QT and Elections LiveChat (Pt1)

Welcome to the LiveChat which is a 5th May Election Special.

We kick off with the return of Question Time; which tonight comes from the last BBC option “damn I can’t claim decent expenses from here” of London.

On the panel we have Secretary of State for Transport and Conservative dark horse Philip Hammond, Andy Burnham, Paddy Pantsdown, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Douglas Murray. Really? Are the same dozen people always on speed-dial?

Immediately afterwards we have the local election results and lots of idle speculation about the result of the AV referendum.

Unfortunately we won’t get David Vance‘s result until Friday morning so the champagne will have to stay on ice.

As it’s such a big night we’re going to split the Chat tonight. If you want to take part in the QuestionTime and England/Wales/NI election results then this Chat is where you want to be. If you want a Scotland twist to your evening then use the Chat window in the post below.

The Chat tonight reflects the different voting areas, and is hosted on Biased-BBC, AllSeeingEye, MaxFarquar and QT stalwart Subrosa‘s blog. Moderating will be AllSeeingEye, Subrosa, Max Farquar and David Mosque, and both chats will go on until people fade away though tiredness or wine.

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40 Responses to QT and Elections LiveChat (Pt1)

  1. john in cheshire says:

    Ms Alibhai-Brown is going to need an alibi when the day or reckoning comes.


  2. Llew says:

    Fingers crossed DV.


  3. Clameur de Haro says:

    Looking forward to watching Ms Alibhai-Brown (“First and foremost, I am a Muslim woman”) getting filleted by Douglas Murray……. 


  4. Cassandra King says:

    BBC labour HQ?

    Having a look at the BBC website and the BBC are not happy bunnies are they? The limpdems are being wiped out, so far so good but labour are nowhere near the breakthrough the BBC labour axis of talking heads peddled for weeks.

    The BBC aint happy at all, they are taking their bat home and they are not happy at having to throw away headlines about a Tory meltdown, massive Tory losses, Huge labour gains.
    You can almost taste the sour grapes, you can cut the increasingly sullen and disbelieving atmosphere with a knife…NO NO NO, the Tory scum were supposed to suffer a crsuhing defeat…NO NO NO this is not happening, it just cant be true!

    The BBC night started with an almost exultant eager happy atmosphere, they had their favourite socialists on air and ready with the usual rent a quote about “new vibrant leader new victory Tory filthy scum get massacred”

    The BBC stage was set, the rent a gob leftists on site everything ready, even the carefully selected Tory filth ready for their metaphorical few minutes in the dunking chair and stocks while the beeboids threw metaphorical rotten fruit at their heads.

    Houston we have a problem πŸ˜€ The electorate is not playing, oooops! Smiles steadily dropping, spirits steadily ebbing away as the horrible reality crowds in on a waiting BBC, the hated Tory filth have not been crushed, in fact the labour party have suffered what amounts to a crippling defeat with a new union stooge at the helm, no breakthrough, Scotty land liebore being biffed and pummelled by the SNP.

    It was all meant to be so different, what happened? Good question and I am glad you asked, you did aaask right? Reality happened as usual and as usual the BBC listened to their own prejudice and believed their own wishful thinking, something the left has always done, they view the world expecting it to conform to their fantasy made up la la land withing their tiny little minds… it doesnt work like that does it?

    So how to fill the air now, massive gaps that should have been filled with shots of despairing Tory filth remain empty, shots of triumphant labour winners remain invisible and like the chilldish immature kiddies the BBC are, their side aint winning so the BBC aint playing anymore, they are taking their bat home, why should they play a part it helping the vile Tory filth peddle their victory and it is a huge stunning vistory for the Tories, they should have been crushed, the pundits said it, the experts promised, the Tory high command admitted it.

    My victory is seeing the BBC looks of despair and defeat and humiliation and embarrasment, cheered me up no end I can tell you, so now the BBC puts away those champagne bottles for now, no breakthrough and no victory, no union baron backed victory parade.


