Question Time LiveBlog 7th April 2011

Question Time tonight comes from Oxford.

On the panel tonight we have Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport Jeremy Hunt MP, Caroline “female window dressing” Flint MP, Jo Swinson MP, Labour “Lord” Robert Winston and gay luvvie Simon Callow.

The LiveBlog will also cover the demented This Week, with Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Jacqui Smith – with guests David Schneider and Jay Rayner, and the round-up from BBC Deputy Political Editor James Landale.

Your cheerful brace of Moderators; TheEye and David Mosque, will be looking to keep order here from 10:30pm.

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10 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 7th April 2011

  1. Clameur de Haro says:

    Well, well, what a balanced selection (not). Someone better than Hunt would be able to make mincemeat of the other 4 leftie-luvvies. What a pity we probably won’t see it happen.

    Swinson is of course tissue-passer & bag-carrier, sorry PPS, to ageing hoofer Vince “Snake-Hips” Cable: she’s big into equality and climate change issues, natch, & supports Green taxes. Expect Dimbleburbly to give Callow free rein in denouncing “savage cuts” to the arts, too.

    As per the invaluable (and correct) advice of the All-Seeing Eye last week, this could well be a 2-bottle session.   


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      I took one look at this lineup and I’ve started already.

      The post above was written from the pub, as is this comment   😎


      • randomviewer says:

        I’m already under the table after seeing that line up. Looks like it will need to be a general anaesthetic this week.


  2. john says:

    Ah….the lovely Caroline, my favourite politician. I could watch her for hours…but only with the volume off because she does talk a load of you know what.


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      But why? I really don’t understand this. As I’ve just said over on my blog – ten years ago without a doubt (maybe five…ish) but these days she’s got more plaster, paint and filler on her face than a blind builder’s radio.


  3. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    I’m with all seeing eye on the Caroline Flint debate.  Mutton dressed as …well…mutton.  And her whole approach to QT is ,’what do I have to say to get the loudest applause’.

    If you met Jo Swinson and she told you she was in politics, you would assume she was a first year student councillor.


  4. tinks says:

    Not sure where to put this and not the BBC. Just watching Tonight doing alcohol… which seems to have gone from being fairly neutral politically to propagandist. I’d noticed this with the news.

    This half hour on alcohol advocating minimum pricing, the Swedish model of high prices and restricted distribution – no promotion. Education not working so price interference is the only way.

    A couple of Patsies – the woman who made herself ill through drinking a bottle of wine a day because it’s cheap (yeah right); and the social drinker who Heaven forbid goes looking for a bargan when she shops.

    There was the doctor ‘dealing with the problems,’ the (well-paid) government stooge Health Advisor and the university report. Apparantly, each pint of beer costs society 93p.

    Very biased report. Just annoyed me. But you can see where this is going. Alcohol as if it isn’t taxed enough, is in the firing line – for our own good, because we can’t be trusted.

    ITV used to be more balanced.


  5. Vlad the Impala says:

    I really enjoy reading the Liveblog on Friday mornings. It stops me having to watch the dross of QT and having nightmares about Collectivisits and Statists 🙂


  6. Derek Buxton says:

    The alcohol stakes have just been raised, new report, says the BBC, has it that drinking two pints of beer a day makes you more likely to die of cancer.  I do wish they would keep these idiots well away from computers.


  7. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Jo Swinson – talked so much yet said… so little.

    Voters of E. Dunbartonshire should be disenfranchised.