Watching the BBC report on the bad and evil Israelis “opening fire” on harmless liberty loving and  defenceless “Pro-Palestinian” demonstrators in Syria i.e Boy Bashar’s unofficial attention diverting stormtroopers. This is a nice little hit and run job on Israel and Syrian State TV is such a reliable soure.

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32 Responses to ISRAEL – IN THE DOCK AGAIN

  1. PeterB says:

    I had the misfortune to watch this with my parents. Both in their seventies and staunchly conservative it is amazing to see how much the BBC viewpoint has coloured their opinions. They are scarcely aware that any other viewpont could exist. They grew up believing that if they said it on the BBC it must be so. That authority that the BBC has with many is it’s real danger.


  2. familyjaffa says:

    makes the following point:-
    “Need I note that there are squads of reporters at that spot, on both sides, and none have yet corroborated a single death?”


  3. Grant says:

    The Syrians have quite a reputation for shooting their own people so…….


  4. TooTrue says:

    Nearly fell off my chair again while listening to the World Service. At first I thought the reporting was the same old same old, for example:

    Some people are said to have crossed the frontier into Israeli-occupied territory.

    (Well, I suppose it could have been worse. They could have said “Israeli-occupied Syria.”)

    And of course the linked article has the same old biased reporting they had on the last clash on the border:

    Israel seized the Golan Heights from Syria in the closing stages of the 1967 war….


    …when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians lost their homes amid the fighting after the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

    But it’s interesting to note that they link to Fox News, amazingly, at the bottom of that article, though I guess that could be a kind of cover. 

    But I digress. What really had me gaping at the radio was this:

    During the Six-Day War israel gained defensible borders especially the Golan Heights, which had been used by Syria to shell Israeli villages.

    I believe that’s the first time I have ever heard anything like that on the BBC.

    Then the same Connolly who was distorting ’48 and ’67 history on the News Website to favour the Arabs gave a fairly reasonable assessment of Israeli concerns and why the border is so vital to Israel.

    Truly extraordinary. There simply has to be someone kicking butt at the BBC re the reporting on the Israeli-Arab conflict.


    • deegee says:

      Is this the piece you mean? 

      Golan: Israel troops fire on pro-Palestinian protesters The defencible borders reference seems to have disappeared.

      There are still a few ‘BBC’ bits. For example, 
      Israel seized the Golan Heights from Syria in the closing stages of the 1967 war The whole war only lasted six days so closing stages is a bit superfluous.

      I don’t expect the BBC will be reporting (even as a Syrian sources say) that Syria was paying them to be there and offering $10,000 compensation, a huge sum by Syrian standards, should someone die. RPS STATEMENT CONCERNING THE ASSAD STOMPERS OF THE GOLAN HEIGHTS If the RPS story is correct than they are really ‘Pro-Palestinian’ not Palestinian. They are Syrian.


      • Grant says:

        Notice the use of the word “seized”.  Unusual ?


      • TooTrue says:

        Deegee, no I don’t recognise that. The piece I heard yesterday was probably on Newshour or similar on the World Service, between 11:05 and 11:15 GMT. I’ll scout for it. 


        • TooTrue says:

          Damn, haven’t been able to find it. In the likely event that it will be swallowed up by the Corporation, never to be found again, and to reiterate, this is more or less what I heard, in bold so at least there will be a prominent record of it on this esteemed site:

          During the Six-Day War israel gained defensible borders especially the Golan Heights, which had been used by Syria to shell Israeli villages. 


    • Grant says:

      I caught a quick snippet of Connolly on BBC 1 News today and almost fell off my perch. He was surprisingly even-handed. It can’t last , surely  ?


  5. Cassandra King says:

    NO confirmed deaths, not one. Would anyone in their right mind trust the word of those mass murdering bastard Syrians? The Syrian regime have murdered hundreds, maybe thousands of their own people, those are confirmed deaths. Confirmed mass internment and you just know that Syrian jailers are not going to hold off on the torture.

    The Syrian regime desperately needs the spotlight taking off their own domestic situation, to create an external threat to take the heat out of the pro democracy fight within, this is as PLAIN AS DAY.

    The BBC sees none of this, the BBC sees this the way that Syrian psycho central wishes them to see it, brave fearless unarmed refugees only wanting to live in Israel, Im surprised a few polar bears were not murdered by the IDF just to crown the event.

    A Sryian regime in trouble, A REGIME SANCTIONED invasion and direct provocation of Israel, the BBC explaining nothing about a frontier usually heavily guarded cleared of guards just for this event. The BBC sees nothing amiss. This golden chance to demonize Israel is just too good to miss. And you can bet the farm that the BBC knew well before the event what was going down, too many Johnny on the spot reporters there too soon and reporting prefabricated lines.

