The Today programme is now producing its own anti-government protest songs. It was only a matter of time, I suppose.

Business presenter Adam Shaw sat down with Robbie Williams’ songwriter Guy Chambers to come up with a tune about government pension proposals. Listen to the result here.


We make two big journeys in our story it’s often said,
One when we are married, one when we are dead.
I thought we were protected by a golden trust,
Now I’ve been abandoned, your words have turned to rust.
I’m betrayed
This bed we made
Went off the rails
We lie on nails
I’m betrayed
Our dreams they fade
We had a deal
And still you steal

Tomorrow, Sarah Montague and Bernie Taupin bring us their jaunty ditty Let’s Raise Taxes On Carbon Emissions.

Incidentally, is anybody else getting more than a little sick of BBC journalists doing these “look at me” reports which serve little purpose other than to raise their own profiles and create a bit of ego-soothing Twitter buzz?

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  1. ian says:

    Do it, do it to the BBC too.


  2. matthew rowe says:

    No DB I am well beyond sick now I’m into pure hate for the jumped up self obsessed weak minded defectives that populate the BBC news? lol ! views?? sorry view there is only one !! and disaster porn that we see every day it’s why you never see them on a street too many big windows! see they would die rather then leave their own reflection or a CCTV camera !


  3. George R says:

    And when the British government appears to express the concerns of unemployed British people about immigration, Beeboid Watson introduces the notion of government splits:

    “Firms ‘should choose unemployed Brits over foreigners'”



    • George R says:

      A ‘Telegraph’ report:
      “Migrants ‘take the jobs from young Britons'”



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      To be fair, the BBC was against any defiance of EU law and attempt to favor British workers even when Gordon Brown was saying “British jobs for British workers”.  There were plenty of reports and special features about how the British are awful and the lovely Eastern European “migrants” were better workers. The BBC went above and beyond the call of duty to educate the public in the benefits and necessity of uninhibited immigration. This and this come to mind.


      • cjhartnett says:

        In the spirit of EU harmonisation, I for one think that the EU should be given the BBC, so cheaper DJs and managers from Eastern Europe could provide a more diverse and more effective service.
        Consider it our gift to the ages…could only assure the Eurobond worriers too that we as a people are happy to sacrifice our very voice in the cause of European solidarity!


  4. Span Ows says:

    I don’t listen to much BBC but you get the feeling that it is getting a serious dumbing down – maybe in an attempt “to be liked”.


    • Grant says:

      Some Beeboid recently admitted the main aim of the BBC is to chase ratings. So everything has to be dumbed down.
      It makes sense. Keep the masses in ignorance. Keep them reliant on the State. Keep them voting Labour. Don’t give them the chance to go to good schools and Oxbridge like so many Beeboids.
      It is snobbishness and class hatred by the BBC. But,why should they care as long as they maintain their privileges ?


  5. My Site (click to edit) says:

    These sad pathetic wankers need to get a grip on reality.
    Where were they when Labour’s immigration policy started ruining the livelihoods of many in the private sector (often the very poorest), or turning entire neighbourhoods in to unrecognisable third-world slums thus displacing the indigenous population.

    There’s cuts, and then there’s wounds that will not heal!


  6. sue says:

    I  hate when presenters ‘have a go’. It’s de rigueur, but always a bad sight. Kate Humble, when she was on her adventures in the Arab World, was particularly cringeworthy.


    • Grant says:

      Yes, Kate “nice but dim” was quite happy to crawl to Arab Princes and assorted despots. She almost seemed flattered to be treated as an “honorary” man. As they might say “dozy bint”.


  7. My Site (click to edit) says:

    create a bit of ego-soothing Twitter buzz?’

    It is important to clarify that, despite citing BBC job titles and emails, etc in the bio, and mentioning on-air or RT’ing all the time, any views expressed are nothing to do with the BBC.


    As Helen ‘market rate’ Boaden’s opinion and wishes on this count for nothing, then one can see how all the staff see it as a constraint-free zone.

    No wonder just about every aspect of BBC Online is being configured around it.

    Mr. NaughtieMarr, you total Berkley, as one appreciates that no one from the BBC or its glee club would go near answering… might the UK public ask a view from the government on this?


  8. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Wot, no Mitch on harmonies?

    Or has he hit the big time?


  9. cjhartnett says:

    That picture says all we need to know!
    “This bed we made went off the rails” eh?
    Someone should get Billy Bragg to improve on it tonight…surely a Peoples Commission (Turd Class) would be in order at least!
    The BBC…nailed on lies…did Robbies bagman mean it that way round I wonder?
    Worst line in pop( you`re about as easy as a nuclear war!)is now  in danger of going the way of Mubharak!


  10. Roland Deschain says:

    I’ve got a song that would suit the Today programme.


  11. George R says:

    For edification of BBC-NUJ:

    – a different kind of broadcasting-


    ‘FOX NEWS’

    -the final episode, 30 June 2011

    (45 min video)


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Rhetorical question:  Where was this concern back when Mr. Brown raided private pensions?  If you asked them individually, you know the Beeboids would say they didn’t approve of that either, but where was the concern?


  13. cjhartnett says:

    These last few days I`ve spotted Keith Vaz, Liam Byrne and now Denis MacShane.
    Surely there`s some equivalent to the Tories Monday Club or such like for these bald,shameless, self satisfied snake oil pedlars of pap that these three belong too-all I need now is Stephen Pound and I`ve bagged the Four Oarsmen of the Acropolis.
    How the BBC dares ask these nomarks( and this in the poorest bunch of shit-shovellers ito ever get the keys to the barn) ANYTHING pertaining to immigration, jobs, the economy, crime or the EU is beyond me!
    Must have a plural…an “ooze” of MPs?