    • Grant says:


      The problem with the retards at the BBC is that the real world never conforms to their narrow-minded perverted little fantasy world, thank God !


  5. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC website is a Tory headline free zone, talk about airbrushing.
    One mention of the libdems attacking the Tories and thats about it really.


  6. Llew says:

    I see the BBC’s theme is clearly that the Lib Dem meltdown is all the Tories fault!


  7. Llew says:

    I am sure I just heard on the BBC breakfast news a snippet that said something like “cheques might be going are you happy that the Government are going to abolish cheques?”.

    It’s the banks want to ditch cheques and the Government are just running some consultation scheme. Of course, it doesn’t stop a talking head appearing to warn us of the problems and confustion the elderly will face if cheques do go. The only thing the BBC missed out was adding “Tory led-” to “Government” to hammer home the miss-information.


    • Cassandra King says:

      Over the last two weeks the BBC has tried every trick in their dirty tricks playbook in their increasingly desperate attempts to swing the election in their favour, despite a multi billion pound empire using their gigantic influence they failed, their mission failed, they failed miserably, crashed and burned.

      I dont want to gloat but O:-)

      HA HA HA HA HA HA hiccup HA HA HA HA HA HA burp HA HA HA HA


  8. Demon1001 says:

    When Iwent to bed c.2:30 the results were few but Labour’s humiliation in Scotland was evident, although it seemed many of the Beeboids were in denial (and crestfallen at the same time).  The councils that had reported by that time had had no change.  It was obvious that the Conservatives would lose heavily as the contested seats were from a huge Conservative victory a few years ago, and now they are in government and taking unpopular decisions.

    I woke up and switched on the Beeb to find that the Conservatives had, so far, gained 28 councillors overall.  No doubt it is helped by the Libdem collapse, but it is still a fantastic achievement.  Even though I’m not happy with the Conservatives either – although they are still the least of the three evils – it has been a very good night for them: therefore an awful night for the BBC.


  9. cjhartnett says:

    Hats doffed to Cassandra for watching the BBC to beyond the recommended dose!
    When I saw poor old Dimbo go from Quesation Time…zimmer frame and tartan blanket for Mr Dimbleby Leticia… over to “Your Vote 1984” , then I knew the poor old knacka had lost any purpose. Did no-one tell him that he had ALREADY asked Hammond about the gossip about Huhne wearing the same tie as Osborne at Cabinet…oooh missus? Well he`d forgotten anyway-why else would he ask that charming northern and Asian lady to “dish the dirt…you go gurl!”! No beats me too!
    Presumably his younger brother on that 30 year internship is already in the studio to pour Dimbleby Major back into his minibus that takes Humphrys, Murray etc back to the Home Counties to “go home and prepare for government” . For these befuddled and bewildered bedblockers of the intellect are constipating any meaningful process of eliminating sleaze,incompetence,venality from the body politic.
    Time for Matron with the prunes- and Biased BBC can proudly say that ” Wir sind alles prunes” now!
    Certainly enough syrup of figs on display in BBC studios these days-they can`t ALL be John Boltons can they?


    • Cassandra King says:

      “Hats doffed to Cassandra for watching the BBC to beyond the recommended dose!”

      Hands shaking now, head aching, feeling dirty, must have a shower!

      My duty is done I think, time for a double dose of cherry brandy a bar of choccy and a DVD of desperate housewives, I think I deserve it. 


    • Grant says:


      “bedblockers of the intellect”  .    Brilliant  !!!!!!


  10. My Site (click to edit) says:

    OT-ish, but I hope worth the share, all things considered…



  11. joseph sanderson says:

    I watched the BBC breakfast news, the female presenters attempt to shout down William Hague was amazing. She spent the entire interview getting herself upset as he refused to accept her narrative that the Conservatives had a bad evening!.

    Personally, as a overseas observer of the entire BBC coverage of the election it was clear that their political analysts failed in their jobs, how on earth did they manage to get the results so wrong?.

