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  1. Umbongo says:

    Same old, same old I know but late last night on BBC News 24 the sole commenter on the analysis of Monday’s (today’s) press was the delightfully dozy Yasmin Alibhai Brown – yet again!.  She and the BBC front man agreed – and repeated ad nauseam – that it was a shame that the TUC demo had been hijacked – in news terms – by the armed wing of UKUnCut (or “anarchists” as they describe themselves).  Yasmin and friend also agreed that the “stop the non-cuts” message had thereby been tragically muted and it was up to the BBC, the Guardian and the Indy to keep the theme going [OK I lied about that bit – they didn’t actually say that – but the BBC/Guardian/Indy behave as if that’s their role in this farce].

    The BBC front-man remarked that the incredibly brave and praiseworthy demos in Europe against nuclear power had taken place without any naughty incidents: in contrast, wasn’t the rampage in the West End a shame for the TUC – and Miliband – who had put in such hard work.  Yasmin continued by saying that the newish mini-Indy (the publication that pays her wages – no conflict there then) was far, far better than she had thought possible and, BTW, its political line couldn’t be faulted.

    Not once was anything Yasmin said challenged or disagreed with in the smallest degree by the BBC front-man.  The whole episode was painfully right-on.  Was there no-one available in the whole of the metropolitan journalism universe who might have murmured some disagreement with Islington’s finest?


    • david hanson says:

      A couple of months back I had the dubious pleasure of seeing her emerge from the First Class lounge at Euston station. In retrospect I should have asked her what was wrong with lefties such as her travelling with the hoi-polloi. Then again hypocrisy was always her forte.


      • Umbongo says:


        If you had, she’d have been “offended” – probably alleging racial abuse – and called in the British Transport Police.  The least of your worries would have been a charge of “aggravated racism” and, in any event, since she would have insisted on your arrest (it would be more than BTP’s finest jobs are worth to refuse such a request) your DNA and fingerprints would now be safely resident in a police computer.   Thank (your) God that you resisted the temptation.


  2. Natsman says:

    S**ne the witch…


  3. Manfred VR says:

    the statistic that dare not speak its name

    Although the BBC could never be accused of Climate Denial, there is one subject that seems to be off limits to all the MSM, so in this respect, the BBC are with the majority.
    Population Denial is the subject in point.
    Here is an interesting article that ought to make all of us sit up and listen. The surprising thing is that it was in the Independent in October 2007

    To briefly quote the opening.

    “It is the statistic that dare not speak its name, though eventually it must. It has huge ramifications for the civil and political life of this country, the health of the equity markets and, most immediately, the residential property market. So don’t forget you read it here first: the population of the UK is presently somewhere between 77 and 80 million”.

    One source for this was a large supermarket chain, based on what food was sold, and allowing for waste, calculating how many people it would feed.

    “Consumption – that’s the thing. Based on what we eat, one big supermarket chain reckons there are 80 million people living in the UK. The demand for food is a reliable indicator; as Sir Richard Branson says, you can have all the money in the world but you can only eat one lunch and one dinner.”

    Why would the BBC not report this at the time?

    1) More people = more telly tax revenue – good
    2) Most are immigrants from outside Europe – good, because they mainly vote Labour
    3) A La Franfurt school – loss of National Identity is an essential part of the process of destabilising the population, making them easier to control and hoodwink – good, that fits in with the BBC’s agenda of EU unification.

    What surprised me was that this was published at all. But what scares me, is that I have not seen this discussed to any great extent anywhere, which rather suggests that it has been supressed.
    I wonder if the author, Martin Baker still contributes to the Independent – Searching on the Independent for his articles, I noted a sudden tailing off of his work to almost nothing, with a final article in Feb 2008. I wonder why…….


  4. Jane Tracy says:

    On the fivelive blog there is a post which proclaims this.  
    “Last week in the Independent Jane Thynne wrote a thoughtful piece about BBC radio programmes that you can watch online”  
    One of the comments enquires as to whether Jane Thynne works for the BBC  a point which is somehow missing from the post. The reply says.  
    “Jane Thynne is a freelancer. She started her career at the BBC but has not been on staff for a long time. Jane occasionally contributes to Radio 4 programmes. There’s more info on her website.”  
    So thats a yes then….

    Sorry for repeating a post from the last thread but I was right at the end just as the new one started.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘One of the comments enquires as to whether Jane Thynne works for the BBC  a point which is somehow missing from the post. The reply..’

      Context, especially of those wheeled out in support or critique of any narrative is vital. And hence it is amazing how casually it is treated, usually in omission. 

      I am amazed there was a reply, though how informed it was/is also might need to await scrutiny as it is not linked.
      ‘So thats a yes then….

      If in need of careful handling.

      Recently I took note of a detailed backgrounder, I think from Craig, on a person cited (amongst others, but she was the ‘focus’) by either Paul Mason or Mark Easton in support of a ‘general public’ catch-all that really wasn’t.

      This person (If it is she. These things can get complex) is now doing the rounds of where this was quoted, at least on BBC sites, claiming it to be inaccurate in certain detail and, if somewhat hyperbolically, a smear. If so, more than unfortunate.

      But having seen the above, one wonders if the denial may not have aspects of Clintonian semantics to it, by being careful on what was and was not challenged.

      As the circling vultures here can sometimes highlight, a relatively minor inexactitude can be immediately used to distract from the bigger picture.

      Were that the BBC in its ‘reporting’ as concerned and generous as many here often seem to be.


