A man waves goodbye to a passenger on a bus heading into Egypt at the Rafah crossing (28 May 2011)
The BBC seem pretty euphoric about the decision by the Egyptian military to open the Rafah crossing into Gaza. Naturally this is presented as the most benign and enlightened decision one could imagine. Israeli concerns are mentioned but presented as more begrudgery, in true BBC fashion. The fact that Hamas can now get much needed armaments more easily is dismissed as a mere detail as we are all asked to join in BBC praise for the alleged Arab Spring. I heard James Naughtie on Today this morning waxing lyrical about the new Egypt. No mentions of the gang rape of Lara Logan in Freedom Square, no mention of the emerging Nazi Party, no mention of the looming triumph of the Muslim Brotherhood. A secular-ish Egypt is morphing into a new Iran and the BBC can see nothing wrong in that – after all – if you hate Israel you can’t be all that bad, right?

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  1. cjhartnett says:

    Was Naughtie billing us for his watersports in Sharm-al-Sheikh or what?

    I saw absolutely no reason for him to be out there long after the Tahrir Square stuff…when he was hiding behind Orla Geurins burka as the old trusties at Toady are apt to do when it gets dirty and dangerous…ask Ms Logan!

    Royal Opera or D`Oyly Carte not out there on tour are they?

    Don`t worry about the air miles Jim…I`ve already planted a fragrant lavender bush by way of redress for you in the Jardin Petra Bleu!

    Presumably Naughtie will be checking Humphs olives on the way home, so the Greek Euro crisis/bush fires/Nana Maskouri manicure fears can be suitably timed for the old fool to investigate-on behalf of the nation of course…who better?

    Still it`s better than when Jim presumed to phone the Japanese Ambassador in London to enquire about the tsunami…whilst he himself was in a Tokyo Sofitel.

    It`s their BBC( and don`t they know it)-but only for now, In`shallah!


  2. NotaSheep says:

    ‘A secular-ish Egypt is morphing into a new Iran and the BBC can see nothing wrong in that’ – you are too kind to the BBC, they seem to actually support it.


  3. paul potter says:

    Arab Spring becomes Islamic Winter give it 18 months thats how long it took in Iran


  4. John Anderson says:

    Has the BBC ever stated the clear risk of “one man, one vote, one time” ? in some of the countries in this Arab Spring ?    Springtime for Hitler-style Islamism,  lots of it,  in my book.


  5. pounce_uk says:

    I see the bBC continues with its somewhat onesided mission with yet another narrative on the poor Palestinians who having wished for a war in which to wipe out the Jews in 1948 found themselves backing the wrong side and thus unable to return to the lands they were promised by the invading Arab armies once the Jews had been pushed into the Sea.  Wax lyrical over property that used to belong to them.


    In this instance the bBC brings out former  Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine  fighter Yakub Odeh (sorry did the bbC leave out that snippet that he has spent a long time banged up for terrorism) in which bemoan the fact that the nasty jews are going to build luxury housing on this beautiful village on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Strangely enough while the bBC uses terms of endearment such as ‘Stolen, Racist and European settlers’ what they fail to mention is that:

    The plans in which to build a hiking lodge have been frozen by Jewish judges (sorry did the bBC leave that out as well)

    Not only that but if you have the time have a butchers on google to see just where the village is situated. Now correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t West Jerusalem going to be Jewish? Which includes the land corridor to it. Don’t get me wrong, I fully accept that the Jews should purchase this land from the remaining 37 living residents of this village and put paid to this. Which is what I presume what all this is about.

    However what I cannot understand is how the bBC which brings out on a daily basis yet more examples of the intolerance expressed by the Jews towards their peaceful neighbours. Appears reluctant in which to write up on the similar (if not more) numbers of Jews kicked out of Arab lands (not including the West bank and Gaza after 1948. For example when Jordan annexed the West Bank in 1948, Jews were forbidden from visiting their holy areas in Jerusalem, ie The Wailing wall, even with the UN demanding that Jews be allowed to visit the Jordanians refused. And when the IDF took Jerusalem in 1967 , they found that Islamic respect towards other faiths holy sites exemplified by how they had used the grave stones (I presume the Stone tops of Jewish graves) in which to construct Urinals.  

