I know that you are talking about this on the Open Thread but I spent a few minutes suffering the BBC coverage of the Denialists parade through our Capital city. Talks about bias! The BBC is openly doing everything possible to hype this up, whoring themselves to the comrades in the Trade Unions. Perhaps you might like to post your thoughts on the rolling coverage here? The BBC reporters appear ENTHUSED as they facilitate the Tory-bashing assembled leftist masses. Heard Ed Balls been given unfettered time to attack the Conservatives and re-write Labour’s central role in helping bring about the deficit that these assembled fools deny.

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  1. Span Ows says:

    I’m missing all the fun but pleased to hear Balls was heckled when he joined the March. Why the BBC give so much airtime to this fuckwit (and a major player in the reason cutBACKS are needed) is a mystery…NOT!


    • Scrappydoo says:

      Ed Balls always  gives the impression that he is constantly struggling to  keep control of his sanity. 


  2. George R says:

    And, of course there is the usual political ‘left’-Islamic Sharia alliance on today’s demo, which INBBC takes for granted.

    By the way, yesterday in central London, apparently unremarked by INBBC:

    “London Yesterday. Sharia for Libya – Sharia for the UK.”


  3. Anonymous says:

    Disagree, David. IMHO the Beeb’s treatment was bound to reflect the complete inadequacy of the marchers claims. The talking heads in the studio were able to skewer these claims with ease. Francis Maude, with whom I am  not generally impressed, played a straight bat, and the spokesman from the Taxpayers Alliance was little short of marvellous in the way he showed the incoherence and the inadequacy of the ‘no cuts’ rhetoric.


    • hippiepooter says:

      I have to say I caught a couple of TODAY news bulletins yesterday and was suprised how even-handed they were.  The march segment ended with a Tory Spokesman saying that when Mr Miliband addresses the march he will have to explain what his alternative policy is.  
      I might be wrong, but it seems that up to a point HMG is managing to exert successful pressure to force the BBC to give balanced coverage.


  4. DCP says:

    Compare and contrast with the reporting of the Countryside Alliance marches – all but ignored by the BBC


    • George R says:

      Yes; BBC-NUJ is politically very embedded with the TUC ‘cuts’ demo, as we have come to expect.

      I expect BBC-NUJ Father of the Chapel, at ‘Newsnight’, Comrade PAUL MASON to be politically gushing about this on TV, his blog, etc for days.. spinning how he marched with unemployed girls from Africa, or whatever..


  5. Johnny Norfolk says:

    The BBC are just disgusting they way support Labour who have caused all our problems. When will Mr Hunt sort them out.?


  6. 1327 says:

    This mornings Radio 4 news reminded me of listening to Radio 1 during the Glastonbury music festival. The beebiods bubble is never so obvious than it times like these as they babble on and on about the event as though its the biggest thing this year and everyone will be there etc etc.

    Perhaps its just me but I don’t know anyone going on this march. Certainly no family and it hasn’t been mentioned by any of my colleagues or my circle of friends recently.


  7. Span Ows says:

    BBC seem to be missing all the violent bits:

    • Reports of more than 400,000 protesters on the streets
    •Thousands of police flood the capital to keep order
    • Windows smashed and shops targeted in Oxford Street
    • Police attacked by violent minority


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Funny how Miliband Minor was speechifying yesterday about his”fear” that the Conservatives were trying to divide the country – which the BBC played over and over.  Who’s actually doing the dividing here?


  9. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    All sorts of groups marching, even Alzheimers Sufferers Against The Cuts.

    What do we want?  We can’t remember.

    When do we want it?  Want what?


    • Bupendra Bhakta says:

      Hey, that wasn’t a joke in bad taste.

      That wasa a post-ironic comment on left-wing comedians and the politically correct.


      • hippiepooter says:

        After Lenny Henry opened Comic Relief by mocking George VI’s speech impediment the BBC would hardly be in a position to complain.  If they did, you could just say what the Director Richard Curtis said “We’re against bullying” and that would make it OK.

        I wonder if they’re against bullying of pupils by schools who refuse to accept what they’re taught that homosexuality is normal?


  10. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Talking of Ed Balls, I didn’t hear every interview he had with the droids in the week but did any of them even try and pin him down on his big lies?

    Lie 1.  Every country in the world had a banking crisis.

