First Cuckoo

Just like the first cuckoo of spring, the first cuckoo has been heard chirruping its approval of the latest flotilla.
Yes it’s our old friend Ken Loach, proponent of fighting fascism, supporter of those who fought in the Spanish Civil War and gallant opponent of Mosley’s blackshirts, flaunting his and others’ gullibility in supporting the ridiculous publicity-stunt flotilla, aimed at breaking Israel’s blockade on the importation of weapons for the Islamic extremists in Gaza to use against Israeli civilians.

Brace yourselves, because this will probably be the first of many sightings of this brainless creature.

He’s already famous for getting it spectacularly wrong, so the Today producers might have known that Mr. Loach was likely to squeeze in an advert for those ‘brave’ flotilla freedom fighters a nanosecond before the pips went.
Why did they let him?

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10 Responses to First Cuckoo

  1. George R says:

    Yes; BBC-Labour sees nothing politically objectionable in Loach’s remarks – it probably supports him in his Trotskyist version of 1930s Spain and in his concurring with Hamas version of current events in Middle East.


  2. sue says:

    I see the BBC’s Olivia O’Leary is a meddler in pro Palestinian advocacy, even when she’s supposed to be chairing a debate.


  3. Biodegradable says:

    There is NO humanitarian crisis in Gaza!


  4. sue says:

    It seems the Turks expect a report by the UN Secretary-General to contain harsh criticism of Turkey over last year’s flotilla,  and they have asked for it to be toned down as part of a package deal to end the crisis between the two countries.
    I forgot to link to this article  when I read it yesterday. If it is true, we can expect to read about it on the BBC soon, I’m sure.


  5. ltwf1964 says:

    the flotilla should be sunk before it een gets near Israel


  6. joseph sanderson says:

    it looks like the egomaniac Johann Hari has been caught red-handed as a bleedin’ cheat. He has been called out for stealing quotes from a book and pretending he had been told them face to face.

    guido fawkes has the full story on his site, hilarious that Hari the beloved anti-Israeli commentator that the BBC keep having on their programmes has been found out to be the liar that I have always thought him to be.

    I can’t wait for the Guardian / BBC to attempt to spin this one away!.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Already under way.

      To be fair, while nutters like Polly have jerked knees in tribal ways only they know how, some more professional Graun scribes have actually taken a view based on the facts and how things actually stand.

      Accepting the BBC takes it lead from the Graun, one can only hope they will err on the actual journalists as opposed to the green room tenants whose views suit the hive mindset.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Hope that Johann hands back his Orwell Prize. The bloke is a complete fake, and not worthy of the great mans mantle. 
      Still when Obama gets a Nobel Peace Prize, we are in strange times!


  7. noggin says:

    Another hatefilled jihad flotilla, i wonder if they ll singing their (sea) shanties
    about jew massacres this time……nice
    At least, we know, it will be pointless to try & speak fact & reason to them
    well…if that sample on the big questions the other week  🙂 is anywhere near representative, or should that be reprehensible 🙂
    surprised the beeb hasn t got a roving reporter on the lead ship
    kept warm with his hamas headscarf