I’ve been away in Italy, enjoying the spring sunshine. Meanwhile, in New Zealand, the government has seen through elements of green eco-thuggery as represented by the so-called charity Greenpeace (so often reported in hero-worship tones by the BBC). Said Greepeace has lost its charity status down under because – as is blindingly obvious – it is nakedly political. But at the BBC, nothing changes. As has been pointed out in site comments, Richard Black continues to peddle tendentious propaganda against shale gas – despite growing compelling evidence that it will revolutionise energy provision – and his greenie fellow-activist Mark Kinver has warned us of the dangers of flaming taps. This is greenie scaremongering at its rampant best – there’s not a scrap of evidence of any actual threat to health , but hey-ho this is greenieland, so let’s spice it up with a manufactured one. And not content with that, Mr Kinver – in a naked piece of eco agitprop – bemoans the fact that the Coalition (including, presumably, nutty Caroline Spelman) are not doing enough to wreck our economy. As usual, he quotes in support of his Greenpeace-style politicking only the BBC house charity-heroes such as Friends of the Earth and the wearisome, let’s-kill-everyone-because-we’re-over-populated eco-fascist Jonathan Porritt.

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  1. Natsman says:

    Time, I think, for a “European Spring”, or at least a UK one…


  2. JohnofEnfield says:

    Why are the Indians for example and all other subtropical and tropical countries quite happy with their current WiFi services?

    Balderdash, piffle and poppycock.


  3. Backwoodsman says:

    as an ‘let’s-kill-everyone-because-we’re-over-populated ‘ militant peasant, I find it fascinating that even when the bbc accidently stumble on a correct course of action, you can bet its for all the wrong reasons !
    If oil companies has somehow devised a way to make windmills a paying proposition, without enormous subsidies, you can bet the bbc would have been against them (visual desecration of the landscape , death of migrating birds). 
     Beeboids are programmed at birth to react against the oil bogey man.


  4. Roland Deschain says:

    I’ve seen that flaming taps thing before.  I can’t remember where, or when, but I’m sure it had nowt to do with shale gas.


  5. Grant says:

    Well done  Kiwis  !!!!


  6. cjhartnett says:

    The BBC is never happier when providing a platform for the superannuated patchouli poseurs who pad out all the think tanks and quangos!
    So one ex-has been politico(Matthew Parris) gets to rub noses and air kiss another( Sara Parkin-the Baptist to the Messiah they call Lucas!). This was on “Great L ives”, where the beatification of Petra kelly was officially “rolled out for consultation” yesterday!
    My point is this-if she was so anti-violence as they say-what of Seattle…Genoa…Plane Stupid and the other pretexts for looting? What of the Animal Liberation Front?
    Is that the rolling of tumbleweed I see in reply?…of course it is! It is we sceptics that caused the dustbowl too, so their right to silence says it all….Om Shanti!


  7. Peter Parker says:

    Speaking of greenie propaganda, was anyone misfortunate enough to catch “Last Days of the Arctic” on BBC4 the other day?

    A miserable, lifeless, doomy and gloomy propaganda film that purported to “capture the human faces of climate change by photographing the vanishing lifestyles of the people of the north.”

    What a load of bollocks. If there’s a decline of indigenous subsistence farmers living in the Arctic circle, it’s because their children prefer to move somewhere warm & civilised. ie. Blame better education and the Internet for people wanting to leave, not climate change.

    As much as the Beeb would like us to believe that the last 30 years of Arctic weather are somehow different than the 4 billion years that proceeded them – and that everything is ‘our fault’ – I can assure them that the Arctic will still be there long after they, and their descendants have died, decomposed and become fossil fuels themselves.


    • Grant says:

      Beeboids love to patronise “noble savages”  who live life on the edge in very difficult conditions having to work hard and risk their lives just to survive. I wonder why ?


  8. Roland Deschain says:

    Oh, bloody hell.  Black’s back and apparently climate change might be causing megafires.

    Is the man real, or trying to see just how ridiculous a claim he can get away with?


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Roland – I like this comment.  
      “I am now starting to find this funny and think in fact that Richard is now part of the gag – deliberately making ever more outrageous claims in what is actually a double bluff attempt to show up the climate change brigade for what they really are  
      Well done mate and keep up the good work  
      Mega fires! (laugh – I almost split my sides)”


      • Roland Deschain says:

        I haven’t checked the comments since yesterday (because by now it’s almost certainly degenerated into no-it-isn’t / yes-it-is posts), but when I last looked there was a considerable amount of excellent piss-taking going on.  How Mr Black must long for the days when the comments were one big greenie hugfest.


  9. George R says:

    BBC greenie, and wind power propagandist, HARRABIN, through gritted teeth, on wind farms in Wales, being set right by Ms S Lloyd (of ITV):

    “Wind farm expansion divides opinion in Wales”

    2 min video.


    Christopher Booker, makes broader ideological comment (April 2011)

    “Christopher Booker: When Political Fantasies Collide With Reality ”