Autonomous Mind explains brilliantly why the closure of the News of the World is a triumph for the BBC-Guardian axis. Meanwhile Roger Harrabin continues to pump out greenie untruths which are making us all seriously poorer and show the power of the liberal-left media class. As usual, he ignores the real facts – a quarter of Brits live in fuel poverty as energy bills rocket.

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5 Responses to HARD FACTS

  1. D B says:

    The quote AM pulls from his comments is worth repeating:

    ‘Phone hacking is a disgrace but these events must not end in the stifling supremacy of the liberal-left media.’ 


  2. Si says:

    Disgraceful news. Just like in Venezuela, the B-BBC are working to have the voices of opposition and freedom shut down, one by one.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    AM does have a point about how so much of this outside of the celebrity phone hackings is pure speculation, specifically the hacking of the military and victims’ families’ phones.  The police found that NoW had personal information but no evidence – yet – of how it was actually acquired.  Yet the BBC has let every single person state unchallenged – except for one wise Foreign Legion guy – that it was all hard fact.  Prescott especially should have been called out for stating that Murdoch has committed “crimes” for years.

    The BBC didn’t start this, but they sure are running with it without too much scrutiny.


  4. Autonomous Mind says:

    Thanks for the kind link Robin. 


  5. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Looking at the current latest comment on AM’s thread, there seems to be a view in some quarters that other views should not prevail and, preferably be allowed to exist.

    Luckily, as with those that blossom here when champions of ‘we know better’ feel threatened, the competence on display in argument is so irony-free they destroy their own case, in their own words, better than any counter could achieve.