      • Craig says:

        Oh, that will explain why my comment was removed and referred back to me as potentially defamatory. I guess my Google-search might have drawn up a bit of duff info. Though it’s an uncommon name, there could be another lady of the same name in the Cheltenham area, part of the UCU and signing petitions (a daughter?). A case of mistaken identity, or an error of detail? I suppose that’s the drawback of trying to check out a non-famous person on Google. Probably best not to do so again, and not get carried away.


        • Guest Who says:

          Probably best not to do so again, and not get carried away.’ 😉

          Maybe for the best. Could have been worse, and you used twitter. Too much of that and you’ll be getting calls from headhunters for senior BBC editorial positions.

          And, looking below, it’s amazing where a caeeer there can lead…

          After receiving an email from Just Journalism, the BBC News website has taken down a picture with a caption, which wrongly depicts…’


  5. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ-UK Uncut:

    -decides to euphemistically label the events for which 149 people have been charged, as ‘UNREST’!

    “Anti-cuts demo unrest sees 149 charged”

    No mention of UK Uncut.

    In contrast, Daily Mail’ has:

    “Face of the Oxford graduate behind invasion of Fortnum & Mason (who is probably more at home there than most shoppers)”


    “Last week the BBC’s Newsnight programme came under fire for giving UK Uncut minutes of free publicity without questioning the mysterious group’s policies, funding or any links to political organisations.”

    Read more:–Mason-invasion.html#ixzz1HuOVfIVj

    A reprise of BBC-NUJ-UK Uncut political propaganda on ‘Newsnight’, with Paxman, using the ‘c’ word:

    And we know the political line which Marxist, Comrade Paul Mason, Father of the Chapel at ‘Newsnight’ will propagandise again tonight.


    • Scoobywho says:

      It’s interesting to note the difference between a far left inverted anarchist black bloc protest march and a so called knuckle draging far right EDL march;

      -a procession of so called knuckle dragging football fans shouthing and chanting for a few hours which otherwise passes off relatively peacfully VS a chaotic event where far left demonstrators terrorise innocent workers, deface and demolish property and attack the police-

      It’s also interesting to note how the BBC play up any clashes (with lefty agressors) on an EDL march but try their best to play down the events on a anti cuts march, and while the EDL are refered to as far right, the UAF who regularly oppose them are rarely refered to as far left.

      What ever your thoughts on either party, this certainly highlights the BBC’s agenda.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I was amused by the BBC News Channel’s segment a little while ago on how 2/3s of economists in some poll thought that the Euro would not default and fall apart but would survive in its current form by somehow restructuring its debt.

    The reason I was amused is not only because they’re going to have to bail out Portugal now but because Germany is now screwed.

    Greens Score Big in Key German State

    The Fukushima disaster has had, and will have, many consequences around the world. One of the more unlikely, however, appears to be the results of Sunday’s election in the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg, where skepticism about nuclear power helped propel the Green Party to a historic victory over Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

    The Greens doubled their share of the vote to 24.2 percent, according to preliminary results released by the state electoral commission. They are now likely to govern the state in a coalition with the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), which secured 23.1 percent of the vote, down 2 percent from the last election in 2006. In what would be a first for Germany, the Greens, as the senior partner in the coalition, will likely appoint the state governor.

    Merkel already shut down a few plants, and the loopy Greens will work to shut down the entire industry in Germany.  A couple hundred thousand foolish Germans protested against nuclear power recently, and the politicians are obeying out of fear and ignorance.

    Germany currently gets about 23% of its power from nuclear energy.  They were going to phase it out slowly over 25 years, theoretically while getting other energy sources online to replace that power.  Now they’re going to shut it down more quickly, and certainly without the ability to replace it by “renewable” energy.  So it will be back on oil and Putin’s Gas.  Fuel prices will go up, not to mention how the Greens and SDs will revert the state they run to good old Socialist economics.

    So Germany is now screwed.  Guess which country has been essentially propping up the Euro for the last few years.  And the BBC found some economists who will say it’s no problem, because none of this was discussed.


  7. wild says:

    I watched a programme on the BBC about President Regan a few days ago. It was needless to add a hatchet job, otherwise the BBC would not have shown it. The main narrative was how wicked it was for Regan to oppose Communists, how terrible tax cuts were, and how little US defence spending had to do with the ending of the Cold War. A tricky one for the Left this one. They do not want to give any credit to American military power, but nor do they want to admit that it that Socialism inevitably leads to economic collapse. Anyway, what was noticeable when I watched the programme was that it could never have been made by the BBC.



    Although the programme makers hatred of Republicans was evident, they went out of their way to include a favourable analysis of President Regan. The impossibility of the BBC making a programme favourable to President Regan (such as it did a few years ago with its hagiography of the Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan) reminded me just how totalitarian the BBC is in its very bones. You only ever hear one analysis. You never leave the assumptions of The Guardian reader.



    For example – Why should university fees be paid for by the taxpayer? The (dubious and generally false) argument that giving money to universities helps the economy could equally well (indeed far more convincingly) be used to justify the State paying all the costs of people learning to drive. Do you ever hear on the BBC the view that there is nothing wrong with people starting work at 15 (instead of 18 or 21 or 25 or as seems widely the case these days at 30) because the productive bit of the economy is getting smaller. You never hear (and will never hear) that argument on the BBC, because the Guardian reading educational establishment (the people who live off the cash taken from taxpayers since the War [and who have failed even to maintain basic levels of educational achievement in Maths and English]) have a financial interest in everybody being in a permanent state of education i.e. in paying Guardian readers to teach Leftist crap.



