The underlying bias of the BBC comes across in some small ways as well as more obvious ways! I was listening to an interview concerning a new book on the interrogation of Rudolf Hess at 7.42am. John Humphyrs was conducting it and all seemed quite reasonable until suddenly, as from nowhere, Humphyrs makes a snide comment about waterboarding and then answers himself by pointing out that “some” use waterboarding as an interrogation tool. His voice was dripping in disgust – the most curious thing of all being that he seemed to talking to a voice in his own head. It’s located at 2.30m in – really odd. I suppose the BushHitler meme runs deep.

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5 Responses to DEAR JOHN..

  1. cjhartnett says:

    Saturday morning-wind down for the weekend, and so we get tripe like this.
    Humph knows-knew -nothing. Clive a prisoner of the culture(Spandau-as in Ballet?…luvaduck!) and the Jock( hope Salmond gets to hear of Clives pop at his tribe of convenience) meander over nothing much. 
    He`s got a book to see-so a result of sorts. That he sees Hess as a successful product of enlightened psyops unlike our Yankee hotheads of today was all we needed to know form the BBC.
    That the dotty, deluded Hess actually dropped in of his own volition for cranachan and a salty porridge seems not to have been any kind of factor in all their minds.
    Clive at least was there-the resy was “the good nazi” tells all by Scottish liberal penal reform.
    Any news on Magrahbi then?…nah, thought not!
    Bet he thinks that he was safer when he was back up in Scotland-nice long nights too at the moment!
    Is that Gaelic DAB channel going to kick Radio 4 off its wavelength down here too I wonder?-hope so!


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Agreed, DV.  It was a cheap opinion shot.  “We might use today”?  Please.


  3. Grant says:

    Only the BBC could make that connection. Unbelievable !


    • NotaSheep says:

      Entirely believable, the BBC really see no differnce between Hitler, Thatcher & Bush – all are evil.


  4. Gerald says:

    Others may have noticed the sloppy preparation for this item. Humphrys thought that the Scottish officer had guarded Hess at his country residence during the war. Hence the surprise in his voice when he realised that the officer only knew about Hess in Spandau!