Just watched Chris Patten on the Marr Show extolling the qualities of BBC output. Quite. So then I endure a few minutes of pouting Suzanne Reid’s “Sunday Morning” programme to discover that the panel of “expert” commentators includes Terry Christian and a former burglar. That’s the sort of quality that so distinguishes the BBC and which Chris Patten (David Cameron’s man) thinks is worth £3bn a year.

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  1. George R says:

    “BBC’s fears for Newsnight as viewers hit all-time low”

    Read more:


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      The current most liked is good value.

      Of course this can easily be dismissed by Dave, Dez, Daisy, Beaky, Mick & Titch as just being ‘in’ the Daily Mail (which seems to mean it cannot even be read to assess), but then even the Graun seems to have been noticing a few cracks in the artifice that no amount of Boadens or Cohens coming out of the woodwork to tell us their market rate talents are paying dividends can sustain the lie in the face of that odd thing so problematic to the BBC: reality.


  2. George R says:

    By the way, who’s in charge of the BBC-NUJ?

    We know it’s not the licencepayers, but is it Director General, THOMPSON, or ‘Trust’ (no thanks) PATTEN?

     Thompson is behaving like a man who has nothing to contribute, and who is on his way out.

     Patten is behaving like the EU-type bureaucratic placeman he is.


  3. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Quality, Beefy…quality.

     Until very recently, few of us could get political news direct from source. It had to be interpreted for us by a BBC man with a microphone or a newspaper’s political correspondent. Now, though, people can make their own minds up. ‘

    I just wonder when the BBC decided to insert that man, his mic… and interpretation of events. Who let them. And why.


  4. London Calling says:

    Thompson has seen what his “unnecessary” deputy got paid off

    £950,000 of your money truly pi$$ed  up the wall on one man who was not needed.

    Thompson is behaving like a man who wins if he stay and wins if he goes.

    Patten meanwhile has his finger on the (lack of) pulse:
    “Trust chairman Lord Pattten says the BBC will announce moves in the next few days to deal with executive pay and restore public trust in the corporation”

    Ah that would be the “restore trust” function in Windows 7 would it?


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Ah, Terry Christian!
    Classis Beeb fodder-a polished rough diamond don`t you know?
    The professional northerner/cockney type so beloved of Tristram dressed in the linen suit upstairs.
    Let these appointed champions of the workers tell Lords Patten/Birt etc just how better to patronise the oiks so it doesn`t grate or jar so much!
    If ever anyone stormed the citadels of the “establishment”, it would be Janet,Terry and the other weekend barbarians. In the Beginning was “The Word” eh…surely the BBC will be doing a tribute to its “culchurel revelence innit bruv?”


    • Terminal says:

      OK, Terry Christian may be a yoof oaf, but I just watched the programme and he had the balls to state his absolute opposition to Sharia law, not what I would have expected.


      • cjhartnett says:

        Thanks Terminal!
        I also think that he was sacked by BBC Radio Manchester and fought them successfully in court, so he may be a man after our own hearts.
        If he isn`t class warrior fodder for the Beebs “chippy northerner” diverstiy box, then I`m pleased.
        To still have his own mind after years of Beeb indoctrination means that St Bedes should be proud of him!


  6. hippiepooter says:

    I’ve got a free vpn thingy that allows me the joys of watching Andrew Marr .. Paper review, guy who runs the odeon (no idea about his politics) then Lady Helena Kennedy and the new editor of the Independent.  The BBC, dedicated to maintaining political imbalance.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Shariah is “a more consensual form of justice”?  FFS.   Nice question from Reid.  Too bad Christian isn’t articulate enough to make a good case against it.  The Shariah lawyer lady told a lie as well.  She said Muslims don’t want Shariah law to replace English law, they simply want a choice that accomodates both.  How this isn’t Shariah creeping into domestic law, I couldn’t say.

    Then the Heseltine convert says that she went through divorce proceedings in both a Shariah court and a regular English court, but then claims that Muslims want a choice that works best for them, and goes on to explain how Shariah court is superior because it costs less, is faster, etc.

    It’s a lie, allowed to go on unchallenged except by Christian, whose only defense seemed to be that a lot of people feel the way he does.  Nice, but not helpful.  The Muslim women on the show clearly wanted Shariah to replace English law in certain situations.  They want an “alternative”, a “choice”.  If they go through both paths, like the divorcée did, then who cares?  This wouldn’t even be an issue.  Curiously, the guy from the Shariah court claimed that he doesn’t allow anyone to pursue a case in his court unless they also do it in civil court first.  This contradicts most of what the two Muslim women said.  If that’s true, then there’s no reason for the lawyer or the other woman to even be there.

    But in the end, it’s two Muslims against one.  And since today’s debate was brought up under the aegis of what’s best for women, the two women said they want the option to use Shariah law instead of English law.  The BBC should probably stop trying to claim it’s not the case.


    • cjhartnett says:

      You`re right to point this out David.
      I`m pretty sure that the Koran sanctions deceit of the unbeliever if Allahs will(i.e as the Muslim sees it) benefits from the trickery.
      Therefore any sleight of hand is OK if Islam gets the advantage…therefore the useful dupes who don`t need any excuse to naively believe what the Muslim says don`t need a brain or any courage.
      Hence the reason why it is not countered…just bought off.
      No wonder Islam is scornful of the host churches, media and politicos…only Israel and its friends know its real intentions.
      No passeran eh?…and we`re not stringing that across a school picket line either!


  8. My Site (click to edit) says:

    An interesting analogy ponder vis a vis the public sector ‘reporting’ going down at the moment.

    As Aunty’s impartiality cred seems to be swirling the plug hole at the moment, and no amount of silly bells, whistles, smoke and mirrors is even offering the panacea on ratings, if they do tank, what happens?

    If it were a private company, it would tank, and they get to keep what they have squirreled away. End of stpry (bar banks & MPs).

    However, having been agents of their own demise, as one final unique funding twist, do we then get to keep the sorry bunch in the manner to which they have become accustomed? If necessary adding a few years to the retirement age as the old BBC pension fund their side of the tracks is not quite up to the task?

    If so, when the ‘too big to fail’ meme gets wheeled out, I’ll first laugh at the double standards, then reach for the AK.


  9. My Site (click to edit) says:

    My Site (click to edit) 
    As Aunty’s impartiality cred seems to be swirling the plug hole’  
    These will help…  
    Own. House. In. Order. First
    Today, 07:06:14 BST


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      There’s a lot of other stuff the BBC needs to stop their people from saying on Twitter.


  10. Henry says:

    This has already more or less been said here, but a commenter on Guido Fawkes* about yesterday’s Andrew Marr show:  

    “So the Leftist Marr this morning has as his guests a Leftist peer, another Leftist Scottish female peer (Kennedy) who is also a director of the Independent and finally, the new editor of the Leftist Independent whose former editor is the Leftist Marr.  

    Nice balanced news panel there then.”  


    *head over there for a possible story on Helena Kennedy and the Johann Hari business  


  11. George R says:


    BBC-NUJ has a self-apponted political position of supporter of the NHS; will the BBC-NUJ join with the ‘Daily Mail’ in highlighting this unacceptable abuse of the British NHS by, e.g. Nigerians?:

    Milking of the health service: NHS pays £200k bill for Nigerian health tourist’s five babies and provides free IVF for single mother, 39