Is the BBC news operation now simply the formal mouthpiece of a number of environmental activists? The WWF – probably the world’s wealthiest group of eco-fascists, swimming in billions of dollars of cash – is bellyaching that strawberry growing in Spain is a scandal. Don’t get me wrong; I am all in favour of sensible preservation of wetlands, and illegal water extraction can be a a menace. But this is more than that, it’s fervent, idealistic hate-the-farmer grandstanding. Never mind the 50,000 souls who depend on soft fruit growing; WWF has decreed they are wicked and it’s trying to stop them making a living. In fact, strawberry growing, it seems, is a greenie hornet’s nest of soul-searching about carbon footprints; here, a pair of intrepid investigative reporters at the Guardian have calaculated to the nearest ounce the respective “carbon footprints” of strawberries from Spain or Scotland. Golly gosh, how wonderful it is that they have so much time to pursue such vital public-interest stories.

The BBC, of course, is up to its neck in this activism and backs it to the hilt. Back in 2007, it was faithfully reporting the WWF eco-fascist efforts in Spain and printed virtually line-for-line its call for a boycott on buying strawberries. Yesterday, it re-visited the story, presenting exactly the same facts, in the same strident, one-sided way. Clearly, the original propaganda burst did not do the trick – and those pesky, selfish farmers are still trying to make a living.

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  1. cjhartnett says:

    Let`s see them try and stop the strawberries finding their way into the Pimms or cream scones before Wimbledon or Glyndebourse!
    The Guardianistas and Beeb tweenies couldn`t bear the bad body language or withdrawals for invitations to the soirees, so will incite their squatting communities to torch a Tescos instead.

    Hope that Spains bullfighters agree that strawberries should not be herded and transported in such inhumane conditions.
    That ought to confuse the Media moochers here-long enough to get another season of sport at least!


  2. Natsman says:

    Let me take you down, ‘cos I’m going to
    Strawberry Fields.
    Nothing is real
    and nothing to get hung about…

    (Unless, of course, you’re a BBC-endorsed ecotwat)

    Strawberry Fields Forever!


  3. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Dear WWF,

    We don’t give a shit. All we want is cheap, tasty fruit.


    The general public.


  4. john says:

    The Day of the Strawberry.

    More interesting than the rights of a red fruit are the rights of a licence fee paying public who have subsidise a right red fruitcase (BBC).

    Carbon footprints ? –  Don’t make me laugh !
    The BBC will go anywhere, anytime and at great expense to peddle their left-wing greenie agenda.

    To justify this crusade, perhaps the BBC would enlighten the blackmailed public if it costs more/less for a Beeboid to travel from Spain or Scotland than it does a strawberry. – Let alone the whole crew in attendance covering this vital end of the world horror story. 


  5. cjhartnett says:

    On behalf of the Raspberry Awareness Forum, can I say that my members of the red fruit community feel excluded from the furore that is currently is raging up and down the land(well the BBCs perpetual salad bar anyway!)

    Strawberries would appear to be being targetted and singled out by the Murdoch press..or is it the Beeb?…
    Er-I`m a bit confused here…are we excluded or included here Roger…not to worry I`ll blab and busk it as per for the next item!

    BBC Science Team


  6. david hanson says:

    Of course, it simply had to be reported in the Guardian didn’t it?
    Is there anyone associated with that paper (columnist, reporter or reader) who isn’t a complete and utter bell-end?


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Is the BBC news operation now simply the formal mouthpiece of a number of environmental activists?

    Yes.  They think it’s their job.


  8. John Horne Tooke says:

    I wonder if the BBC are aware of the consequnces of trying to close down the strawberry industry in Spain? I expect not.,1518,482468,00.html


  9. John Horne Tooke says:


    “The global-warming potential arising from production of tomatoes and strawberries in Spain, poultry in Brazil and lamb in New Zealand remained less than from those foods produced in the UK despite the greenhouse gas emissions that took place during transport,” says the Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Food Commodities report.


    • Grant says:

      And strange that NZ lamb is cheaper than British lamb.
      I wonder why ?


  10. Grant says:

    I am delighted to learn that Beeboids only ever eat Scottish strawberries which I can report are delicious and available for 6 weeks every year.  😀


  11. Demon1001 says:

    Purely coincidentally I have just come home with some Spanish strawberries.  I’m looking forward to trying them.  (With some Spanish raspberries, blueberries and cherries).


  12. Cassandra King says:

    Red fruits complaining on behalf of water mellons about red fruits? Must be some kind of moral in the story somewhere.


  13. cjhartnett says:

    The BBC and the Guardian choose the weekends to provide proof that they are more a suicide pact than a marriage of convenience.
    I sense some sour ex Marxist high up their food chain who leaves these calling cards for the interns to polish for the weekend supplements and padding needed to set us all up for the weekend…and the more absurd-the more his fellow travellers raise their scented hankies in salute!
    Slop out Saturdays place Bergers and other unreconstituted Marxists where “lifestyle” meets “arts and culture” sections…who wants news when it`s all going so well?


  14. anon anon says:

    Just read the WWF’s fears about our water reserves. Might interest them to know that down here in Andalucia we’ve got more of the stuff than we know what to do with. For the second year running our reservoirs are at 98+% capacity. The flooding last winter was serious enough that for a time the government labelled the region a disaster area.
    If you still need water up in drought hit E.Anglia maybe we can send you some