The BBC’s contempt for those of us who carry a Christian faith contrasts nicely with its deep concern not to offend those who follow Mohammad or indeed any other faith. Take this item on the Today programme this morning concerning the death of Indian “sage” Sai Baba. In the commentary by the BBC presenter , Jesus Christ is referred to as “another prophet”. Just to be clear – Christians do NOT view Christ as “another Prophet.” This causal insult to British Christians is par for the course from the profoundly anti-Christian State Broadcaster.

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  1. cjhartnett says:

    Heard the ludicrous Business slot on the hopeless Toady show round about 8.40.

    Usual peppering of people who actually DO something for a living as opposed to pigging out in the Green Room and hoping Andy pops down with another story. That is the Beebs take as “business correspondent”

    I digress-our profits poppet at 8.40 was trying to get our harried businessman to predict the business numbers for today…so we can blame the Tories and the cuts of course. Like a slow train coming down the track-it is all the BBC can do!

    THIS then is prophecy as the BBC see it-whether Mandelson wears red socks or Prescott wants his latte with skimmed or full fat as he is! Jesus was so-well-old school innit?

    The BBC would choose Nat King Coles “Let`s face the music” as the proof of a prophet. Christ failed to go on their show after his resurrection to condemn the death penalty-and he did not run the Jerusalem Marathon in his shroud for cheridee either to “raise awareness”!
    So let`s ask a “BBC -type” prophet like wee Douggie Alexander just how he grew to be so great. No one was to know that the bankers would be so beastly…not even Nanny Harman. No one was to blame except you lot for not voting Labour!

    Every society likes its toadies alive-and its prophets dead.
    That Jesus chose to be “controversial” is his sin in Beebworld-and he will not be forgiven by them-and that to them is heinous…deluded megalomania as ever!


  2. Cassandra King says:

    The only reason that the BBC pimps Jesus Christ our Lord as a ‘prophet’ is because their islamist friends view our saviour as a prophet.
    The BBC views religious matters througt the perverted prism of islam, its how they view our Judeo Christian religion.

    The BBC do religion, they just run their output past their islamofascist insiders, if they approve it runs and if not….


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Double standard.


  4. George R says:

    INBBC reporter, Aleem Maqbool, doesn’t mention Islam in this case in Paskistan; so INBBC would have us suppose that Islam is not relevant.

    Right. Got your repetitive message.

    “Pakistan rape victim Mukhtar Mai faces new injustice”


    ‘Jihadwatch’ on the same case, several days ago:

    Pakistan’s supreme court upholds acquittal of 5 of 6 men in high-profile gang rape case


    “The court upheld a lower court’s ruling based on ‘lack of evidence,’ though it has not issued its own detailed ruling yet. The rulers of the Islamic republic tread lightly in defending women’s rights, knowing any particularly vigorous defense could be construed as ‘un-Islamic,’ and all the more so if it intrudes in any way on Islam’s bizarre standards for establishing that a rape has occurred. Indeed, Sharia has overshadowed this case from the beginning.”


  5. Grant says:

    As I have posted elsewhere, just back from sunny Gambia where about 90% are muslim and 5-10% christian. Total tolerance between both faiths with no problems.  President Jammeh, who in most respects is insane, makes a great point of emphasising this. He even invites all the christian leaders to the Presidential Palace on Christmas Eve. Long may it continue.
    Oh, and on Sundays, Gambian TV broadcasts about 3 hours of church services.
    So more tolerance of christians  in Gambia than in the UK  !