    Lie 2.  I regret not opposing the Tories more when they kept calling for us to lighten banking regulation.

    Lie 3.  The deficit is not a problem.

    Hard to know with the droids whether they lack the intellect/ knowledge to show the man for the liar he is, or whether they lack the inclination.

    Both I suppose.


    • Demon1001 says:

      Lie 4.  The economy was recovering well before the Tories came in.


      • Bupendra Bhakta says:

        Lie 5. All the PFI contracts are on balance sheet.

        A steaming great, straight-up, utter, barefaced lie.  No response from the droid who didn’t know.

        £43 billion of PFI contracts ‘off-balance sheet’ according to the OBR.


  11. Shay says:

    BBC wants you to know that any unpleasantness is nothing to do with the comrades – even the (usually suspect) police say so “But the Metropolitan Police’s official Twitter feed emphasised this was separate from the main TUC march, which it said had passed off peacefully.


  12. pounce_uk says:

    I saw this on the Daily Mails website (which unlike the bbC includes all the violence being carried out) and feel it should get more air:

    They are only cutting the rate at which they are increasing the national overdraft. The National Debt continues to go up and up even after these cuts come in. Imagine the outcry if and when the government of the day decides it wants to reduce the National Debt too ! But if you think this is bad, imagine the howls of anguish when interest rates are forced up on all our mortgages and credit card debts — which is what will happen if the deficit is not reversed. Now that will really hurt almost all of us. Lets see how socialist we all are when inflation and mortgage interest rates rise to over 10%. 

    – Clive Berryfield, Worthing, West Sussex, 26/3/2011 16:28


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    What a joke these protesters are.  “I’m proud of this protest, I don’t condone violence, I didn’t see any, anything that calls attention to billionaires not paying their taxes is a good thing, I didn’t see any vandalism….”

    You can see the gritted teeth through which the Beeboids are forced to report the reality of the violence and extremism perpetrated by their fellow travellers.

    Poor Tim Willcox now getting shouted at and spat on my some lunatic asking him how much he earns.  Can we stop pretending this is some sort of legitimate protest against government policy?

    Did any Country Alliance or EDL protests require kettling or result in such destruction?  Or a Tea Party protest?  I forget.

    I don’t expect the BBC to have any kind of discussion acknowledging this fact.


    • Mohammed Lovespigs says:

      The Countryside Alliance march didn’t even leave one piece of litter. Compare this with the carpet of filth that the TUC, SWP, UAF etc. always leave behind.
      These filthy wretches care even less about the environment than they do about their own personal hygiene.  


      • Umbongo says:


        It’s a form of job creation.  Obviously, the “middle class” supporters of the Countryside Alliance were trying to do public sector workers out of a job by doing their work for them.


      • Foxy Brown says:

        Do you remember the complete news blackout of the Countryside Alliance march in London the day after on the Today Programme?  The biggest protest gathering in the capital city’s history, and it was deemed to be not of sufficient interest to R4’s listenership.


  14. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Just caught the head of the Taxpayers’ Alliance saying the cuts are necessary and explaining very intelligently why.

    “There are two voices there, aren’t there?” asks the female Beeboid.  Some, she says are “feeling the hurt in their purses.”  Yeah, we’re back to the BBC asking, “but do you at least approve of the reaosns for the violence?”  Condoning by another name.

    Good closing line: “These guys aren’t marchig for no cuts: they’re marching for more cuts later” if we don’t do it now.  Have to remember that one.  Even the Beeboid understood that this idea would de-legitimize the violence.


  15. Mohammed Lovespigs says:

    As ever, the ignorant left-wing freaks are great at ranting about what they don’t like, but get a bit stuck when it comes to explaining what they do like.

    The excellent matthew Sinclaire from the TPA destroyed their piss-weak arguments as does Daniel Hannan here:


    • NotaSheep says:

      But as they say when they phone VD on 5Live – the cuts are too deep and too fast, people are suffering, can’t they wait before cutting.


  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Justine Greening was on the News Channel a little while ago telling the female Beeboid in the studio that her description of the cuts and the economic situation was wrong.  The Beeboid tried to bring up the TUC position, too much too soon, etc., people are hurting, and Greening corrected her at every turn.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well she laid out the Government position and the realities underlying what’s actually going on.  The Beeboid sputtered and kept trying, but Greening was in top form, very coherent with facts at her fingertips, unlike what the BBC News producers had prepared for the poor woman in the anchor chair.

