythat…and out of government control obviously? So let’s move on.

Barker suggests we insulate and build to a better standard…UK has the mostexpensive to heat homes in Europe….we must build homes as insulated as theNorwegians who have very low energy bills…even in the Arctic…

Robinson leaps in again….’that’s why their homes are so efficient becausetheir climate is so different(er….cold)…ours is temperate.’

So an arctic region, cold to freezing most of the year, is cheaper to keep warmthan a region where most of the year it is reasonably warm anyway? Clearly likea car it is more fuel efficient to keep a car running than to turn the engineon and off…keep your boiler running all year….the more you run it the loweryour bills! That’s BBC education for you.

More is less.

The BBC logic defeats me….obviously the real solution to fuel poverty is voteLabour!

Why she just doesn’t say that at the beginning and save me listening for anhour…..”

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  1. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Link seems to lead to a very colourful Google error message.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Can I bet on Midweek, You and Yours or Womans Hour failing to make it up to Salford?
    Utterly useless and fitile misery memoirs for the C-list elite with rich hubbies.
    You and Yours continually tells us about boiler room frauds, concert ticket scams and the dreadful rip offs from the energy companies-yet all they offer up is Lambeth Citizens Advice or Godalming Trading Standards by way of “redress”.
    Esther Rantzen is worth 100 chaise longues as set up by Winnie and Jenni, Libby or Janey!
    I think the BBCs misery guilt tripping impotence is linked to the national rise in peptic ulcers and the need for statins…could only save the NHS some money if we shut down the radio during working hours-might get a few handwringers out on the streets anc cleaning cars instead of checking their hankies for damp patches!
    No matter-Sandi Toksvig is still round the studios wondering if she was allowed to refer to the Cape Town Community as “coloured” earlier on this morning…reckon that travel writer who said she could do so set her up for a trap…hopefully the Tories are sending their stooges out to get the likes of Sandi!
    One can dream!…


  3. pounce_uk says:

    I wonder how the bBC is going to explain the same story in a few years time: Less Power generation caperbility, the actual risk of powercuts, which will mean the price will go up and no doubt the lovies will blame the tories. 


    • London Calling says:

      The Leftie Luvvies will blame the Evil Tories for everything, whatever happens. Recently we had many of the front gates in our South London street stolen by a gang of East European metal thieves (they were overheard “working”) and socialist mate of mine struck up conversation with a grizzled old leftie victim, and within seconds had agreed it was all the fault of the Tory cuts. There is no hope for lefties. They are incapable of understanding anything. Reality by-pass between the ears.


  4. MarkE says:

    Funny how everything bad that happened between 1997 and 2010 was the fault of the previous “Tory” government (everything the BBC sees as good was, of course, Labour’s glory), and everything bad happening since May 2010 is Cameron’s fault while anything “good” is from the benefit of his inheritance from Labour.

    Cutting to mere facts for a moment, a lot of the increase in fuel bills (especially electric) is due to the “renewables obligation” under which the distribution companies are required to sell a certin proportion of electricity generated from renewable sources.  I’m not sure whether they are required to pay a premium, but this electricity costs more (several times in some cases) than electricity generated in a coal or gas fired station anyway, so that is pushing bills up (and no, you can’t choose only to buy the cheap, non green electricity). Obviously, this is not something teh BBC will be telling anyone anytime soon.

    Someone remind me please, for I am old and my memory may be failing, but which party was in power when this obligation was placed on electricity disribution companies?