Here is an excellent site that also details the BBC’s antipathy towards Israel – recommended and worth a visit! Trevor Asserson should be congratulated for his meticulous work on this!

“The bbcwatch Reports demonstrate how the BBC consistently fails to adhere to its legal obligations to produce impartial and accurate reporting. Our systematic, objective and rigorous research points to the firm conclusion that the BBC frequently displays marked and consistent pro-Palestinian bias in their coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Their inability to report on this subject in an impartial way raises questions over their ability to report on all other politically sensitive issues.”

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10 Responses to BBC WATCH

  1. Marky says:

    For all those who are wondering why this site only has two pages, it’s because BBC watch has some doggy code and so doesn’t work in Firefox. Seen this site before and didn’t realise this until now.


  2. Daphne Anson says:

    Of course, Asserson has produced several hard-hitting reports on BBC bias over the past decade.
    Jon Donnison’s latest   lachrymoseonline piece demonising Israel has made me physically nauseous. It’s as if it’s all “Green Light for anti-Israel Prejudice” now that’s Patten’s the boss man.


    • sue says:

      Asserson doesn’t seem to have done anything for ages. Pity.
      I stuck a comment on another thread about Donnison’s latest report. I have been too ubiquitous here lately so I’ll try to resist posting about it again. I’ll take some Imodium Plus.


  3. George R says:

    What pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, INBBC omits:
    Hamas threatens to intensify attacks if Israel doesn’t quit trying to stop them


  4. Daphne Anson says:

    Moe Al Beeb is pimping an exhibition of paintings in London by Palestinian artists – there’s a slide show on its website.
    Those BBC barstewards are incorrigible in their bias.


  5. Daphne Anson says:

    Time the bastards succumbed to “Zionist pressure” and released that Balen Report.
    Look at this!
    But they foreshadowed this some time ago when they allowed an arch-Republican to blog on CoJo:


  6. familyjaffa says:

    Your daily dose.

    “The system is manufactured by an Israeli company , though much of the funding may well come from US military aid.”

    WHat kind of reporting is that? Speculation. Opinion. But not factual.

    “Compared with the technology used by the Palestinians, it is like tossing an expensive BMW car into the air to knock down a basic Ford.”

    But a basic Ford which driven headlong into civilian areas, with the intent of killing as many as possible. A basic Ford is as lethal as a BMW when aimed correctly. 

    “This is not to minimise the missile threat, which is real”

    Thanks. But you just have.

    “The weaponry available to Palestinian militants has been improving over the years, increasing in range and carrying heavier warheads.
    The Grad – two of which were reportedly fired yesterday – has a range of some 20km (12 miles), easily bringing a town like Ashkelon within range.”

    That’s some ‘basic Ford’!!!!


  7. sue says:

    “The weaponry available to Palestinian militants has been improving over the years, increasing in range and carrying heavier warheads”.

    “improving?” depends which POV you’re representing. I’d prefer to see ‘increasing in sophistication’ or something less ‘enthusiastic’.