QT and Elections LiveChat (Pt2)

This post has been split so that if you want to follow both LiveChats at the same time you can easily open the two posts in two different windows and put them alongside each other.

Cunning thinking, eh?

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9 Responses to QT and Elections LiveChat (Pt2)

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Sorry I missed this, but a scan through the live text on the election coverage page on the BBC website shows that all but one (from Tim Montgomerie) of the featured tweets or quotes (from pols or other media, not Beeboids) about AV have been from the Yes perspective.  Curious.


  2. NotaSheep says:

    Curiously, ‘curious’ is not the word that I would have chosen. I would have gone with ‘predictable’.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Hello Scotland!
    Not many comments here, so thought I`d add my two cents.
    Apparently wee Jim Nightie stayed up last night and saw the mighty Salmond leap the weir or whatever quaint things go up in the land that keeps the Dimblebys in malts for “election fever”.

    Jim could see the floodlights of Ibrox from his high horse -or so he said earlier. No photo though so who`s to say?…Martha Kearney has got her World at One lead story now if she is told to read it!

    So-what with Jim and all at the BBC worrying about the “planet and t`ing”…howsabout Celtic and Rangers agreeing to share a new stadium with just the one team in turquoise with tartan trim?
     This would “send a signal” to Al Queda that we in the E.U are serious about “climate change” and that we “celebrate our diversity” in Glasgow -and hence the world tomorrow!
    Come on Glasgow-the BBC are happy to raise the issue to give it wings. No nasty dirty evening kick offs and just the one team to celebrate! If Blatter and Platini still get their double allocation of tickets/enhancements it would surely beat the Competition Commissions concerns out in Brussels!

    And finally, I hope that Al Magrabhi is not in any danger from the Libyan bombings by the Allies-imagine the embarrassment to Alex and Kenny should he have been “put at risk” by their rushed and inhumane discharge from the “Scottish Care Community ” that they head up by way of an alternative to government!


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Looking forward to “Last Word” this afternoon at 4p.m
    The usual roll call  of old journos , BBC sanctioned rebels and toffs surely chose the wrong week to die, what with Osama being the victim of wild west justice an` all…ah shucks!
    I did wonder about the tumbleweed ,the eerie silence from Shami and Bunglawally in the last few days.
    Can only presume that they have been getting all primed to give their tribute should good old Matthew Bannisters research team come a calling?
    If not-then hope that a BBC trustie has been able to smuggle in a mobile for Abu Hamza of the Belmarsh Community Mosque. so we can hear his touching response to the news of his comrade and fellow spokesman of a generation being terminally inconvenienced.
    No doubt someone will halp him with his ringing in on reverse charges .Auntie Beeb has such a contingency fund for such occassions I`m sure.


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Because of Toricutz I find myself having to listen to “The World At One”
    It`s an HOUR long today, because the liberati on shift between Toady and Eddie Mair need to practice their prejudices and platitudes, os that the soundbites for tonight are polished.

    As far as Martha knows, there was only a faint whiff of some unpleasantness here in the English(ugh!) elections. We clearly have not got the BBC message that we were ,are and forever will be wrong in not clamouring  for that nice Mr Blair and his faithful Scottish retainer…”you ungrateful electorate you-you didn`t deserve him!”

    So the news is all Scotland and those canny Welsh…for they DO understand what Auntie Beeb wants! Yes-it`s a Labour landslide-oh wait, well they`re Labourish though…right? Course they are!

    At least the likes of Gove and Alexander are beginning to pipe up about the biased slant and partial “vox pops” of the BBC, but too little and too late methinks!

    We have had therefore the siren call from the BBC to stymie the Coalition at any price-and the scripts are pre-written in advance! Martha did tack on something about MI5 maybe respecting the 7/7 bombers rights possibly…but in Beebland,this cannot possibly be right! You cannot respect human rights enough, and so Osama becomes Jean Charles deMenezes in effect!
    If The World At One does not drive the workshy to taking ANY job wherever ,then Lennon died in vain. The world will one day live as one John. Martha and her crew insist that we do,as long as its Labours!


  6. Grant says:


    Alky Ida have admitted  Bin Liner is dead. That buggers up the conspicacy theorists !


  7. cjhartnett says:

    Only wish tha the liberal elite had cared about how best to dispose of Jean Charles De Menezes just as they have been exercised over Bin Laden!
    Heard the worthy Quentin Letts say that Huhnes “new poppet”-presumably his ex didn`t like the trouser press he blagged from the taxpayer-well his new squeeze is something big with the Electoral Reform Society who could have done quite nicely out of AV.
    Sadly we`ll never know just how well now!
    That said, Chris was grumpy with Jon Snow tonight-witty and sneery at the same time…another Brussels sandbag we`ll be ponying up for before too long though as we all know(file under Patten…something about the name Chris maybe?)


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Nice bit of straw-grasping by the normally useful Ross Hawkins here about where people are looking to place blame for AV’s resounding defeat: 
    They will also wonder whether people who voted against the Lib Dems in the elections might have been keen to oppose Nick Clegg’s favoured electoral system at the referendum.  
    Yeah, I’m sure lots of people voted against something they wanted just out of spite.  I don’t buy it for a moment because the only reason to vote for AV is to keep the nasty Tories out of government forever and ever, and nobody like that is going to vote for it just to spite Clegg.  Especially since the number one reason offered for Yes (not the real reason, which was never admitted, but the one they offered most often) was that nobody wanted the Coalition, and FPTP is unfair because the majority don’t want the winner. Weak.  
    The rest of his piece isn’t so great, either.  He momentarily confuses his topic (this was probably written in the wee hours, after a very long day) with the Coalition Split! narrative (always worth a mention), but gets back on track.  Too bad all the reasons given barely scrape the actual reasons.  
    From what I can tell – and I certainly have no dog in the fight, other than that I think the idea is moronic – people voted no for a combination of two reasons:  
    1.  Nobody outside of diehards really bought into or cared enough about the “fairness” nonsense, despite the pleading of various celebutards. Also, the other reasons given, like “it will get rid of safe seats” are nearly as lame.  Safe seats were lost in the last election.  
    2.  Nobody had the balls to actually come out and say what this was really about:  Keep the bloody Tories out.  All they did was say “nobody wanted this coalition”, which is true, but can be interpreted from either direction.  
    I’m not saying that would have won the day, but if the Yes campaign had been honest enough and made it an attack on the Tories, I bet the vote would have been closer.  
    Hawkins probably can’t say that because he knows everyone knows the BBC was in favor of it for exactly that reason.  
    To his credit, Hawkins did not spin the lie joseph sanderson caught on their live text feed, which he mentioned on sue’s QT thread.


    • Grant says:

      David P,

      Your analysis is spot on !  I sometimes wonder if you are a closet Brit !!!