    I could tell none of it was getting through, though, becuase the Beeboid closed the interview by asking Greening if the Government was still going to go ahead with their plans in spite of all these protesters saying they didn’t want it.  No recognition at all that they might be wrong.  Instead, it was meant to set up Greening to portray the Government as being deaf and not heeding the public’s wishes.

    I doubt they’ll be repeating this interview as many times as the one with Brendan Barber or some other Leftoid mouthpiece.   Let’s see which gets more repeats today and tomorrow.


    • Craig says:

      Yes, it was a great interview.
      Given the narrative being pushed about the government being deaf, there was some irony in the interviewer, Martine Croxall, starting by asking Justine,
      “Extraordinary. So many people have come together – and, by and large, it’s been peaceful – hundreds of thousands of people, families from all across the country, on the streets. Are you going to ignore what they’re saying?”

      and ending (ignoring everything that Justine has said during the rest of the interview) by asking,

      “Very quickly, these people on the streets – hundreds of thousands. Is what they’re telling you, that you’ve got it wrong and you need to slow it down, is it going to change anything, in a nutshell?”
      i.e. the same question. Who’s being deaf Martine?


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        I know, right?  Simply because these people are shouting, we must obey them.  There’s no need to trouble ourselves over who is actually right or wrong.  Yet that’s the BBC’s Narrative here, and every time we see these protests.


  17. John Horne Tooke says:

    Has the BBC questioned Milliband or Balls on this little gem?

    “In 1997 Labour inherited a budget that was actually in balance. After a painful and turbulent decade under the Tories, the public finances had finally been brought under control. But after four years in office Gordon Brown took out the country’s credit card and let rip. By the end of 2009-10 our annual deficit had ballooned to £170.8 billion.”

    Labour did not “suffer an international banking crisis” from 1997


  18. George R says:

    A reminder: yesterday’s central London demo (100 yards from INBBC’a and Arabic TV’s Broadcastging House) which called for the imposition of Sharia law everywhere, was unreported by INBBC:

    “Sharia Law for Libya protest closes Oxford Street”

    (inc. video clip)

    There is another demo in central London next Saturday, by the same sort of people, demanding the imposition of a CALIPHATE.


  19. PhilLaw says:

    Listened just now to the news on Five Live, there are protesters occupying Fortnum and Masons and the news went to a ” BBC Producer with the protesters ” Erm, not a reporter reporting on the protesters. Maybe it’s semantics but I think not. Fighting the good fight for the left.


  20. George R says:

    Several pertinent references to BBC political bias here:

    “The great cuts lie: Today’s march by state sector workers will fuel hysteria that there’s a public spending massacre. Nothing is further from the truth”

    By Stephen Glover

    Read more:


  21. London Calling says:

    Lots of coverage of trustafarian toy-anarchists trying to trash the Ritz and climbing on the balconies of Fortnum and Mason. If they are ever found and brought to book, to pay for their criminal damage, it will no doubt be “..err do you take American Express?”

    Police were “taken by suprise” (again) That’s the easiest line to take, clearly they have thought that out. Being pro-active with snatch-squads might look heavy handed. And our old friends the ant-capitalist G20-style international anarchists sporting de riguer black masks. Weren’t expecting them again. Armies of police, jackets stuffed with overtime claim forms, administering sensitive policing. Meanwhile our capital city is being trashed by rogue elements of the Inland Revenue “Pay more tax or we’ll smash your windows!”

    Lots of spotty kids acting up for the cameras, which were there in abundance. Protest is so photogenic. The BBC stand shoulder to shoulder against cuts. Metaphorically. Our national broadcaster, the broadcasting arm of the Labour Party, whilst Tories do a Nelson and say “We see no ships”


    • Shay says:

      Yes we truly have the worst of situations. We have to pay for thousands of police but they have been so cowed by the media that they are completely ineffectual,


  22. Dorian Smith says:

    “Top tweet: from Lauren Lavern, I beleive of the BBC:!/laverneshow/status/51585510543597568 

    “Good luck to everyone marching today. Give ’em peaceful, eloquent hell. #march26 ”

    We all know they are biased, now they don’t even attempt the illusion.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      There goes another £100 of your license fee to a training session on how to use social media properly.