    I do not say it is desirable for people to start work at 15 rather than 30 I simply note that the view that we need to get people into work earlier or face severe financial problems in the future is a view that the BBC wants to eliminate from your consciousness. Worry about climate change instead. At the other end you might think that people should (if they are healthy) work beyond 65 or 70 or 75, or that pensions in the Public Sector (such as the BBC) should be worse (or at least no better) than those available to those who work outside the public sector – the bit of the economy which generates most of the tax revenue and yet is far more risky. But the question of how taxpayers are going to be able to afford to pay for people in the public sector is again eliminated by the BBC from your consciousness.



    Middle class Guardian reading have a financial interest in you not questioning the size and cost of the public sector. You are not allowed to contemplate the poverty we are handing on to our children. All that counts for the BBC is the short term interests of the Leftist establishment. The BBC should go the same way as the USSR. Now.


  8. john says:

    If you suffer from horrible nightmares where thousands clueless of people gather together in one place, then I suggest you stop watching BBC TV.
    These haven’t a clue state empoyees, who probably think paying the annual BBC licence fee is an excellent idea, will haunt you during the endless re-hashing of footage from last week-ends “demo” courtesy of the BBC.
    The problem is you will be awake, so little chance perhaps to dream whilst the State Broadcaster is ramming into your subconscious their idea of a socialist utopia.
    So as the good doctor might say – “Lay off the BBC News, dry out through abstinence, and you should be better in a few days and enjoy a good night’s sleep at last”.


    • Natsman says:

      I “laid off” the BBC news some time agao, in favour of Channel 4.  Channel 4 news is almost as bad, and full of obvious leftie bias, but it’s not funded by the licence payer.  Not that I pay for a licence here in France, of course…


      • wild says:

        Channel 4 news makes no secret of the Leftist Observer colour supplement perspective of its journalists, unlike the BBC who “because of the unique way they are funded” simply tells us the truth, which is of course is itself a lie.


  9. fred bloggs says:

    It seems that 16 ‘lefty idiot’ MPs signed an EDM supporting the group ‘UK UNCUT’.  This is the group that organised the rioters.  Where is the bBC headline; ‘Reckless Labour MPs support rioters’.   Another of the long list of informative artiles the loony left bBC will never tell the UK public.


  10. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Craig kindly posted this on the previous fred (8 mins 44 secs in) where droid Paddy O’ VoteLabour got not quite the answer he was looking for.

    The question bears repeating as it is an almost textbook example of the very common droid technique of not asking a question but rather putting his opinion into the interviewee’s mouth and leaving the interviewee the opportunity just to say ‘yes’.

    As before, this newspaper-seller, being a net contributor to the Exchequer, didn’t follow the script.

    ‘Are you giving me a clue on where your sympathies lie on the question of must we cut in this way now?’


  11. deegee says:

    BBC removes misleading ‘settlements’ claim

    BBC removes picture of rocket damage inside Israel with caption referring to ‘settlements’.

    After receiving an email from Just Journalism, the BBC News website has taken down a picture with a caption, which wrongly depicts Israeli towns and cities on the receiving end of rocket and mortar fire from Gaza, as ‘settlements’.


  12. Neal Asher says:

    Intersting one on a recent BBC news item about Fukushima: whilst hyping the nuclear terror they showed a picture of clear-up workers in full white plastic body suits and filter masks and implied a connection to the radiation hazard. Those with a more skeptical turn of mind might have noted how the reporter let slip that these people were in biohazard suits i.e. what they were wearing had nothing to do with radiation and quite a lot to do with picking up corpses.


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    What an utter joke that the BBC News producers think it’s reasonable to ask William Hague if the NATO actions on Libya are wrong because the Russians think it looks like they’re taking sides in a civil war.  The BBC is so desperate to create a story that they think no one will notice that they’re using the opinion of a country with a history of “taking sides” in places like Georgia and Chechnya.  What a joke.


  14. wild says:

    I watched the egregious Alan Yentob (the epitome of the free loading Leftist) opine (on yet another of his trips around the world) that Tolstoy was not honoured in modern Russia, because he was an anti-establishment socialist. What a load of horse manure! The Leftist elite (of which the BBC is the braodcasting arm) seem never tire of telling us what outsiders they are, fighting the establishment, on behalf of the common man.

    In July 2009 Yentob was revealed to have accumulated a BBC pension worth £6.3m, giving him an annual retirement income of £216,667 for the rest of his life.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Sometimes, humour can be most effective at making a serious point…

    TelegraphBlogs Telegraph Blogs What will it take to make broadcasters notice the MEP corruption scandal? The involvement of a Tory?


  16. George R says:

    INBBC, and that unnamed religion.

    Is it deliberate INBBC policy to censor out the words ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’ when reporting on the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia?

     That’s what happens in this ‘Newsnight’ report:


  17. Tolly says:

    Worth a read: “Things the BBC didn’t tell us about the Brixton riots!”


    • jarwill101 says:

      That the BBC can now brazenly rewrite recent history with such confidence is an indication of the almost total victory of the ‘sixty-eighters’, the far Left generation that came out of the woodwork in that strange year of upheaval. Their ‘long march through the institutions’, be it the media, judiciary, parliament, education or civil service has brought us all to a totally engineered, fabricated cultural Marxist ‘Jerusalem’ in which inconvenient truths, like the actual size of the UK’s population, are suppressed. The BBC is Pravda with coy, twee smiley faces – but just as sinister & bent. The neo Liberal core of the new Establishment doesn’t need an old style KGB to enforce orthodox opinion, it has a far more subtle & effective tool that works through repetitive sound & vision -KGBBC, anyone?. By 2030, the number of people who remember another country will be few, & the majority, if asked, will accept that the Brixton riots were a victory on a par with Waterloo, as they wonder whether to go for a latte or a capuccino in a world where only now has any relevance.


