The squalid North Korean regime is one that most civilised people hold in contempt, although I note the BBC has never seemed very interested in anything actually being DONE about it, although that is another story. This morning, Today treated us to an item on the appalling conditions that prevail within the prison camps of this failed thugocracy, and very moving too. But how strange that the BBC does not highlight the fact that Nuclear-armed North Korea has just assumed the presidency of a key United Nations disarmament body — despite facing UN Security Council sanctions over its weapons programs. Naturally to associate the wise and all-knowing United Nations with facilitating the notorious North Korean regime might not look too good for the UN-worshipping BBC, so nothing is said. I suppose that is why the BBC also ignored the UN supporting Iran’s holding of an international “anti-terrorism” conference — which saw participants declaring that Western powers were the international terrorists.
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  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    A shocking omission.  I’m sure the excuse is that it wasn’t relevant to the story, but the BBC is usually very keen to provide “context”.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    The Beeb loves its stories about the little countries sticking it to Uncle Sam -the Man as it were!
    If Ken Livingston can find it in his heart to smile benignly on a regime (in that it gets up the nose of the USA), then that`ll be good enough for the BBC.
    Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and Cambodia suit just fine.
    North Korea of course is not a gas guzzling eco fascist like the USA…all that nuclear unpleasantness is in a different box, so no further enquiries please.
    To hear the Today show giving me Hugo Chavez` ulcer analysis today was typical…why did he go to Cuba for treatment if Caracas is as “progressive” as Ken and the BBC lefties seem to think then?