    All I see is an attempt by the bBC in which to reinvent the victim (the jews) as the criminal while reinventing the criminals (5 Islamic armies set on the mass genocide of Jews in the middle east) as the victims. 


    • Cassandra King says:

      I saw that report with an open mouth, so biased it out biased anything I have seen on the BBC. We saw some whinging ‘Palestinian’ asking “why cant I return to my home when any jew can come from around te world?” Easy one that, because his side lost an aggressive war that aimed to wipe out an entire people.

      Yet it was of course Israel that was accused of racism, no surprise there, the Jewish Mayor was cut short in her reply presumably because she may have mentioned those other refugees! These other refugees that were ethnically cleansed from Arab states byy the hundreds of thousands. No, the BBC does not want those refugees to be heard because it spoils the narrative, only room for one set of victims on that BBC pedestal, if the BBC were to admit there were more victims it would just confuse the audience, a little bit like their CAGW coverage.

      Remember folks, only one victim allowed, only one kind of refugee, only one side the aggressor, only one people to blame, only one side of the story.


    • deegee says:

      The BBC will not comment on refugees in other conflicts, such as the Sudenten Germans, none of whom have been allowed to reclaim property.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        To the twisted morality of the BBC, those people are no more legitimate refugees than are the tens of thousands of Jews forced out of Muslim countries in 1948.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This will hopefully start to prove just who is right about the cause and effect of Hamas’s reason for being and the rockets and other violence directed towards Israel: either the BBC is right, or those of us who live in the real world are.

    My money is not on any side of an argument which the BBC analysts tell me is correct.


  7. George R says:

    “Talk of the ‘Arab Spring’ just shows the West’s ignorance”(by Robin Shepherd)http://www.thecommentator.com/article/186/talk_of_the_arab_spring_just_shows_the_west_s_ignorance


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Except yesterday’s protest gathering in Tahrir Square – news of which the BBC is STILL censoring because reporting it might upset the Muslim Brotherhood, who have spoken out against the protest – was exactly the multi-faith scenario we’d like to see.

      Christians and Mohammedans took turns praying in the square, in public, with no violence.  Because neither the MB nor the army were involved.

      If freedom happens in Egypt and the BBC isn’t there to hear it, does it really exist?


  8. lucien says:

    in ‘Remains of the day’ Reeves makes a speech and calls the elite apologists for nazi germany misguided amateurs who should leave the politics to professionals.
    Today we have our share of those amateurs but i really would not class the BBC as rank amateurs but rather as perfidious albions who are well aware of the facts and for a variety of reasons refuse to report the truth. In fact any BBC journalists who would report the truth would be  dismissed- that’s as bad things have now become.
    I really think it is very similar to rank appeasement of the nazis in the thirties. later when the Jews were being anhillated they also decided not to report the horrors. 
    OF course they changed course when it suited them, during the Nuremberg trials because they had to make use of the Holocaust horrors to obtain the convictions of war criminals.


  9. cjhartnett says:

    Noted that the BBC was happy to interview the 66 year old bloke needing medical treatment after five years of being unable to travel.
    No wish to be cynical here-but rather suspect all manner of young men with Mladic Syndrome will now be telling the BBC something similar which of course will never be challenged by our patsys bearing witness to the Fatah/Hamas dream ticket in action
    Sentex ice packs-cutlasses for hangnails-that kind of thing!


  10. Buggy says:

    What an odd thing it is that this has been the main BBC headline all day since, if you only got your news from dear old Auntie, you’d have had no idea that it was ever closed in the first place.


  11. pounce_uk says:

    Ah the bBC has knocked up a photo shoot of those poor oppressed Palestinians leaving Gaza for the first time. Sorry do you think I made that up here is the actual screen dump of that photo message:
    So if I didn’t know better , or had been fed a diet of the Jews are Nazis, you would accept that stance that Palestinians have never left the Gaza Strip due primarily to the blockade from Israel.  With that in mind I wonder why the person who wrote that (and the person who Ok’d it) never bothered to check their back catalogue of news items in which to find out for themselves how in 2007 (after Hamas took power) The border fence between Gaza and Eygpt was pulled down. I mean in one of the many bBC reports on the situation they quote the UN as stating that over half of the entire Gazan population had crossed the border. Then there’s how every year (other than 2008) when thousands of Gazans are allowed to leave in which to visit Mecca for the Haj. How about that guy the Israeli kidnapped in the Ukraine or that Hamas guy killed in Dubai. In fact Hamas while bemoaning the so called blockade profits from taxing the tunnels used to smuggle things in and out of the strip. In other words they are happy for the so called blockade to continue. In otherwords or in realality Gazans can come and go as they please out of Gaza.