  18. Charles Rose says:

    Waking the Dead- 1980’s style

    Anyone else see the WTD episodes this week. It turns out that the peace movement was derailed by a right wing plot to discredit the whole movement that went wrong when an unfortunate MoD copper was accidentally murdered during a bungled operation involving the son and daughter of a Thatcher Minister. 

    During one scene Dr Grace Foley ranted about how as a “peace activist” she felt the police were Thatchers police force and proved it by the usual BBC crap about the miners etc.

    Seems like its not just the whole Cameron evil of the present, but any excuse to damn and redamn Mrs T.

    Shame- the last 2 weeks have been really good. Cant keep a good bias down eh?


    • Barry says:

      I started watching this but had to give up. Bias aside, the plot had more holes than a Swiss cheese.

      Does the BBC really think that cruise missiles were transported on a truck under a tarpaulin?


  19. dave s says:

    I was amazed at that casual reference to the police and Mrs T. it was presented as an established truth which for the BBC I suppose it is. They just can’t help themselves any more. Not content with distorting the present the BBC now seems to believe it can rewrite history. The true face of the totalitarian at work.
    We are in the grip of liberal facism as a chance acquaintance said to me yesterday.


    • Daniel Smith says:

      “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”


  20. Dave says:

    6pm news 28/03 and article shows a reporting team entering the 20km ‘exclusion zone’ around Fukishima to observe the desolation and those few who stayed behind.
    Not one single mention of the radiation levels at their location – you’d think they’d have a geiger counter running continuously if there was any significant danger….. zip.
    What a missed opportunity….



    Anyone surprised Lonely Planet slags off our ‘devious’ government?
    Well, it is owned by the BBC.
    Even travel books aren’t safe!


  22. dave s says:

    Newsnight and Emily and the uncut spokeswoman. Hilarious interview of the year so far. Liberal Emily confronted with a seriously bizarre and incomprehensible middle class wannabe revolutionary talking utter rubbish. Even our Emily couldn’t make her look anything that an utter fool and not for want of trying.
    Their mummies and daddies won’t be pleased when they land themselves with criminal records which will seriously affect their futures.
    Athough so tenous is their grasp on reality that they are unemployable. Perhaps the BBC will give them all jobs. Or the Guardian.


    • ltwf1964 says:

      I thought Titless was genuinely flummoxed by that vacuous idiot of a woman……

      a mealy mouthed apologist for violence-if you don’t condemn it you support it



      • Bupendra Bhakta says:

        In fairness to Titless she at least tried to pin the stupid woman down.

        In complete contrast to when Loooosy was on Gameshow Nikk’s programme on Radio 5 Listeners where she was given the best buddy treatment.

        I’d love 100 nuts with balaclavas and spray cans to go round Loooooosy’s house and make creative use of *her* space.  I don’t suppose she’d be too keen on that kind of civil disorder.

        And of course why is she given the run of the BBC in the first place?  I suppose anyone with a Twatter account, a half-arsed mission statement, and some stupid friends will be given the run of the BBC, provided of course, they are anti- the current government.

        Do Twitter me @Target2016 – the last year the BBC should receive a penny from the license fee.  And expect to see me shortly, in Fortnum’s, on Gameshow Nikk’s programme, and on Newsnight being sat upon by Emily.


  23. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ-Labour-UK Uncut.

     Another politically indulgent ‘interview’ by Ms. Maitlis with a ‘UK Uncut’ person on ‘Newsnight’ again tonight; plus, of course, Marxist Comrade Paul Mason, Father of the Chapel of ‘Newsnight’ rounding off ‘Newsnight’ impartial political support for all sides of the demonstration on Saturday, with no critical voice allowed. It’s all an internal Communist-Socialist-Anarchist talk-in.

    A general comment by Nick Cohen, at ‘Spectator’ blog:


    “The left wing press and the BBC will never acknowledge the overlap between fascism and communism, because they fear accusations of ‘betrayal,’ and have a mental block that prevents them accepting that evil resides on the left as well as the right of British politics.”

    ‘The Tory Party’s Secret Weapon’


    • fred bloggs says:

      If ever an interview needed to be put on ‘Youtube’.  Then that was the perfect candidate.  Even ‘no mates’ was embarrased as to how potty this loony lefty was.  She was on the planet ‘Ed Balls’  a colony for the lefty insane.


    • Guest Who says:

      Actually interested to see what was in turn quoted in the quoted piece, which reveals a mindset that already has shifted its mindset of what is directionally appropriate that ‘left and ‘right’ become more meaningless than already in political discourse.

      The Labour leader is no more responsible for the “black bloc” than David Cameron is for the BNP. It is absurd to argue that the democratically elected leader of the main opposition party should shy away from a huge public event because a few violent troublemakers might turn up on the fringes of it.’

      Equating Mr. Miliband with a bunch of yobs that he in a speech pretty much wickedly let fly like winged bloc monkeys (with Mr. Mason oddly well embedded) to wreak havoc with Mr. Cameron’s relationship with another elected political party seems… ‘quaint’.

      I’d say even this sets up a straw man argument from the off which the BBC would be proud of.


      • ltwf1964 says:

        BBC seemed to be a little “confused” as to the actual numbers attending their Grand Day Out in London on saturday

        Paul the trot Mason-500,000

        Enemy Titless a little later-250,000

        now we know why the bBC expenses bills are sky high-they don’t do maths 😛


        • Demon1001 says:

          I was waiting to see how high this number would go as I kept watching the numbers rise from 150,000 to 250,000 to 400,000 and 500,000 is the largest I’ve seen so far.  I’m guessing the first of those figures is nearer the truth.


