Ah, the delight of that little watched late evening programme “Newsnight”. It’s a full on attack on the evil Murdoch Empire with intellectual heavyweights such as John Prescott weighing in. Also gushing praise for the rather odd Ed Miliband and smug smiles all round as the BBC congratulates itself for having such high ethical standards. The mask has dropped this past 24 hours and the BBC hatred on Murdoch shines through. Let me be clear – I have no time for the gutter press but then again I see the BBC as part of that!

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  1. wild says:

    A good example of their complete disconnect from reality. A story which is of no interest to anybody, and even less importance (unless you are hoping to make some money out of the newspapers or think a free press is dangerous concept and should be replaced by a centrally directed news and opinion provider – I can’t think which?) is reported as if it is the most important political event since the French Revolution.

    A good example of where they do not even see their own bias. It would be laughable except that you pay for it. The most you can extract from this topic is the issue of State employees selling information the State has gathered about you, but the obvious conclusion, the dangers of a State using its power to collect information about you is of course completely ignored. It is the free press that is the danger.

    Yeah Right.


    • dave s says:

      “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”.
      The words the state always falls back on when justifying the way it collects information on us all.
      It is a peculiarly British delusion that the state is somehow benign and that the press is not.
      The press is often far from benign. The state is never benign.
      It is the “coldest of all cold monsters” and although I may dislike Murdoch and his ilk I fear the state.
      It is the state that enables the faceless men who act in it’s name and throughout history have perpetrated acts of unspeakable savagery in it’s name.


      • Grant says:

        dave S,
        You are right. The enemy of the people in this totalitarian country is the State, not Murdoch.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    So Millie Dowler didn`t die in vain then!
    The BBC have managed to use her death as a proxy to get at Murdoch…no more, no less!
    All others who were hacked by Newscorps will be delighted should the BBC pile them up in a nice pile just so they can be used by the Beeb in ensuring that the BBC stay the only voice of truth allowed. Paid for by us as well!
    Uttelry despicable and shameless.
    They should be a bit more careful-I doubt that the BBC/Guardian/Channel4/Observer/Indie etc won`t get away with thier smug prurience for too long!
    When Prescott and Campbell are your moral arbiters…you`re on thin ice…and global warming won`t help them!
    To hear that Miliband had a good day as well-in their own dreams maybe, but the rest of us know that he`s…well…weird!
    Let`s hope that they all sit down and get round a table eh!


    • RCE says:

      The same Guardian that published wikileaks and Sarah Palin’s emails, the same Indie that paid Johann Hari to fabricate interviews, and the same BBC that is complicit in covering up muslim paedophile grooming gangs.

      Paragons of virtue all.


  3. hippiepooter says:

    hat has recently been revealed is utterly atrocious and merits the attention it is being given.

    It’s evident from aspects of the coverage that there is an agenda at play from certain quarters of the BBC, but the extent of the coverage itself, no problem.


    • RCE says:

      Define ‘extent’?


      • Grant says:

        Exactly. The extent of coverage is way out of proportion to the importance of the story and is purely a political stunt by the vermin at the BBC on the orders of that thick muppet Ed Miliband and the Labour Party.


        • wild says:

          “The extent of coverage is way out of proportion to the importance of the story” 

          It helps to ask the question “Who benefits?”

          You can be so naive at times Hippiepooter.


  4. Techno says:

    The timing is so obvious, just when the BSkyB decision is being made.  Anybody who thinks that this is about Milly Dowler is a fool.

    I don’t buy Murdoch’s papers, and I can cancel my Sky subscription at any time, but I am forced by law for life to pay for the BBC (except I no longer pay my TV Licence because I refuse to submit).


  5. RCE says:

    David – by far the most accurate and insightful commentary I have read on the whole subject.


  6. My Site (click to edit) says:

    When Prescott and Campbell are your moral arbiters’

    Interesting choice of champions, to be sure.

    But SKY seems to have joined in just as much, so hard to see any difference across the whole ratings-addicted sewer that is the MSM.

    Last night on Jeff Randall was The Graun’s Rusbridger mainly concerned with Cameron’s ‘position’. This morning… a peroxide sink for the Graun… concerned about Cameron’s position. Milly… not so much. 

    What happened to locating and punishing low life’s taking advnatge of a family’s grief? John? Alistair?

    Frankly it may be just as well if the NoTW goes down and takes NI & The Government with it. Cameron’s decision on his spinner does seem daft in the circumstances. But that this is of greater political heft than the various decisions taken by a cabinet including Prescott, Campbell & Miliband on wars and economy shows the state we are in.

    Then we get to enjoy a true ethical media monopoly in the form of the Mumsnet/Graun/BBC twittosphere, telling that statesmanlike champion of politics Miliband how they think the rest of the country be run. And he’ll run with it when tweetdeck and his advisers say so. Folk might then start pondering the difference between frying pans and fires.

    All based on projecting some scumbucket private company’s employees’ risible actions as high and as broad as can be managed, for reasons in other media that would also bear scrutiny if there was a hint if self-awareness or irony in the UK MSM.

    When the moral equivalence in the country has been run so long by the BBC mindset, using a minority twittosphere as a sounding board and source, with a politically motivated social engineering dogma at its core, you get what you deserve.

    The NoTW handed them on a plate what they believe they needed, and they are taking it. And if there is any question on motivations, they simply have to wheel out a relative to show they are shining knights, before getting back down to business.

    Just hope the county is the better for what walks out of the debris.

    The thought of a BBC even stronger and buoyed even more in its ‘what’s best for you’ zeal is not an attractive thought for free speech or democracy.

    But, like SKY, at least they have some justification now in not featuring any Murdoch press journos as guest talking heads. But then, they never did anyway. Maybe even a Mail employee might get a slot?… so long as they toe the line.


  7. JohnnyNorfolk says:

    You would havethought the BBC would have put this in perspective ( well no you would not) insted of just jumping on the tabloid band wagon. Their hate for Murdoch just shines through. How many police involved ?. What other papers involved ? ( Daily Mirror perhaps). How was the hacking carried out etc.etc.. None of this investigated .

    The BBC just follows its own agenda, not the news.


  8. George R says:

    Compare and contrast BBC-NUJ’s treatment of:


    1.) News International: where, according to the BBC-NUJ political slant,  nasty behaviour at NoW is symptomatic of nastiness in the ethos of the whole of News international.

    2.) Islam: where, according to the BBC-NUJ political slant, nasty behaviour (of a murderous kind, e.g. 7/7) is apparently not symptomatic of nastiness in the ethos of the whole of Islam.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      That ‘unique’ way of dealing with news does keep on manifesting itself.

      Next they’ll be saying all comments here can be ignored as soon as they can get a patsy (or errant regular) in to pop out an ‘ism to permit a flounce off.