    Here is the narrative at work, its heartbreaking and sad to witness how low the BBC has sunk, its Jew baiting time and the mass murdering Syian regime is let off the hook, not only let off the hook but actively assisted. The BBC? Assisting in the direct provocation on a border in a sensitive war zone.


    • Grant says:

      And the BBC pretend it is just some kind of co-incidence. The BBC is a total disgrace.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    The problem with rolling news is this meandering rent -a- soundbite culture it brings with it.

    Just before 8p.m I heard the long suffering Mark Regev trying -yet again- to explain to the latest Beeb blowhard why it was that the Israelis acted as they did.

    He could not have been clearer-and,boy,must he be used to the BBCs range of news knitters by now-but the poor poppet was not listening to a word he was saying.

    His points included that why do we take the Syrians word that a twelve year old was killed?
    And why was all this  being showm live on Syrian TV when they sure as hell don`t show the demos against Assad?

    That the BBC wern`t getting live feeds on demos-nor any explanation about  why a 12 year old  would be placed on razor war duty and trying to get into Israel of all places-would have merited a comment from anyone who really wanted to know what happened. 
    The woman didn`t want to know-wasn`t listening to any of it!

    The Arab spokesman that followed was of course able to talk unchallenged with all the cow eyes and tea tree tissues needed to play his role ofthe hurt and injured victim…as opposed to  that hard hearted non-emoting pool of truth with the suit on previously.

    The BBC can go and fish-Al Jazeera gives me more truth at times like these.


    • Grant says:

      Wasn’t it the Syrians who recently tortured and murdered a young Syrian boy, Hamza al-Khatib ?  So I guess that makes them  the  experts on this subject.


  7. Charlie says:

    I’m glad I watched Sky News take on the border incidents.
     “Syria organises  border incursions to take pressure off internal unrest”.

     Its always better if an Israeli murders a Muslim than another Muslim, from the BBC’s point of view.

     Trouble is Israel is going to have to step up its rate of attrition rate to keep up with Muslims killing Muslims.

     Killing 20 is not going to do it.


  8. Ian says:

    If the BBC campaign to exterminate the Jews ever succeeds, who will they turn on next? The Slavs or the gypsies? 


    • John Anderson says:

      The BBC mostly failed to report the horrific murders properly.  They certainly will not report the sick and evil comments of one of the accused murderers.


  9. RGH says:

    That this is a deliberate act of state-sponsored provocation by Syria is clear. Full reports on Syrian TV and the BBC relying on casualty figures from the Syrian Govt. controlled media which itself is studiously avoiding reporting its own interactions with its own citizens.

    That the border is a military border and that incidents should be avoided and hot-head Arab nationalists be discouraged from such acts is not given even a passing mention.

    That a border is subject to strong regulations and that penalties are incurred by those ignoring the regulations, I cite Denmark as an example. (Most succinct I could find).

    “Under Section 38(3) of the Aliens Act, entry into and departure
    from a country which has not acceded to the Schengen
    Agreement may generally occur only at approved border crossing
    points during their opening hours.
    Under Section 59(1), point 1, an alien who enters without
    passing through passport control or outside the opening hours
    of a border crossing point is liable to a fine or imprisonment of
    up to six months.”

    Denmark is not surrounded by states that deny its very existence and sponsor acts of terrorism on its citizens.


  10. Andrew says:

    Don’t suppose the BBC will be interested in this press release as it doesn’t fit the narrative:


  11. John Anderson says:

    A worrying report of a survey of US mosques. 

    When is the BBC,  with all its resources,  going to do this kind of survey ?   Are they waiting for another 7/7 ?


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Somewhere, a Beeboid’s head just exploded.  From the (not controlled by Jews or nasty old Uncle Rupert) Dubai-based Gulf News:

    Outdoing Israel in brutality

    The Arab media has, for over half a century or so, strongly condemned Zionist crimes against the Palestinians and other Arab peoples. It has in actual fact provided a hell of a lot of satire on Zionist brutality, which is fair enough. But is the Arab media still able to satirise Israeli barbarism with the same vigour after it has witnessed what Arab dictators have done to their own people? Isn’t it a bit silly to bombard the Israelis with criticism and keep quiet about savagery against unarmed demonstrators?

    An Israeli journalist remarked cynically about two decades ago that the Arab media can easily see a dust particle in the eyes of Israel, and can hardly see a log in the eyes of Arab regimes. In other words, the journalist wanted to expose Arab media hypocrisy, where it ignores the massacres committed by some Arab rulers.

    Funnily enough, comparing the number of Arab people killed during the wars between Israel and Arab countries with the number of Arabs killed locally, one will notice that Arab dictatorships have killed more people.