    • Span Ows says:

      A good article, that also notes:
      “As a point of contrast, imagine how [the BBC] would react if the BNP hijacked a Countryside Alliance march. The Today programme would have had a nervous breakdown on live radio.”
      Something we all know to be true.


  24. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC, and how it rewrites the history of Libya for the Labour generation:
    History through Libyan eyes
    Yet again the bBC gives today’s generation a history lesson straight from revisionist class. Yup the bBC while painting a negative picture of the Uk and US leave out entirely Russian involvement. Which in a nutshell has lasted from 1969. In that concise little At a glance chart the bBC, leave outs such little snippets as how Libya launched a war again Eygpt in 1977 after it signed a peace deal with Israel (Gadiffi lost) Also in 1977 Libya invaded Chad (Gadiffi lost) In 1978 when Idi Amin invaded Tanzania and found himself losing guess who helped him out with troops and weapons, yup Gadiffi and he lost there as well. Then there’s the Jet bombings (including Lockabie) the bombing of the disco in Berlin which the bBC claims is nothing more than an allegation. (I wonder why the Libyan government settled with the German government over that then?) Then there’s how Gadiffi sponsored so many terrorist orgs around the world (IRA/PLO/Black September/FARC/Moro Islamic Liberation Front) why even the BNP saw funding by Gadiffi. And yet the bBC fails to mention any of this. Instead concentrating on how bad the Brits were from 1944-1951.

    The thing is the bBCs target audience actually swallow what Abu Bowen informs them is the truth.


    • pounce_uk says:

      Further to my last about how the bBC is very selective in writing up the history of Libya. Have another look at how they report the first Gulf of Sidra incident.:  
      1981 – US shoots down two Libyan aircraft  
      For those of you not in the know, on the day before the above incident 25 pairs of libyan jets made mock attacks on the US Carriers  USS Forrestal and Nimitz, On the morning of the 19th of August 2 Su 22 fighters swept in , fired a missile at 2 Tomcats and turned tail. The F14s (Same as the ones in Top Gun) shot them down.  
      For some strange reason the bBC leaves out the second Gulf of Sidra in Jan 1989 where the US opened fire first. Again shooting down 2 jets. (Mig 23s)


  25. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC, that Muslim model and as usual half the story:  
    Muslim model defends Miss Universe contest bid  
    The bBC relate to the plebs (well it is newsbeat) about how a Muslim woman who has entered a beauty contest defends why she is entering. Excuse me bBC? why does a woman have to defend herself in the Uk for doing so, shouldn’t the story be as the Guardian reported on Sunday (2 days before the bBC article) be about the death threats she has received:  
    British Muslim who entered Miss Universe contest receives death threat  

    The plastic wannabe muslims at the bBC like the jihadists they wish to emulate instead of pointing out the death threats she and her friends have been getting instead turnt he story around I quote:  
    ” She’s been sent racist and abusive messages since making it to the beauty contest’s UK final.”  
    So let me get this right, she has had to close down her face book account due to death threats from muslims and when she did that they targetted her friends by sending them links of murdered people and the bBC leads with racism from white people.
    I get the impression that the plastic muslims at the bBC aren’t happy at the freedoms enjoyed by women in the Uk and thus write up a negative story about this girl, have a look at how many times they mention ‘ dress modestly’ in which to make Islamic thugs look respectable. Then have a butchers at the link where they ask 4 muslims if she is right to enter; Why muslims? why not non-muslims? Of course being as they only muslims, you can guess what they had to say.  
    And the prats at the bBC try to tell me they are impartial.


  26. Cassandra King says:

    Hello hello hello, what have we here then?

    Fresh from investigating in great detail the German regional election the BBC seems to have strabgely forgotten all about the Australian state election in NSW, funny that eh?

    Now why would a supposed impartial broadcaster somehow forget about an Australian election when a regional German election was front page news for days?

    It seems that the voters in New South Wales are less than keen on the labour party, they have been almost wiped out in one of the biggest defeats of recent years and the election is going to have massive consequences for Gillard.

    But wait theres more to this than meets the eye, we all remember how the green party was furiously pimped by the BBC whenever they had a chance of electoral success and much BBC celebrations when the greens did well BUT the NSW voter didnt vote green and in fact the greens did very badly indeed.

    Now why has the BBCchosen to ignore one regional election while flogging to death another regional election? We all remember how hard the Gillard regime was flogged by the BBC and about how they pimped the supposed success of the greens but now labour and their green allies have suffered a crushing defeat in Australias most populated and important region the BBC simply do not want to know?
    it looks like a wipe out of epic proportions for the ALP and as for the greens, they are probably not going to get a single seat in the most populous and wealthy state in the country.

    State of the Parties

    A snapshot of the election count showing party voting trends, the number of seats decided and ABC prediction of the final seat result.
    80.1% counted. Last updated Tue Mar 29 4:46 PM Party % Vote Swing Won Likely Total In Doubt Change Predict Labor 25.7 -13.2 18 1 19 4 27 21 Liberal 38.4 +11.5 49 0 49 0 25 51 Nationals 12.9 +2.8 18 0 18 0 5 18 Greens 9.8 +0.9 0 0 0 0 0 0 Others 13.1 -1.9 3 0 3 0 3 3


    • deegee says:

      The BBC always seems disinterested in the Commonwealth, reducing Australia to sport and Canada to that empty place next to the United States. Aside from snobbery towards the ‘Colonies’ I don’t have a good explanation.


      • Cassandra King says:

        The BBC are reporting that Julia Gillards computer may have been hacked but nothing about the historic wipeout of the ALP in New South Wales.

        The ALP have been utterly destroyed and this is going to have massive consequences for the Gillard regime. The independents in her coalition have just been handed a message by the electorate loud and clear, their continued support of the Gillard regime will spell their doom and it will only take two independents to withdraw support and its game over for Gillard.