    Yet with all that evidenve in front of them the bBC feels justified in stating that for many Gazans this was the first time they had ever left the country. Which is strange as only around 400 people entered Egypt by legitimate means today.


  12. pounce_uk says:

    Then there’s picture of a poor little boy seeking medical aid in Egypt because according the bBC it is difficult for Gazans to receive medical Aid in Israel or in a somewhat oxymoron of a statement ..Eygpt. But hang on Israel has no problem treating Muslims from the West Bank and Gaza in fact Israel does it all the time, the thing is it can’t (unlike the UK) treat the worlds ill for free. But hang on what this I found from 2009:

    Following the decision of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah to stop all financial coverage for the medical treatments of Palestinian patients in Israeli hospitals,

    And yet Israeli people (including Israeli arabs) have to have health insurance to receive medical insurance.

     Why even the bBC admits that in 2007 Israel treated 7176 sick Gazans for free and lets not forget for all this largess, Hamas still tries to blow up the hospitals treating their own. And yet the bBC feels warranted in giving a somewhat polarised view that Israeli is evil for not allowing Gazans to be treated there.

    Lastly for all the moaning, crying and bitiching Gazans tend to do over any hurt child in which to try and send the message that they care. You’d think that one of the boys parents would ahve gone along for the ride. You know like the bBC depicts when the jews are bombing Israel and they visit the local hospital, Yet not one family member is in sight. Not saying the child isn’t ill. But there isn’t any family support in that picture you know like a very concerned mother, sister or even grand mother.


  13. La Cumparsita says:

    That clip from the bloke wanting to have kidney treatment in Egypt was repeated in every news bulletin I heard yesterday & they still had it on the midnight news on the world service. The BBC has never to my knowledge reported these statistics: in 2009, 4,883 tons of medical equipment and medicine were brought into the Strip. 10,544 patients and their companions left Gaza to receive treatment in Israeli hospitals. The medical corridor is maintained despite the fact that since 2005, Palestinians have used medical cooperation arrangements to carry out more than 20 terrorist attacks. http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/About+the+Ministry/Behind+the+Headlines/Flotilla_operation_Israel_policies_Gaza_23-Jan-2011.htm

    Here is a video of one of the patients treated: http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2011/01/gazans-choose-israeli-hospitals.html

    How about a report on the three-story, 3000 square meters shopping centre due to open next month in Gaza City. Some siege!  http://www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?id=221934



  14. cjhartnett says:

    That bloody 66 year old bloke(PBUH) was on every radio bulletin through until midnight. 
    Hopefully repetition of this bulletin makes it stick to us and we get the message…just in case the BBC are too subtle!
    In the case of the 4 Muslims who battered the R.E teacher going to work?…never got to hear of that-and even if they had announced it, then it would not have made a second reading…unlike our 66 year old !
    Hope he`ll not be staying at the Royal Free( Serving Sinai Solutions since 1997)


  15. George R says:

    ‘Islam Spring’: alternative to INBBC on Islam here (video):

    The Facts of Islam


  16. hippiepooter says:

    The next BBC BIAS OT thread logo needs to include a swastika design as well I think.  The Ribbentrop-Molotov spirit is alive and kicking and lives at the BBC.


  17. Daisy says:

    You won’t have heard too much about it on the Beeb because John Inman died four years ago, in 2007. His death was widely covered by the BBC then,despite the Muslims.


    • Scott says:

      Has cjhartnett deleted his post that Daisy was replying to?

      The one in which he claimed that the BBC were not covering John Inman’s death due to some form of Islamist appeasement?

      Typical. Rather than do the grown-up thing of admitting his mistakes, he does the Biased BBC thing of going into denial and trying to make others look stupid.

      You have to pity the poor man, really.


