Give this video by Rodney Atkinson some of your time. Whilst discussing the EU it also does mention the BBC’s censorship of Churchill between 37-39. It’s interesting to compare Rodney’s dissection of the EU with the BBC’s worship of the same wicked institution!

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3 Responses to BACK TO THE FUTURE

  1. Grant says:

    So many skeletons in the BBC cupboard !


  2. Richard says:

    The European Union is not based on Nazi plans … the structure of the EU was determined by Monnet and Salter by 1926, which bear no relation to the Nazi ideas, which were actually promulgated in 1940.

    Rodney has been beating this drum for decades – he was wrong when he started down this path and is still wrong now.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Not really Richard!
    True that Monnet,Spinelli, Schumann etc weren`t Nazis-but they were Communists(or as good as-half of these types don`t join as such…simply were fellow travellers or calculating “Infiltrators marching through the Institutions” as called to by Gramsci)

    The clue is in that word SOCIALIST-appears in  both the Communists and the Nazis Party titltes does it not?.
    The E.U is simpy a marriage of convenience-and indeed, less honest than Molotovs-Von Ribbentrops pact.
    The German Nazis wanted socialism and hypercapitalism-the Russians have got hypercapitalism and don`t need to defend socialisms “world view” because they themselves lived through its evil! The EU is just a rainbow Nazi Party ,not hideously white.

    Think on-Gaia, occult, vegetarianism as sentiment, hating all but the pageantry of religion, one currency, thought crimes…how many more cues do you want lad? Hitler and the Nazis just wouldn`t have wanted their nannies and servants to be Roma or Filipino, that`s all!

    We therefore have a hybrid-Rodney deals with one half of the sky but not the other.
    Gorbachev envied the level of control and manufactured consent that the EU was  accruing to itself, just as HIS empire wqas about to implode. He did not understand how the EU could get away with it, but he could not have forseen the unity in diversity, Erasmus, Common Purpose forced social vaccination of the young…tomorrow belongs to me IS a Nazi concept after all!
    THis film does account for the useless BBC lying through its teeth as democracy is systematically asset stripped and sent back to Brussels for “re-education”…and its reflex craving for the PLO/Hamas to send the Jews into the sea!
    Thanks for the postingDV!