        This is big news by any estimation.


    • deegee says:

      Check out Nick Bryant’s Australia 16 March
      Some choice quotes:
      I am going to be off for the next few weeks – which is why I am not in Japan – and leave behind a news diary that seems entirely inconsequential given what is unfolding to Australia’s north.

      A big protest rally in Sydney in support of the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. A pre-wedding royal tour by Prince William to Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand to visit the victims of the floods and earthquake. A state election in New South Wales, where the incumbent Labor government faces obliteration (even to use that word seems inappropriate at a time like this).

      By the end of the month, a Liberal-led coalition will be in charge in New South Wales, the country’s most populous state. Not that there is any great enthusiasm for the incoming government. Indeed, perhaps Australia is living through an era of least worst options when it comes to federal and state politics.

      So it would seem that there’s a big story in Japan so whatever happens in Australia (his beat) doesn’t deserve attention. I’d love some confirmation that NSW isn’t enthusiastic about the new government. Fox and the Grapes, perhaps?


      • Cassandra King says:

        Here we have beeboid wishfull thinking in action =-O .

        “Not that there is any great enthusiasm for the incoming government. Indeed, perhaps Australia is living through an era of least worst options when it comes to federal and state politics.” 

        Now here we have an electorate handing a political party THE biggest swing in Australias entire political history and with a simply massive majority and still in the warped mind of the beeboids they are not popular, this is a swing to the liberals that drawrfs any swing to Gillard and yet she was hailed from the BBC rooftops just for being able to grub up enough support to cling onto power.

        Now here we have positive proof of bias from a BBC unable on a genetic level to report the news in a remotely fair manner, their side lost and lost so massively it is not possible that for the beeboid excuse to be anywhere near true.
        The greens hoped to grub a vote increase with the floods in Queensland until it was discovered that the flood was caused by green policies and faulty climate models and a almost criminally negligent dam operator, something which the BBC has yet to report on.

        The “least worst option”? Its funny but I dont remember the ALP and Gillard getting that treatment.


  27. Barry says:

    Another obnoxious BBC tentacle:  

    “Britain’s in trouble, if the Lonely Planet is any guide” 
    Why was the BBC allowed to buy this in the first place?


  28. Roger C says:

    The BBC newspaper review this morning, Guardian,Independant and The Daily Mirror, nothing new there than! Impartially “its in our genes”


  29. Cassandra King says:

    Aaaah thats better 😀 Cassandra triumphs at last!

    Whats the problem BBC? Why so afraid of covering such an important election, an election that has important implications for Australia.

    It seems the BBCs beloved greenshirts have lost their shirts and the BBC are suddenly not interested in anymore, how very strange!

    With 80% of the votes counted and the liberal leader now sworn in the BBC are silent, how very strange!


  30. George R says:

    The BBC-NUJ shows less interest in the London School of Economics (where Ms. S Chakrabarti is a governor) than does the ‘Daily Mail’. Why?

    “Disgraced academic who mocked Lara Logan over Egypt sex assault forced to quit top new job at Gaddafi’s favourite UK university”

    Read more:


    • Demon1001 says:

      Just looked at the link and the comments.  It’s amazing how sick some lefties are, some of them are actually blaming Logan for being raped.  They are saying that as a female she shouldn’t have been there.  That makes them hypocritical sickos. 

      Possibly CNN believed their own propaganda that these Egyptian rioters were warm, cuddly democrats who believed in women’s rights so were maybe ill-advised to put her in there without enough protection.  However, she was a professional doing her job and was not to blame for what was done to her.  The left-wing’s sickheadedness makes me nauseous too.


    • Umbongo says:

      On the impartial BBC 24/News at Ten last night the world-class moral void brought on to comment on the events in Libya was Alia Brahimi who your quoted article notes is “the [LSE] researcher who infamously described Gaddafi as ‘Brother Leader’ on video and frequently enjoyed expenses-paid trips to Tripoli, and to stay with the tyrant’s son at his holiday home in Greece.”

      Apparently there are no other experts in the UK – or the world – who can give a disinterested analysis concerning Libya.  It’s as if the BBC were to choose an unreconstructed red fascist (eg Mason) to comment on the events in London on Saturday afternoon and, in a completely unbiased way, commit a drive-by exculpation of Miliband and the TUC while linking Cameron and the BNP.  Oh – they did!  Why am I not surprised?


  31. Abandon Ship! says:

    Cameron speaks on Libya and the BBC is all questioning, worried, alarmed, it’s another Iraq, can we really target Gadaffi? etc etc

    Obamessiah speaks on Libya and the BBC swoon. Was it Mardell brown nosing on the news headlines this morning?


  32. Abandon Ship! says:

    Another hotel crossed off the BBC list for foreign correspondents…..,7340,L-4048359,00.html


  33. jazznick says:

    A Cold Climate – Guilt by Omission.

    These should have been major news stories but were ‘omitted’ by the BBC.
    No prizes for the reason why.


  34. George R says:

    “Home Secretary Theresa May condemns protest ‘thugs'”

    But, of course, May and INBBC concur in not wanting any ban on face-covered protesters to apply to burqa-clad Muslims marching in Britain, as last Friday, (Oxford St, London), for the imposition of Sharia law  -see video clip:

    There is a similar march by such Muslims (for imposition of Caliphate), next Saturday in London.