  23. Craig says:

    Another example of the BBC helping Labour to re-write history came on Wednesday.

    Radio 4’s anti-Tory chief political correspondent Norman Smith kept popping up to talk about youth unemployment and the “lost generation”. Labour are saying this and Labour are saying that, according to Smith. It’s a “huge potential vulnerability for the government”, said Smith. “I’ve no doubt that if joblessness amongst youngsters hits 1 million that will be one of those potentially tipping point moments in the political debate and Labour will leap on that to reassert their arguments about the lost generation.” 

    Anyone listening to Norman Smith could be forgiven for thinking that large-scale youth unemployment began in May 2010. It didn’t.

    When Labour took power in 1997 youth unemployment stood at 665,000. By September 2009 it had risen to 943,000. It rose steadily (despite their much-vaunted ‘New Deal’) until 2008 when it rocketed up due to the Brown slump.

    Smith knows all about the Labour recession’s impact on youth unemployment and about the complaints from the Guardian (when Labour were in power) about Labour’s dismal record. Yet he chooses not to mention it and instead plays up the Tory-led coalition’s responsibility.

    I would expect nothing less from Norman Smith.


    • Hanson says:

      Too right, well said.

      Even when the economy was “booming” under Labour, ie. eyeballed up the debt, youth unemployment was soaring. The Tories are far too slow to point this out. What I really hate is how the BBC keep finding ways to link the tuition fees rise to increased youth unemployment….maybe it’s more that people are getting useless qualifications these days that employers realise are worthless…?


  24. Craig says:

    Talking of Fortnam and Mason, Paul Mason is obviously enjoying himself:    

    Paul Mason Impromptu rave with band and tent at ttafalgar sq

    2 hours ago    

    Previously our would-be Revolutionary Hero had engaged in a little Twitter banter with the ‘progressive’ editor of The Nation:    
    KatrinaNation Katrina vandenHeuvel Can’t remember a time when disconnect between elite debate & people’s movement/interests & needs so great/Sure there was one, but…21 hours ago
    paulmasonnews Paul Mason @KatrinaNation it was called the eighties20 hours ago


    • Guest Who says:

      our would-be Revolutionary Hero had engaged in a little Twitter banter’

      Looking at it the sequence on his thread is barely coherent.

      Maybe he was excited and emotional?

      I remain intrigued as to how a senior BBC journalist seemed to be in two-way contact throughout with folk who planned and then committed a major offence.


  25. Cassandra King says:

    If we had a real tory party and not the libsocdem regime, the cuts would have come hard and fast where they would have made the biggest difference BEFORE the leftists could organise such a demo but the libsocdem wavered and made concessions and deals and a few half hearted cuts with no real conviction, why the long wait and the iffing and butting and hopping from one foot to the other like uncertain schoolgirls?
    They started from day one as if they had all the time in the world didnt they? No rush no pressure lets not be too hasty cutting lets talk and reason with the parasite sector maybe they will see reason. They entered government more interested in their luxury trappings and without the gonads to make the real cuts.
    The village idiot could have told them that you have to act within the first days of coming into office NOT the first years, slash and burn BEFORE the parasites know whats hit them, you dont have a chat with hook worms you kill them all stone dead.
    We see the parasite class fully protected and the EU euroslime fully funded and the quangos fully funded and the tranzi foreign aid gravytrain fully funded while what cuts there are are aimed as usual at those least able to weather the storm.
    This is where I came in BEFORE the election and claimed that this was exactly what the libsocdem regime would do, they would compromise and make deals with the parasite class, the rich and the connected would be fully cushioned, the euroslime would get their cut ring fenced and the tranzis would get their foreign aid scam protected.
    So in the end the regime screws those least able to afford to weather the consequences of the political classes actions and the rich connected scum get the money. So much money siphoned off by so few selfish greedy self regarding scum.
    We dont have a UK government, what we have is a gang of crooked self serving gang of elitists looking out for their own kind while filling thier pockets. We are the beast of burden and they are the pigs working us to death to pay for their brave new world.
    The libsocdem regime fully and richly deserves the BBC, they go together like flies on cow dung and when the libsocdems manage the unthinkable, to lose to the very party that caused the mess in the first place we will know for sure that they should not have been elected in the first place. So keen to get rid of Brown? Not such a bright idea to vote these useless muppets in was it?