    Nowhere in the run-up to the elections did they mention that the Conservative vote would hold up (which is actually a remarkable performance), nowhere did they mention that the SNP could gain a majority in Scotland, and nowhere did they mention that Labour would perform so badly.

    A very poor performance from the BBC.


    • Umbongo says:

      I agree.

      You would not know that (sadly from my personal perspective) the Conservatives did stunningly well: indeed the Conservative triumph should have been the main theme of the evening’s reportage and analysis.  Instead we got reams of garbage on the SNP’s triumph (of translating English tapayers’ money into votes for Alex Salmond) and weeping over the LibDem humiliation and Labour’s failure to capitalise on the non-cuts imposed by the new Thatcherite (I wish) in No 10.


  12. Umbongo says:

    In all the “analysis” on Today and the announcements by Toe Nails of the “personal triumph” for Alex Salmond, nobody mentioned that one reason (I suspect the major reason) for the SNP victory is the blatant bribing of Scotland’s electorate with English taxpayers’ money.  Even Labour – since they are a national party – have to bribe all their voters, not just the Scottish ones.  Accordingly, even with QE, there’s not enough money either to relieve all Labour’s client vote from NHS prescription charges and tuition fees or create the public sector non-jobs which transmute into votes for any parasite politician who promises that the gravy train won’t stop.

    On a related tack, the popularity of Scottish “independence” North of the border would die a sudden death if the national parties in Westminster stated their intention that the flow of English money to Edinburgh would stop on the day Scotland became independent.  BTW, don’t give me the argument about “Scottish oil”.  I reckon we’ve paid for that in spades through the bail-out of RBS and HBOS – the two major Scottish banks.


    • Grant says:


      As a Scot currently living in Scotland, I agree with you.  Mr. Toad won’t have the guts to call a referendum because he knows he will lose.
      If I were english, I would be pressing for independence for England,outside the EU and keep the pound.
      See if the EU is as happy to finance Scotland and Wales as England has been.


  13. hippiepooter says:

    NI results wont be announced till tomorrow from what I’ve read.  Will be keeping peeled tomorrow at work to see if DV gets in.


    • ltwf1964 says:

      i wouldn’t hold my breath…….TUV haven’t done very well


      • Scott says:

        No real surprise there (well, maybe to certain members of the TUV who value their own ego over factual information). Northern Ireland has moved on, the TUV is intent on trying to turn the clock back.

        Though no doubt a certain failed candidate will pop along at some point with some excuse as to how his early elimination from voting is all the BBC’s fault, and nothing to do with the fact that very few people in the province share his antediluvian views…


        • Daniel Clucas says:

          Scott! Long time no see, not many low hangers about of late eh?


  14. Deborah says:

    The BBC continues to be a conservative free zone.  Want the election results? Go on line – the tabs for the 4 areas has Scotland as the top tab.  And are they drawing pins that the graphics stick into the map?  Well there are two red ones and only one blue.  And the large red one sticks out a tad further than the blue?  Is this by chance?


  15. DCP says:

    Radio 5 may as well have been renamed Independent  Scotland Radio today – the English results have barely merited a mention (probably because the Tory vote didn’t implode…).

    What’s with the order of the tabs for election results on the bbc news website as well – Scotland, N Ireland, Wales, England  Putting the English in their place?  =-O


  16. Daniel Clucas says:


    Turns out the tories may have won the popular vote, who’da thunk it? Paul Mason was just the other day saying less than 800 losses would be very good, I wonder what net gains would be? πŸ˜›
    Look forward to seeing this covered on the ten o’clock news. Today has been a very good day indeed πŸ˜€


    • Buggy says:

      What a truly skanky few days it’s been for the true believers ! πŸ˜€

      Royal Wedding.

      Osama meets his end. Even if The Holy Barack was responsible which is ALWAYS a good thing, however…..

      The Holy Barack’s narrative has more holes than Augusta National, with apparenly fresh discreapancies to thrill and delight ev’ry morning. Oh dear.