  35. graham duck says:

    Can someone put up a link to last nights newsnight and the all knowing Emily lecturing a moslem about why it’s not a result of Islam that women get so badly treated under Sharia. She obviously believed the stuff that she’s been lectured on and couldn’t possibly understand that someone with direct experience of it had the cheek to contradict her insularly aquired views. Six months in a burka might just change her view somewhat. Fair play to the item they were discussing, it did (for a change) outline the reality of life for moslem women (IE please the men or starve!)


    • George R says:

      Last night’s ‘Newsnight’ is accessible to UK viewers here:

      ‘Newsnight’s film docu by Ms Lloyd-Roberts censors out all reference to the words ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’ in her 15 minutes report on the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia (video, see from 13 min: 30 secs in); Ms Hirsi Ali, ex-Muslim as studio guest, emphasises the negative role of Islam in the subjugation of women, but Ms Maitlis (apparently an expert on Islam) tries to correct Ms Hirsi Ali on the nature of Islam, bringing in the INBBC favourite obfuscation: ‘Islam’ and ‘Islamism’.


  36. deegee says:

    If it wasn’t for the constant accusations that the BBC is a queer paradise I’d think The BBC’s Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg report on “Russia’s most glamorous secret agent” more than a little hormone influenced.

    Whether that is true or not the BBC ‘report’ would be better suited to People magazine than a supposedly serious news organization.

    The Secrets of Anna Chapman


  37. ltwf1964 says:

    accordin to the daily Mail,the founder of UKUncut,Thom Costello,works as an assistant producer for CTVC,a tv production company that has received taxpayers money to do work for the One (Brain Cell) Show and



    now there’s a thing,eh?


    • Guest Who says:


      PennyRed Laurie Penny Yes it’s on tonight. Thanks to @paulmasonnews for his patience whilst I gabbled about dissent and democracy.
      Of course he was patient. Of course.
      On is sure all other such gabblers are accorded equal courtesy on Newsnight.
      Not like he seems to have a curious relationship with certain aspects of society over others, or anything.


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        It does seem to be getting noticed….

        What is his twitter avatar all about, by the way?

        As he seems happy with the association, maybe it’s a question his employer might answer as he seems to be going watertight, oversight-wise.

        Paul Mason@paulmasonnews LondonNewsnight’s economics editor. Author of Meltdown; Live Working or Die Fighting


        • As I See It says:

          Of course it’s the unspoken truth that the trustafarian Emilys and Sebastians of UK Uncut know in their bones that if they put down some left-wing cred in lieu of a gap year, in a couple of decades they’ll be running the BBC.


    • Beeboidal says:

      For those not aware of The One Show:: The show which, in the run up to an election campaign evrryone knew was coming, decided to run a feature enttled ‘ Is Cameron A Toff’.

      The show which, when foolish Cameron was a guest, had the presenter ask ‘ How can you sleep at night?’.

      The show which, when comedian Frank Skinner was a guest, chose to run a clip of Frank in which he is making fun of Cameron. This caused Skinner,  who was aware of the ‘How can you sleep at night?’ incident, to laughingly remark ‘ You’ve got a vendetta against that bloke’. Spot on, Frank.

      Newsnight’s bias needs no introduction from me.


      • wild says:

        ‘How can you sleep at night?’. The cynicism of that remark is truly breathtaking.


  38. deegee says:

    What is today’s American Dream?  
    Reading this piece one would receive the distinct impression that no Japanese survived emotionally intact or thrived after their Internment during WWII. Simply not true.  
    Just for the record the United Kingdom interned my late father (a refugee from Germany) during WWII. Although unpleasant at the time he never had any doubts about his position in Australia as a result of it.  
    Thought it worth mentioning as the BBC covered this story in July.  


  39. George R says:

    For BBC-Democrats, Mardell, Frei, etc., etc:

    “Beck: Obama has a lot of explaining to do” (5 min video clip)


  40. Abandon Ship! says:

    Off-message. Who invited him? I thought he was a safe pair of hands.

    On the Today programme at 7.51am

    Sir David King explains to an incredulous Justin Webb that nuclear power just isn’t as dangerous as the BBC think. Clearly a revelation to all those Beeboid CNDers who think Caroline Lucas should be the next in line to the throne.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      I dread to think what Aunty and her girls will make of this one…

      @channel4news Sky is reporting that traces of radioactive iodine from #Fukushima have been found in Glasgow

      No word on anywhere between these two locations, which is a stretch, though jetstreams may explain it.

      Might be nice to actually get scientists involved, but I noted from lunchtime news it was the Met Office on the case, so…. ok.


  41. Ryan Macdonald says:

    janebuc wrote:

    ‘Anthropogenic climate change has been proved beyond doubt and is accepted by all the authentic scientific community.’

    Err, no, it hasn’t. Thousands of reputable scientists do not accept this theory. But thousands of people think if they repeat it thousands of times one day it might become true.


  42. Liquid says:

    BTW – way back at the start of this thread some lefty writer was quoted about some radio stuff you can watch on the Internet.

    How do you ‘watch’ radio exactly?


  43. fred bloggs says:

    Compare the difference;  the bBC who have Ian Tomlinson as the G20 martyr.

    As a lad I worked near the ‘hole in the wall’ under Waterloo station.  I could spot the ‘Alki Shuffle’ at 200yds.  Seeing the Tomlinson video I instantly knew this man has a serious drink problem.  Seems the innocents at the bBC cannot see the real world when it is starring them straight in the face.


  44. George R says:

    Racial discrimination against white people employment in Britain’s public sector.

