Double Standards

When something bad happens to Jews or Israelis the BBC reacts with indifference or worse. The reporting of two recent incidents (or non-reporting of one of them) contrast sharply with the BBC’s treatment of similar incidents, which, when they concern Palestinians or Muslims, cause cataclysmic BBC eruptions.

Incident 1, the burning of the Torah in Corfu, was mentioned on the Open Thread with a link to Ray Cook’s blog, but ignored by the BBC. Burning Korans make quite a splash, don’t they? (H/T Demon 1001)

The second incident is described sensitively by blogger Oy Va Goy. It concerns the shooting of some religious Jews, killing one and seriously injuring others, and was at least reported by the BBC, though they dwelled on certain things which almost seemed as though they intended to justify the actions of the Palestinian police perpetrators.
When I switched on the radio this morning I caught the end of a news bulletin. They seemed to be saying that the dead and injured Jews were in a Palestinian controlled area without permission. That’s all. Did anyone else hear that news bulletin?

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8 Responses to Double Standards

  1. hippiepooter says:

    Nothing stands out to me itself in the BBC Online report as ‘undue’, but yes, I did catch the report on Radio 4 this morning at 10:00am and the tone and emphasis of the female newsreader left a chill down my spine.  She oozed disapproval of the Jewish worshippers towards the end and conveyed an implicit ‘they got what they deserved’.  I feel the emphasis that needed to be given to the report was to quote Ehud Barak’s statement at the end that ‘a lack of coordination did not justify shooting innocent people’, rather than leaving it hang with the implicit approval of the shooting.

    02:58 mins in.


  2. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC’s double standards when it comes to Israel.

    Anybody hear the news about how something struck a UN building in Gaza on friday injuring 3 UN workers. No! I wonder if the fact that the missile which hit it was a so called homemade rocket launched from within Gaza.


  3. Olram says:

    Look at this photo on the BBC website and read the caption. Notice the BBC is portraying Christians as the one that initiated the riots in Nigeria:


  4. JohnofEnfield says:

    How can you bear to listen to the BBC or read their website? Their (incredibly left wing) agenda  oozes through their pores.

    Or are you telling me that I have a civic duty to challenge all their lies? Is there enough time in the day?

    When their audience figures reach zero can we legitimately refuse to pay the license fee?


  5. TooTrue says:

    John, unfortunately there will always be enough brain-damaged and tunnel-visioned lefties and Islamists in this world to guarantee the BBC a substantial audience.  
    But I take your point. Not many have the time and inclination to keep hammering away at BBC bias. It means of course, that one has to bear the bias through gritted teeth rather than switching the rubbish off.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    Thanks to Sue,as well as Melanie, Robin and the like.
    The lid is off on this one-much as Craig has pointed out above.
    The left-liberal elite are now at war with the truth. All they now can do is to use their remaining trickling influence to pull their floppy levers and tell the rest of us that we are better informed and have acted for “good”. That it is evil(or inappropriate/disproportionate; as they would rather we call it) .
    Truly a busted flush. The telly tax needs to go and Craigs entry above is the other side of the smiling face as Sues here.
    George Galloway would say that the BBC and the Guardian are two sides of the same arse in contrast, if he was not a hypocritical gofer for them(not that he knows it I fear!)


  7. sue says:

    The Guardian’s version.
    “Policeman kills Israeli at West Bank holy site.
    four others injured in shooting after Jewish worshippers entered Joseph’s tomb in Nablus without Palestinian permission”


    • ltwf1964 says:

      had it been the other way around there would now be mass rioting

      known as intifada……

      nutcase mudslimes do my head in