    I wonder what the aforementioned Israeli journalist would say after seeing what some Arab despots are doing to protesters. I am sure he might put pressure on the Israeli authorities to be harsher with the Palestinian and Lebanese in the future. Sadly enough, some Arab armies and security services have proved to be much more brutal than the Israeli army.

    Jeremy Bowen will be livid if he ever hears of this. Kevin Connolly will probably just scratch his head in confusion.


  13. Cassandra King says:

    Who is to say that the Syrian regime is not counting the butchered victims of the pro democracy struggle as killed by the IDF?

    If the criminal Syrian regime can clear a border zone and invite the MSM to cover a planned border incursion, is it at all possible that this gangster regime could collect the bodies of pro democracy activists and sell them off as IDF victims?

    Here is where the BBC is shown in its true colours isnt it? We know for a fact that the Syrians are still murdering thier own people and we know the Syrians need a distraction from their own mass murder so what better way to hide some of its own murdered people by passing them off as killed by the IDF?

    BBC filth directly supporting and assisting a mass murdering torture loving, civilian killing psycho regime and taking an active part in the provocation at a war zone disputed border zone. The BBC has in fact strayed from mere bias ino criminality, assisting and helping a criminal regime whose leaders should be appearing before the international criminal court charged with crimes against humanity.

    The BBC is passng off as fact information from a proven criminal regime, proven liars and proven killers, I am surprised that the Syrian regime didnt dig up those bodies from the mass graves it has recently filled and pass them off as victims of the IDF, the BBC would eagerly and gladly report it as the truth.


    • Cassandra King says:


      The BBC website is still reporting the Syrian regimes claims about the number of dead, no independent confirmation, no cautionary disclaimers by the BBC, nothing to suggest that Syria media is tightly controlled by the Assad regime and has a solid reputation for lying.

      A mass murdering regime claims deaths that nobody can verify and the BBC reports it as fact TWENTY KILLED BY THE IDF?????
      Common sense tells us that any claim by Syria that cannot be independently checked is a pack of lies.

      So the IDF checks the number of stretchers brought forward and used, the site is well covered with cameras, the IDF spotters can clearly see how many walking wounded there are and it aint 300 thats for Bobby Moore.

      Now 300 suffering from the effects of tear gas are not by any definition wounded are they? Inhaling tear gas is a short period of discomfort and here is where the BBC are caught out folks. Passing off a highly dubious claim of 300 wounded as fact and not explaining that those ‘wounded’ were merely suffering from tear gas exposure. See how the BBC works? They want us to believe the 300 were shot, they dont say it but that is what their reporting points to and alludes to. They desperately want us to believe that those 300 were shot by the IDF, but why?

      Surely even the beeboids must know that a analysis of the tapes will provide a very accurate record of the number of stretchers used and the number of actual wounded passed back to Syrian lines. And here again we see the true BBC in action, it doesnt matter what the eventual proven truth is at all! All that matters to the propagandists at the BBC is to get the smears and libels in fast and early and then they CLOSE THE STORY DOWN.

      Its a brilliant plan and purest propaganda genius isnt it? The only thing that is remembered by the viewer/listener is the original claims of tweny killed and three hundred wounded, that is all the BBC require of the story. When the actual truth emerges the BBC will either bury the truth away somewhere or ignore it completely. This is the BBC, it is the highly planned long term delegitamization of a nation, it is the poisonous smearing of an entire race. Remember that the truth is not important in propaganda, it is the first impression that matters. Get the smear in early and fast and move on to the next smear.

      I suspect the truth s that around a dozen were wounded and none killed, each IDF sniper is issued with amazingly accurate weapons complete with sights that can guarantee accuracy to 500 metres. Wiat for the IDF intelligence people to analyze the footage and the truth will soon emerge.


  14. La Cumparsita says:

    ” The IDF rejected the reports of 23 deaths as “exaggerated,” Army Radio reported on Monday.

    The Army said that at least eight protesters who died in Naksa Day border clashes were killed by land mines that exploded on the Syrian side of the border, after the rioters threw gasoline bombs, which exploded in a field, starting a fire that then set off the mines

    more on the payments:
    “The Syrian opposition group claimed that each farmer was promised $1,000 for showing up at the rally and $10,000 to their families if they are killed by IDF fire.
    The Syrian opposition group claimed that each farmer was promised $1,000 for showing up at the rally and $10,000 to their families if they are killed by IDF fire.”,7340,L-4078698,00.html


  15. Dave says:

    Jane Hill interviewing a female representative of the Israeli forces (11.15am BBC News 24) was shown short shrift by the Israeli report that it was actually 10 people that died and that they did so as a result of their own stupidity by throwing molotov cocktails into a landmine area….. Ms Hill had no reply and cut short the interview.


  16. George R says:

    INBBC doesn’t expose it:

    “The Audacity Of Hate”