    Is BBC-NUJ interested?:

    “Middle-class youngsters barred from applying for internships at Whitehall and in the police… because they are white”

    Read more:–white.html#ixzz1I00pJYEX


  45. George R says:

    Will INBBC show a similar politically empathetic attitude towards ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ as it does towards ‘UK Uncut’?:

    U.K.: Thugs from “Muslims Against Crusades” intend to disrupt royal wedding


  46. George R says:

    Under pressure from the non-Islamic world, INBBC’s self-styled ‘West Bank correspondent’, Mr DONNISON tries to catch up a little on INBBC’s scandalous ‘reporting’ of Fogel murders:

    “Fogel murders: Israeli army ‘detains 60 Palestinians'”


    “Louise Bagshawe still waiting for BBC to explain Fogel failures”


    • Demon1001 says:

      Perhaps the volume of correspondence Miss Bagshawe has may make her look again at BBC bias.  She wasn’t fully convinced about it before but hopefully this will make her investigate more deeply.  She may even mention it to her boss, Cameron, to ensure that he can’t deny the problem.

      And as for Boaden, perhaps her genes are shaking, considering her ridiculous claim of impartiality may be soon put to the test properly.  Here’s hoping anyway.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Paragraph 3 of Donnison’s report:-

      “Israeli police suspect Palestinians of carrying out the attack, but officers have not said what evidence they have.”

      Paragraph 6:-

      “Israeli police are not commenting on the investigation. An Israeli court has imposed a gagging order on reporting details of the case.”

      The BBC obviously believe the murderer (a word the BBC can’t bring themselves to use) otherwise why would they have spent half the original report doing propaganda by rote that the settlements are ‘illegal’ under ‘International Law’?

      Donnison again:-

      “The killing on 11 March of five members of the Fogel family, including the three young children, has shocked both Israelis and many Palestinians.”

      I’ve yet to hear of the Palestinian authorities urging Palestinians to come forward with information and vowing to extradite any accused to Israel to face justice.

      I’m sure the State of Israel could put together a very good case for expelling Mr Donnison on the grounds his biased reporting aids and abetts proto-genocidal terrorism against Israelis.

      In fact, it’s high time they did this.


  47. Mailman says:

    God, we could only but dream of this kind of debate happening on the BBC! Well, actually it does but only against christianity on that sunday morning hard question debacle.



    • George R says:

      Yes; or imagine the following being broadcast in Britain, instead of PAXMAN’s friendly chat with the Arab League rep, as tonight on ‘Newsnight’.

      Glenn BECK, ‘Fox News’: “I stand tonight with Israel”

      (video clip of 21 mins duration) –


  48. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC and its full time job of being the propoganda arm of radical Islam.  
    Facebook drops ‘intifada’ page for promoting violence  
     Facebook has removed a page calling for a new Palestinian uprising against Israel after more than 350,000 people signed up to it. The page which appeared on the social networking site was called Third Palestinian Intifada after two previous uprisings against Israeli occupation.It was removed for featuring calls for violence, a company spokesman said.Israel had raised concerns about the page. Facebook has helped spread calls for protests in Arab states. The Third Palestinian Intifada page had called for an uprising after Muslim prayers on Friday 15 May.  
    And just in case you didn’t know (I mean 350,000 out of an arab popualtion of around 6 million) the bBC informs you of when the latest unrest is to happen.

    But the icing on the cake for the bBC is how in the wee comments box found on every article (which is used to encapsulate the story) the bbC gives us this;

    “It seems that [Israeli] Minister Yuli Edelstein needs lessons in human rights and freedom of expression as he is not aware of the world’s respect for individual opinion”
    Demtri Deliani
    Fatah official”


  49. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC, airing stories which the Daily Mail beat them to 4 days before   and actually there isn’t a story here;  
    Father upset by Manchester school’s ‘Victorian’ wall of shame  
     In a nutshell girl who f-ks about in class and then bunks off school gets her name on the school (only) board of shame. She goes crying to her dad that it is sooooooooooo embarrassing to having a few hundred people know you are a waste of space and slacking off. So what does daddy do, he goes to the media (including a TV interview with the bBC) in which to inform a lot more people than just the school, that his daughter is one of labours hopefuls for the future. (“I want to be a glamour model,like Jordan”)

    Can,anybody else see the irony here?  


    • deegee says:

      We must thank the BBC for being thorough. They outdo the Mail, providing both picture and first name.

      Is it physiologically possible to be still crying after 4 days (minimum) as indicated by the picture? 


  50. Marky says:

    Blast from BBC’s past.

    “While war still rages in Europe, writer and broadcaster HG Wells looks to the future and asks whether humanity can adapt and forge a ‘new world’ free from ‘economic and political aggression against each other’. He stresses the requirement for a centralised, global power, above that of individual nations, and the need to ensure that there is no further use for slavery. Wells also believes that no race should ever be considered ‘backward’, that the supreme task is the re-education of the world and that we must never allow the ‘black record of intolerance to hold us back’.”

    New World Order, Social Engineering, Eugenics…


    • Marky says:

      “no race should ever be considered ‘backward’, that the supreme task is the re-education of the world and that we must never allow the ‘black record of intolerance to hold us back”

      No of couse not backward just eliminated.

      “And for the rest, those swarms of black, and brown, and dirty-white, and yellow people, who do not come into the new needs of efficiency? Well, the world is a world, not a charitable institution, and I take it they will have to go.”  – H G Wells

      “The men of the New Republic will not be squeamish, either, in facing or inflicting death, because they will have a fuller sense of the possibilities of life than we possess. They will have an ideal that will make killing worthwhile.” – H G Wells

      Liberal Fascism of an enlightend Nazi.


      • Demon1001 says:

        Liberal Fascism of an enlightend Nazi.

        Yes, he was a true socialist and eugenicist.  Before Hitler tried to implement eugenics, the left were generally very much in favour of it.  A lot of them would have been very pleased that the first victims of his crimes were the mentally challenged.