      • John Anderson says:

        How pathetic can you get,  Scott ?


        • Scott says:

          Poor cjhartnett. Not enough of a man to own up to his mistake, instead he tries to turn his own imbecilic behaviour into an attack on others.

          I daresay you’ll get support from others on Biased BBC, who similarly don’t like taking responsibility for their own inadequacies (just ask David Vance about the time he was so busy lambasting the BBC for broadcasting a joke he didn’t like that he failed to notice he was actually watching Channel 4).

          But until you learn to behave like an adult, I daresay Biased BBC’s little schoolboys will make you feel at home.


          • cjhartnett says:

            You still here Scotty boy?
            Sort of feel a case of victimhood coming on, and might need to come down to see Matron with you…all so stressful isn`t it being a dangleberry?

            Screens!…humour by-pass for the Captain here if you please! Oh-that`s one less on the waiting list then!

            Nice day Scott-am sorry for your pain and anguish-now get outside and do a bit of gardening before it gets too dark eh?

            Imbecilic eh?…after the earlier monosyllabic adjectives earlier, you`ve gone straight to a four there-a choice of odour eaters for YOUR slippers tonight if you can get to the nurses station asap!
            Let`s try for a five then!…deep breath now and…


        • My Site (click to edit) says:

          How pathetic can you get,  Scott ?’

          For duration and extent thus far… seems to be a life’s work. 

          If one ever needs a textbook case in picking the wrong cherries and stirring ’em with some sour grapes to concoct a truly unpalatable fruit salad, there is at least some car crash entertainment to be endured.

          Along with again highlighting the vast acres of meaty stuff that are studiously avoided by the few circling glee club vultures. As here, it results eventually in a ‘gotcha’ delusion to hunger-starved eyes, when desperation to comment seduces swooping in on such trivial fare in so dire a manner.

          Off now to check the BBC profuse apology pages, of which one is sure there are many. Or, in so many cases, actually should be.

          Unless ‘we think we got it about right’ is how it’s usually dealt with?


          • Scott says:

            To my knowledge, the BBC has never claimed that someone has failed to report a death (which actually happened over four years ago and was documented at the time) was a result of appeasing Islamists – then, on realising that such a claim would come across as the truly stupid act that it was, attempt to hide their idiocy by deleting the original.

            That’s the real reason cjhartnett is so upset – he thought that by deleting his original post he could get away with it. He was wrong, and so he’s assumed the default position – accuse all and sundry of being worse than he is. Safe in the knowledge that others will join in. Even idiots find safety in numbers, it seems.

            So forgive me if claims that I’m being pathetic ring a bit hollow, when they come from the mouths of Biased BBC commenters. Although rank hypocrisy is stock in trade around here, so it does at least fit your profile…


  18. cjhartnett says:

    Pity about the Kaiser eh Daisy!


  19. DP111 says:

    What happened to Lara Logan was not gang rape. It was more in the nature of “crowd” rape. 

    One of the characteristics of any society, except a primitive tribal society, is that generally, a woman is safe in a crowd. A crowd is made up of all sorts of people, and most of them are decent and civilised – particularly so of a crowd supposedly protesting for freedom and democracy. So if a woman is seriously molested, she can start screaming (which is what Lara Logan did). The natural instinct of men would then impel them to come to the aid of the woman. This is the situation in virtually all parts of the world.  Gang rape OTH, is conducted by a gang who share the same uncivilised values, and they conduct the gang rape away from a crowd, or else they would be beaten senseless. Gang rapists know that they are operating not just outside the law but outside the norm of the society they are in.

    In Egypt something else happened. Lara Logan was in a crowd, so she naturally assumed that she was safe. What she didnt realise is that Muslims have a different view of women and their place in society. Arab Muslims are also a tribe, and they share the same values as regards women.  A woman who is not of their tribe then automatically becomes prey to their aggression. Lara Logan’s screams in such a crowd, far from rescuing her, only led to the crowd getting even more excited. The rapists knew that unlike gang rapists elsewhere, the crowd shared their values. This behaviour is one of a primitive tribe when it comes into contract with an unprotected woman of another tribe. 


