Anyone catch “Any Questions” on the BBC this lunchtime? I listened to a few minutes of Saint Vince Cable playing to the loudly applauding audience by a/ Mocking Fox and Rupert Murdoch and b/ Pretending that “our” NHS must operate without those voracious reptiles from the Private Sector. Vince can rely on the BBC to at least try to keep his political career afloat.

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10 Responses to SAINT VINCE

  1. PDC says:

    And to make sure he won the debate he was cheered on by Julia Hartley-Brewer, a journalist who freely admitted her political affiliations on the show. So that’s half the panel supporting the LibDems.


  2. john in cheshire says:

    And was Mr Cable chewing a bee during this exchange? Because, to me, that’s what he seems to be doing, every time I have the misfortune to have to look at him. I suspect he’s as thick as a brick.


    • Derek Buxton says:

      Aren’t they all………if not there are a lot of bloody good actors out there!


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Poor,dear Vince!
    If ever you want to watch principles being shed like an old snake skin; Vince is your man! 
    That the Tories haven`t put him out of his misery and sent him to the Shirley Williams Twilight Home for the Bewildered/Befuddled is a crying shame.
    When the liberals had a backbone (of sorts) they dealt with poor dear Ming… and mercifully in hindsight.


  4. Buggy says:

    His political career might be ‘afloat’ but only in the same way a dead goldfish is…


  5. Grant says:

    It is beyond comprehension why Cameron hasn’t sacked this buffoon yet.


  6. Grant says:

    I gave up watching QT and Any Questions a long time ago as they had just become parodies.
    I assume that, although Vince “mocked” Fox and Murdoch, the BBC remained unscathed.
    There is a Youtube clip of Andrew Neil demolishing Vince before the last election, I think. I have no idea how it got through the BBC censors, but Brillo exposes Vince for the lying, sanctimonious, fraud which he is.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I’m putting this comment here because it’s on topic of the BBC and NHS and nasty Tory Cuts.  I just heard John Healey tell Andrew Marr that “part of my job” as the Shadow Health Secretary is to speak with doctors and nurses and others to “stiffen and strengthen their opposition” to Cameron’s plans.

    So it’s Labour’s job to convince people working in the health care industry that the NHS reforms will be bad, rather than listen to what those people say and act accordingly? Labour doesn’t care about representing the public, but rather about getting the public to represent them. Andrew Marr didn’t notice, because that’s what the BBC does as well.  At least he realized that Healey didn’t actually answer his question and tried again, but that was only to continue the “Labour is working hard in opposition” theme.


    • London Calling says:

      The NHS is a perpetual hostage during a shoot-out between two armed gangs. Neither of the gangsters in charge understand anything about how the NHS does and doesn’t work.

      The BMA has opposed every proposed change since 1948 (except those that doubled GPs salaries)

      Unison/Unite  continuous to pay Geoff Martin of “London Health Emergency” – to my knowledge for at least the last twenty years, if not longer. And every journalist quotes him as though he was a “concerned citizen” and not a paid union hack.

      Cameron is a complete and utter disaster. This is a man who confronted with the rise of Nazi Germany and invasion of Poland, in 1939, would announce a three month period of consultation about World War II.