      And now this. Naughty electorate, to not co-operate with the pre-written Beeboid narrative (so lovingly compiled at no little expense to said ignorant licence-paying proles). Have ye not read the tweets of the sainted Bacon, Brigstocke, Izzard and Fry, your betters all ? What is the point of you grubby peasants having a vote at all if you use it in such a flagrantly un-progressive manner ?

      Excellent I propose that This Week In History be know now and forever as Diamond Week, to be celebrated year on year with drinking, scoffing, wenching and other festive activities !

      Now ! Out into Il Giardino enorme degli Bugs for the evening with the lovely Mrs Bug and a bottle of something fresh, white and intoxicating. Or maybe two ?         


      • Grant says:

        You are right Buggy, an amazing week and, what makes me really happy, a truly awful week for the BBC  !!!


        • Buggy says:

          Oh, “The 10 O’ Clock Show” has gone belly up as well.  πŸ˜€

          Since the stars are obviously in happy alignment just now, I’m praying for a house on Lake Maggiore, a Type 42 destroyer (to dominate said lake), a private army (to invade places I don’t like, eg Holland – watch out Dutchies !), and for old sour chops Ferguson’s team to lose every match for the next 10 years.

          Watch this space !


  17. Span Ows says:

    Most odd, the main BBC online news page has no mention of the votes today. Now I know that it isn’t “world news” but certain stories always creep on there despite being reppeated on the UK news and politics page but I guess the BBC have now seen the error of their ways and changed and from now on won’t put major UK voting stories on their main news page…

    unless it suits their agenda.


  18. cjhartnett says:

    Fine by me!
    Let us use Alex Braveheart Salmonds war cry in order to send Kirsty,Jim, Eddie, Andrew(and his retinue of broadsheet groupies) back north. Repatriation now!
    Let us also have a Radio England please-why the hell do I not hear how my own country voted just because it doesn`t suit the BBCs “disappointment” with us all for not voting Labour (and AV whilst we`re at it) down here?
    Sick to death of the Celtic cringers that infect the airwaves! Their votes for more public subsidy from their Labour sugar daddies (with OUR money of course) means that we must be stupid to keep bankrolling the elite up there-doing rather well down here!
    At least Jimmy Shand could PLAY something!


  19. cjhartnett says:

    And not just the fiddle or the fool like the aforementioned media muppets…boom boom!
    Max Boyce can have that one-Ted Rodgers without the laughs!


  20. Craig says:

    David Cameron’s joke name for the BBC – the BBCC, or British Broadcasting Cuts Corporation – might be getting another outing in Downing Street tonight following the BBC Six O’Clock News decision to begin with the words, “The first big electoral test since the coalition government and the cuts, and the voters choose to punish the Liberal Democrats.”


  21. ltwf1964 says:

    oh sweet irony
    Chris “the hairdo” Huhne crying his lamps out about about losing the AV vote due to “lies being told as truth”

    as a card carrying greenshirt whackjob,you would know,Chris

    you would know LOL


  22. joseph sanderson says:

    The BBC cannot help themselves, this is the final ‘tweet’ shown at the top of their LIVE VOTE 2011 blog, and no surprise that it’s a negative ‘tweet’.

    1955: Labour MP for Birmingham Northfield Richard Burden tweets: “#No2AV msg negative, misleading but effective to win. #Yes2AV msg should have shown vision of change, not ridden on back of anti MP anger.”


    Listening to the lastest VOTE 2011 programme, I found it hilarious that the supposed impartial analyst was accidentially’outed’ by Paddy Ashdown as a long-term friend of his!!.


