Here’s John Lloyd, producer of BBC quiz show QI, at a recent sustainable energy awards ceremony. He begins with a couple of gags before giving his audience what it really wants to hear – some classic end-of-civilisation eco-bullshit hyperbole:

“Unless ideas like these get heard, by the twenty-second century there isn’t going to be any one here to hear about them. All these tsunamis and twisters we’re seeing, these volcanoes and floods and earthquakes, they’re not a kind of giant snooze alarm suggesting that it’s nearly time to get up and do something about it. They’re a fire alarm, and it’s not a test.”

So, mankind must adopt sustainable energy to prevent its annihilation due to tsunamis, twisters, volcanoes, floods and earthquakes.

OK, I know the eco-zealots have already made tenuous claim to tornadoes and floods for their cause, but is it the case that tsunamis, volcanoes and earthquakes have now been declared acceptable in the realm of mainstream climate change propaganda? Lloyd is after all the producer of a show based around the theme of obscure facts, so maybe he knows something the rest of us don’t.

Perhaps we really do have to turn off our kettles to prevent tsunamis.

Or perhaps Mr Lloyd has spent far too long interacting with smug like-minded luvvies in the media bubble (eg Richard Curtis) to realise when he’s talking crap.

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  1. John Horne Tooke says:

    The only people who go along with this utter claptrap are the Dezes of this world, and sadly there are a lot of these half educated loons running the BBC. Do they really believe what they are saying?  Just refelect on your idiotic words Lloyd, can climate cause earthquakes and volcanoes? Follow the links here for a primary school lesson on these subjects.


    And here is one on Tsunamis



    • stevefb says:

      “half-educated loons running the BBC”

      One of the biggest problems BBC output faces is that even their so-called science output is completely dominated by arts grads.

      BBC production teams are largely clueless when it comes to scientific topics. Sadly, their ignorance is matched only by their arrogance. 


  2. Lloyd says:

    wow, I just watched the Richard Curtis video and I really don’t know what to say. Eco-facism is plumbing new depths. I think even Black and Harrabin will give that video a wide berth.


  3. David Mosque says:

    The trouble is the more they talk this utter twaddle the more the unthinking accept it as fact.

    To think that people this stupid are put in charge of things…oh yes, sorry I forgot that Labour were in government for 13 years. 


  4. Natsman says:

    Loonies, the lot of ’em.  They take themselves so seriously, but anyone with half a brain can instantly surmise that these people have their heads well and truly stuffed up their own arses (and in some cases, the arses of other people, too, but not necessarily their heads…).


  5. Scoobywho says:

    I’d love to be a researcher on QI, you could tell that clown anything and he’d believe it.


  6. Phil says:

    Does Mr Lloyd live a frugal life in order to cut down his CO2 footprint – no car, holidays in the UK, tiny eco-friendly house on a central brownfield site, jumpers on instead of heating on?

    Or does he live a comfortable, high energy consumption life as many on his wage level do?

    I’ve no idea, but if forced to have a bet on it I know which I’d choose.


  7. London Calling says:

    John Hardress Wilfred Lloyd CBE, public school educated followed by Trinity College Cambridge, that privileged doorway to the BBC. His track record in comedy is outstanding. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of his understanding of the weather.

    Infected with the standard Beeb line on AGW, he repeats it as a rather poor punchline. “Its a fire alarm, not a test”. Nice literary allusion, but complete bolloxs. 


  8. Smig Says says:

    The easiest and most enjoyable way to reduce energy consumption is turn off the TV and never listen to the propaganda of the BBC ever again.


  9. Paddy says:



    Come again,

    How can this tosser believe in any way that Earthquakes and Volcanoes are the result of global warming. You may as well blame them on the decadence of the west and page three.

    How can this IDIOT fill a responsible position with the BEEB?

    What a complete cock.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I hope David Gregory doesn’t find out about this.  Lloyd’s warnings will have to be summarily dismissed no matter how correct they otherwise may be, because of these crackpot theories about earthquakes.


      • John Horne Tooke says:

        Gregory could not defend this idiot, so don’t hold your breath for a rare guest appearence from the blinkered one. He only appears if he thinks he can defend his comrades at the BBC.


  10. Barry says:

    I don’t like verbal abuse but ………………….. silly lying bugger!  
    No other way to describe it.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This is exactly the message of Richard Black’s latest, which was pointed out on another thread.  Narrative?  What Narrative?


  12. mark says:

    What utter tosh – more people are killed by faulty kerosene lamps than malaria!!???!
    Neither number is accurately counted – so one estimated number might be higher than another estimated number – so don’t leave your TV on standby or a volcano will explode.