  20. Scott says:

    Oh, was your comment about the Kaiser supposed to have been an apology? How silly of me not to have regarded a ridiculous non-sequitur, which was not directly attached to Daisy’s comment, as the profuse apology which you should have given.

    And don’t try and blame your “sources” for your stupid error, when a quick Google would have shown you that you – sorry, I mean “they”, since you clearly don’t want to take responsibility for anything – were completely wrong.

    And I’m not offended by your crass stupidity. Amused by it, maybe.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Scott-I have learned much from the BBC.
      1. Never apologise-we are where we are and it surely is time to have closure and to move on from the traumatic event of 2007. 
      2. Blame others-my research team are employed for such times as these…I have made an example of the youngest one, have kissed the BBC badge on my linene suit here,and have awarded myself a full and honourable increase in my salary and pension.
      3. If you are still unsatisfied with my full and frank account of events-my sacrificing a flunky-and still feel an apology is needed…then there is of course a helpline for you to call at the end of this programme…where trained counsellors can help you come to my lofty plane of greatness-yet compassion for such as your good self!
      No Scott-it was MY pleasure!

      P.S -Not related to the great and fearless explorer( and discover of all things snowy) Captain Scott are you?….


    • John Anderson says:

      You really are pathetic, Scott.  A nitpicker.


  21. Scott says:

    Or how about we agree that you said something incredibly stupid, and deleted it in an attempt to hide your stupidity from others?

    Go on, for once in your life act like a grown up. Be a man. Take responsibility for your actions.


    • John Anderson says:

      Gordon Bennett – please Scott,  stop digging.   You always start out foolish,  and then deteriorate


      • Scott says:

        You lot do hate it when Biased BBC people are exposed for what they are, don’t you? Rather than acknowledge faults, you bring out the personal insults.

        You have my pity.


        • My Site (click to edit) says:

          On a day when the pages are full of clearly documented own words examples of the BBC machine deciding ‘it’ knows better, when drawing tribal  ‘lots’ I am always intrigued how those who do so decide, and feel they are more qualified in the role. 

          The BBC is riven with ‘stealth edits’ when it commits howlers, and almost never ‘fesses up. with delicious defensive claims from various more desperate grades of complaint weasel trying to describe totally changing an incorrect story or rampant tribal opinion unacknowledged in terms such as ‘it is common practice to evolve a story, which is shown by the change of timestamp’.

          In the spirit of the demands of the apology industry here is one that seems quite honest if interesting…


          Possibly some might feel that this should be front page and negates all the media in question was reporting around this issue, and especially that picked up and highlighted rather faithfully elsewhere?


  22. George R says:

    INBBC cannot distinguish between an Arab spring and an Islam bomerang.

    And, of course, INBBC loves that British people are being forced to donate even more of their money to Islamic countries via that bureaucrat for the UN (not PM for UK people), Cameron:




  23. George R says:

    What INBBC seems to consistently omit on Islamic Egypt’s persecution of Christians, e.g.:


    Raymond Ibrahim: Why Muslims are killing Christians and torching churches in Egypt


    Egypt: Coptic Christians jailed for ‘unlicensed church,’ weapons charges


  24. ltwf1964 says:

    if izlamofascist bumchum Scott doesn’t like biased-bbc’ers,why does he keep sticking his nose around the corner to get it cut off?

    is he some kind of blogosphere masochist?maybe just a real life masochist?

    do you get your kicks getting the bollocks ripped from you metaphorically and physically?

    take a tip Scotty boy…..your feeble efforts at countering the opinions on this site are as much a waste of time as they are you wanting a terrorist to hump the arse of you and love you at the same time

    because just as he’s on the vinegar stroke,he’ll reach for his ak47 and blow the head off you…….literally,not euphemistically you understand

    young,dumb and full of c*m

    that’s our pet imbecile,Scott


  25. Scott says:

    Ah, i see that in this new day, you’re still electing to adopt the role of “patronising moron” rather than “sensible adult”.

    Why do you have such a problem admitting you made a stupid mistake? You do realise that in acting like a childish schoolboy about this, the only people who will think more of you are the handful of people on Biased BBC who think that being a lying idiot is a badge of honour?


  26. ltwf1964 says:

    what i want to know is how he sees the screen to type with some bloke’s c*ck in his mouth? 😛