Hi folks! Just to let you know I am back from holidays, suitably refreshed and ready for battle (Oops, is that the wrong sort of language to use, oh well…)

Managed to completely avoid the BBC during the past week or so and that was a small but merciful relief. That said, I did watch Sky 24hr News which was almost as bad as the BBC. It carries the same smug left of centre analysis of that typifies the BBC – and was cloying about Michele Obama’s recent electioneering pilgrimage to meet Saint Nelson in South Africa. Lord knows what the BBC coverage was like but I found Sky presenters lost all objectivity on the issue, hailing her as some sort of modern icon and role-model.

Of course the BIG difference is that I have a choice when it comes to Sky. I can choose not to pay for it. Alas the Biased BBC offers me no such freedom, demanding that I pay for the bias it churns out with such monotonous regularity.

The point of this blog is not just exposing the hypocritical unprofessional bias that pervades the State Broadcaster – though that is in itself a very useful service. We also exist to help raise awareness that it is WRONG to have a State Broadcaster extort cash from us in order that it can propagandise in ways that many of believe to be utterly wrong. Bias is not the only problem, making us fund it is even worse.

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7 Responses to HELLO!

  1. My Site (click to edit) says:

    The point of this blog is not just exposing the hypocritical unprofessional bias that pervades the State Broadcaster – though that is in itself a very useful service.’

    Well, it’s a heck of good primary point because, as far as I can make out, the BBC has pretty much (one is sure the vultures are on hand so I’ll merely say ALL i have commented upon since last night) closed every one of its in theory interactive blogs to comments.

    Some have several outstanding posts under moderation still that are slowly being posted, but a very odd thing has happened in the last 15 hrs, and is still happening.

    Must just check if the detector vans have sprouted cannons are on each street corner.

    Because having a counter-hove view does not seem tolerated much.


  2. stevefb says:


    Take a gander at News 24 – they really are bigging-up the trouble on the streets in Greece. They’re almost salivating! I bet auntie is hoping for more of the same when our blessed public servants stage their day of inaction   


  3. Nick Darlington says:

    Hello David, Welcome back! As described ealier today in the current Open Thread I had to endure BBC World as the only English TV channel available on my recent holiday in Portugal. Awful, useless, and annoying with the usual agenda… a total waste of broadcasting power.


  4. matthew rowe says:

    Hi welcome back hope the memories last longer than the tan 😎 !!


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Welcome back, DV.  Hope you haven’t returned to a bunch of employees angling for a strike on Thursday.


  6. hippiepooter says:

    But David, if impartiality was restored to the BBC would its method of funding still be an issue at B-BBC, or would that issue be best debated elsewhere?

    When opposition to the license fee goes hand in hand with opposition to alleged bias, the BBC can easily deflect criticisms of bias by claiming its coming from people with an ideological axe to grind against the method of its funding.