Question Time LiveBlog 31th March 2011

Question Time tonight comes from London.

At the time of writing this (approx 7pm) confirmed panelists according to the BBC Question Time website are Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Sarah Teather MP, Diane Abbott MP and the regularly tedious Clive Anderson. It’s unclear whether an extra panelist is yet  to be confirmed, whether Abbott is vast enough to count as two people, or whether she’s already eaten the unlucky 5th chair z-list celeb.

Perhaps Abbott and Teather are supposed to average out?

UPDATE: Thanks to the ever-alert Clameur de Haro for updating us that mouth-breathing trade union parasite Mark Serwotka will be on the panel too. *sigh*

The LiveBlog will also cover the insane This Week, with Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo, a random lefty politician and an unbranded 6-pack of hangers-on.

Your cheerful brace of Moderators; TheEye and David Mosque, will be looking menacing here from 10:30pm.

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14 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 31th March 2011

  1. Clameur de Haro says:

    Just heard that the fifth panellist, sorry I do of course mean fifth columnist, will be that self-righteous leftie apologist for continuing public sector pay profligacy Mark Serwotka.

    The bottle of Cahors is opened and being allowed to breathe, so see you all later….. 


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      Many thanks for that – I’ve updated the post.

      One bottle may not be sufficient, I fear.


  2. NotaSheep says:

    So one Conservative, the one that the left love to deride and insult as a Tory toff, one LibDem non-entity, one left wing Labour MP, one I have always thought left of centr celebrity and Mark Serwotka – the voice of reason – Serwotka was a member of Socialist Organiser in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was later a supporter of the Socialist Alliance and then Respect., maybe Boris could ask Mark about this from Wikipedia ‘In the 2000 election campaign, Serwotka pledged that he would only accept an average member’s wage. However, in 2009 he received £86,244 in salary as well as £25,441 in pensions contributions and a £1,076 additional housing cost allowance.[6]


  3. Maturecheese says:

    Its bad enough that Mark Serwotka is a raging Lefty Hypocrite but what is absolutely unforgivable to me as a Jack, is the fact that he is a Scummer (Cardiff City fan)


    • 1327 says:

      I doubt he has ever been to an actual football game in his entire life. But like all lefties Mark picked a football team he supported while at “Uni” as he was told thats what working class people did. 


  4. Buggy says:

    Grrr !! Leave Lab Belle Diane alone ! We’ve been through this before, I’ve been very tolerant but there are limits.

    She is a sexy hot Afro mama and every negative comment on here decreases my chances of getting jiggy with her.

    Which I am very keen to do. Obviously.

    So stop it. Please.

    Thank you.


    • 1327 says:

      Buggy – For the love of God please seek treatment. I believe that like having a brain tumour that wanting to get jiggy with Dianne is one of those complaints the NHS takes very seriously and there isn’t a waiting list.


  5. 1327 says:

    Sorry I didn’t have enough alcohol in the house to persuade me to watch “Question Time” but did Ms Teather actually appear ?

    She appears to be one of those Lib Dems who having achieved office then vanishes (Chris Huhne is another) . If it wasn’t for the fact she seems to be appear on TV every 6 months or so visiting a Primary School (and looking very scared) I would suspect Michael Gove was keeping her locked the basement at the Min of Education.


  6. Demon1001 says:

    1327, she appeared and was the best panelist on the night.  There was the faintly ridiculous, but at times quite good, Boris Johnson, the pointless Clive Anderson, and the completely ridiculous Abbott and Sewotka.  Both tried to outdo one-another in getting their facts wrong. 


  7. TheGeneral says:

    What I cannot understand is why when charged with cuttting front line jobs, Tory spokepersons are not more forthright in pointing out that the Local Authorities and other Government funded organisations are in order to meet their political agenda, making the deliberate choice to cut these rather than the many areas of waste and the attendant superflous jobs.
    Why don’t they have a list of examples to trott out as Labour would. For example the £250,000 Relaxation Pods, the expense of the many trips, meetings and dinners in relation to dubious and meaningless subjects, the stuipid and uneccessary politically correct jobs and their inadequate personel.
    There are many examples, to come out with a few would make more impact than the general reference which is easily brushed aside by Labour and their cohorts on the BBC.


    • Barry says:

      “What I cannot understand is why when charged with cuttting front line jobs, Tory spokepersons are not more forthright…”

      I cannot understand it either – why the Tories are not more forthright in anything. They’ve failed to get the message across about our national debt, allowing the BBC and others to fudge the difference between debt and deficit. They haven’t attacked the use of “cuts” where there aren’t any.

      I’ve said this before – either they think that plain speaking as a bit common or they assume that the entire electorate is clued up on every major issue – it isn’t.


  8. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Inflicted 10 minutes of that drivel on myself.  Mark Talksaloadofrotka seeming to think we should never cut any spending anywhere ever, and some college kid who needed to be put over someone’s knee complaining because the government want to stop giving her free money.

    Same old, same old.