Wow – this BBC report on the alleged “crisis” in University funding has all the greats lined up to take a pop at the Coalition. Margaret Hodge leads the charge, ably supported by Student Grant aka Aaron Porter, alongside Sally Hunt (No, that’s not rhyming slang) from the Comrades in UCU Lecturers union, and were that enough good old  Nicola Dandridge, another favoured BBC talking head. Naturally there is no one called on to support the Government or indeed to take issue with the guff spouted by all these oh so predictable leftists.

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  1. Demon1001 says:

    Sally Hunt – a lefty.   Hmmm wonder whether they’ll repeat the Jeremy Hunt joke by Naughtie and Marr, compounded by Toastpig the other day……

    No, thought not.


    • gud says:

      No probably not,… but is she the Sally that puts ‘iMac’ into Hunt?


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Your mention of Dandridge(whoever she is!) brings to mind some old leftie who was worried about there being no Plan B on News 24 Sunday evening.
    Stone me-only last night she had changed her jacket,but still sadly that they`d be needing that plan B…what would the IMF know?

    Maybe the BBC has filing cabinets to store its inhouse lefties for 24 hours with some colourblind bat serving out free jackets for these ex-Government hacks of choice for the BBC?

    Think tank=drug tank as far as I can see!


  3. John Horne Tooke says:

    No critism of the IMF here. I wonder why?


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Ah Sally Hunt!
    She`s just been in to have a gossip with Jenni Murray on Womans Hour-Just saw her go in, you know-no job then-no lectures to give-honestly,she`s no better than she ought to be!
    Any way…Sally wins the ” Who`d have thought it?” award, as she did her Janet Webb impression. Bursts into the studio to claim credit for some woman professor taking her Uni to an Employment Tribunal-and winning.

    The lady did it by herself-but Sally comes along with her party balloons and a shovel to somehow claim that this is problem-paying women professors less than the blokes. Yet where was-IS her union then? Plainly sitting in BBC studios dusting the stables!

    It`s as if Harriet Harman and all those gender Awareness bitchfests that Womans Hour crave are only nightmares after all.

    Still hats off to Jenni and Sally(no lectures to give today Sally?)-for telling us of the problem that this lady has just unearthed…Research Grant or a Panorama special at the very least!

    In the meantime, the BBC will continue to let Universities say what they like about their “-isms…so not fair” etc…but not bring up the unpleasantness of the fact that Harmans chosen instruments of equality engineering are rife with the sexism gene-so who will be listening!
    Hypocrisy on stilts-the Media-Uni furball that is where Beeb meets Uni. Steve jones ought to look at if the sexism and hypocrisy genes are due to the in-breeding in the pink swamp!