    • Craig says:

      That LIVE VOTE coverage has use a lot of Labour Party politicians’ tweets:

      2302: Andy Slaughter, Labour MP for Hammersmith
      2333: Cllr Mark Bennett for Streatham, London (Labour)
      0012: Chris Bryant, Labour MP for the Rhondda
      0032: Lucy Powell, former Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Manchester Withington
      0139: Labour’s Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich East
      0319: Andrew Gwynne, Labour MP for Denton and Reddish
      0351: Rowenna_Davis, newly elected Labour Councillor in Peckham, London
      0445: Kevin Brennan Labour MP for Cardiff West
      1010: Alex Cunningham, Labour Member of Parliament for Stockton North
      1955: Labour MP for Birmingham Northfield Richard Burden

      Still, for balance (!), there was:

      0234: Kevin Davis, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Yeovil (Conservative)


  23. Craig says:

    Michael Gove got into a bit of a spat with David Dimbleby tonight.   
    He was arguing that the big story of the day was Labour’s failure to make a significant comeback, despite the government’s austerity measures. David Dimbleby intervened:   
    DD: Well everybody of course has their true story in politics and writes it their way. (Laughter from Laura K.)   
    MG: What’s striking is.. 
    DD: Labour..wait a moment!   
    MG ..is how little attention the BBC has given to this story..
    DD (hotly): On the contrary! (More gently): On the contrary! Labour have got 790 seats, Labour in Wales have taken 30 seats in the assembly and are going to be able to govern on their own and we have never ceased talking about Labour being totally destroyed in Scotland. I don’t know what you’ve been watching but maybe it was ITV!   
    MG: No, no, but the story is David that, with respect, your producers have failed to tell is the fact that Labour have failed to make any decisive breakthrough. Let’s be clear about this. We’re one year in. The government are taking immensely difficult decisions, an austerity package which, you know, everyone has been covering in great detail, in some cases remarkably,..er. what’s the word?..er, remarkable relish has been shown by some commentators in covering what the government is doing (he seemed to shoot a glance at Laura K. at that point) in anticipation of the government paying a price. But the Labour Party haven’t made any progress tonight or today which you can talk about. How is it in a seat like Dartford, a critical marginal, Labour can lose seats to the Conservatives and that’s merely dismissed as a footnote to what is the big story, which is allegedly the difficulties that Liberal Democrats have. You know, you concentrate on finding a few Liberal Democrat councillors at a moment of maximum grief and distress when they’ve just lost their seat and try to force them to say something critical of Nick Clegg when we know that the majority of Liberal Democrats recognised what was going to happen to them tonight, but no proper analysis of the difficulty the Labour Party faces.   
    It continued:   
    DD: Peter Hain is not here now but Vernor Bogdanor is here and I can’t ask him to speak for Labour but..er…I care neither one way nor the other. Labour got 26 councils, they’ve got 790 councillors which is not bad and they’ve taken control of Wales. You really can’t say that this has been a disastrous night for Labour.   
    MG: I can and I will!
    DD: Well of course you will… 
    MG: Yes!  
    DD: ..but you may not be telling us the absolute truth. 
    MG: But what is the share of the vote? Does Labour have much of a lead over the Conservatives in the national share of the vote?   
    DD: We’re joined by Jack Straw from Blackburn. He’ll fill you in. Jack?   
    Jack Straw was quickly joined in the counter-attack by Margaret Beckett.


  24. cjhartnett says:

    Gove had said much the same thing on “The World At One ” earlier on Radio4 (The World at One)
    Martha-like Dimbleby-hated and protested way too much about Goves main point. This was that the BBC had already written the script in advance. He wondered just how the Liberals leader in Nottingham managed to get the “Clegg must resign” soundbite that she was  leading with on that show.
    Finally the penny is dropping-if Gove and the like would only pour scorn on the political elite at every opportunity they meet it,, then we might get somewhere. Chris Huhne also shafted Jon Snow on his news show, so hope they turn on the bias and the arrogance of the MSM before they get swept out of office. If the Coalition was to do nothing else, the nation would be grateful if they put the broadsheets and the BBC to the sword. These are spineless irrelevancies that need the bouncy castle popped once and for all!


  25. Daniel Clucas says:

    I don’t know about you lot but I think I’ve seen enough of Ashdown/Huhne/Hughes to last a lifetime today, I’m turning in for the night πŸ™