Let’s be clear. The EU Common Fisheries is a disaster that has wrecked the UK fishing fleet, created and has condoned for decades the practice of “discards” (EU-speak for compelling fishermen to throw billions of edible dead fish back into the sea) and has facilitated the systematic pillaging of UK fish stocks by rapacious French and Spanish fishermen. But for the BBC, which has under-and mis-reported EU affairs ever since it played a decisive role in rigging the 1975 EEC referendum, the European Commission is now the hero of the hour. It’s going to get rid of discards and reform the fishing policy to prevent “over-fishing”. As usual in this farce of reporting, there’s nothing from those who have been hurt by EU’s dictatorial, fascist meddling. All that counts is the view of greenies who want to perpetuate the lie that it’s the fishermen who are to blame.

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4 Responses to HERO OF THE HOUR

  1. cjhartnett says:

    There was a good fisherman on “You and Yours” pouring scorn on the trite ignorant Beeboids and EU numpty in regard of this “policy shift”.

    He actually does it for a living9so what would he know Jasmine?) and he obviously hadn`t been media trained to grease up the EU or the slippery eel of a journalist who presumed all this to be “enlightened” and ” a good thing”. 
    So he was patronised, yet the truth came through-how big would these boats have to be then?…tumbleweed! When the EU says there`s “free money” for storage…explain !…dustbowl! etc

     Imagine the media nets will be getting finer mesh to keep out the hoi-polloi who have the nerve to actually know what they`re talking about…and some researcher will be feeding the goldfish in the DGs tank until the speed dial contacts are “revised and upgraded” in line with current EU/BBC “strategic developments”.
    At least I could UNDERSTAND Cap`n Birdseye-we`ve lost some real experts havent we?


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Funnily enough, the most recent episode of “The Truth About Wildlife” touched on exactly this.  The advocate host said that fisherman simply don’t know how the sea works, and that they could not be trusted to run sustainable programs.


  3. Grant says:

    If you are a Beeboid, the only question is “how will it affect the price of sushi in Hampstead restaurants ? “.
    Funny, that Beeboids love coal miners (if they are “working class” enemies of the evil Thatcher ),  but hate farmers and fishermen,if they are British , that is.
    How can Beeboids live with their twisted little minds ?


  4. john says:

    Fancy, British trawlers sailing around in their eco-unfriendly boats killing fish.
    Now if Nelson were alive he would not have acquiesced to the demands of the French and Spanish fleets within the blink of the eye.
    Take note BBC : Antithesis of your “Horrible Histories”.
    Fuck you BBC, We like Fish and Chips and certainly don’t care if it’s not on the menu for you in the fashionable and expensive French and Spanish eateries you frequent.
    But if it is, do a “Queen Mother” Beeboids.