    • Hanson says:

      I don’t agree with all this foreign aid, but it’s small fry in the scale of the debt. It’s a similar argument to complaining about non doms in my view – it’s not enough money to worry about given the size of Gordon Brown’s legacy. The real problem is that we have a dependency on welfare in this country now ( I am not opposed to the NHS per se) but once a country develops a culture of ‘what am I owed’ and ‘what can i get’ from the state, it becomes very very hard to ween people off it. Even middle class people, who should know far better, are complaining that benefits they don’t need (but gladly take) are being reduced. If we are going to have a welfare state it should look after the most needy, not mollycoddle so many who are undeserving.


    • jarwill101 says:

      Spot on, Cassandra. And whatever did happen to the ‘Bonfire of the Quangos’? Nobody has put a match to them yet. Why, for example, do we still need an Equality & Human Rights Commission when all its desires have been enshrined in law by coercives like Harriet Harman – The Maid of Frankfurt(School). At £60 million a year? Small fry, yes. But add up all the superfluous, parasitical small fry & you begin to have big fry. How many Alzheimers Day Centres could be saved if Cameron had the guts to tell the likes of Trevor ‘Fillmyboots’ Phillips to sling his hook?
      The ‘sense of entitlement’ in this country is at epidemic proportions. And time & time again I see those who really deserve support falling by the wayside, whilst an army of often non-productive arrivistes walks into a benefits culture to which they have contributed nothing, where they can join our own deliberately miseducated, state-dependent flounderers.
      The UK? An infantilised nation that has totally lost its self-respect, & its pride in its own self-sufficiency, addicted to electrified bread & circuses, & so lacking in critical faculties it can actually listen to cretins like Ed Balls. We’ve come a long way.


  26. BBCwaste says:

    The BBC seems to be doing eveything possible to play down the disgraceful actions of the protesters rioting in London, damaging shops and disrupting London and Londoners today.

    The Sky and BBC News 24 coverage could not be more different.


  27. Hanson says:

    Putting bias aside for a second, I cannot comprehend how the police stand by and allow these criminals to destroy banks/shops etc ,and set fires in the middle of the damn street. We need far, far more aggressive policing. The more that they stand by and allow this vandalism, the more it encourages the next lot.


  28. Shay says:

    10:15 on Saturday night & the multi-million pound news organisation cannot even cover events occuring in Trafalgar Square (all the staff off to their Cotswold weekend cottages or cottaging in Hampstead?) So the News channel has to make do with a phone call from a “BBC engineer” who sounds drugged & tells us he is caught up behind police lines outside the National Gallery as the rioting continues.


  29. pounce_uk says:

    It appears that the Daily Mail has noticed how impartial the bBC really is:


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Sally Mason, one of the protesters who occupied the store, said: ‘Fortnum & Mason is a symbol of wealth and greed. It is where the Royal Family and the super-rich do their weekly shop’

      No relation, one is sure, to the author of this, who seems to have enjoyed special access to the fun & games from within.

      I know it’s a bit naughty taking a single piece out of the whole as it makes for a more spicy narrative, but seductive.

      Maybe I could become a BBC ‘reporter’?


      • London Calling says:

        “…Fortnum & Mason is a symbol of wealth and greed…”
        Ignorant silly cow.It is where tourists go to buy little souvenirs of their trip to London.


      • hippiepooter says:

        @ Guest Who .. Well, she’s from Manchester.  Maybe it’s because papa has relocated?

        On the other hand, she could be an heiress.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      This matches exactly the Narrative I heard all day on the News Channel:  the violence and vandalism IS NOT reflective of the very peaceful TUC protest itself, where there were so many rainbows and unicorns that people “felt comfortable bringing their families”.  This was re-inforced several times by different Beeboids.


      • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

        Where else have I heard the old ‘small, violent minority unrepresentative of a larger, peaceful, well-meaning majority’ line? Can’t think.


  30. dave s says:

    As expected it has been interesting in London. The so called family march has been completely overshadowed by the violence. It does make one think. Couldn’t have gone better for the coalition. The light early policing helped as well.
    The BBC looks to have been outmanouvered as it has to cover the violence to remain a creditable news organisation. Cameron’s useful idiots.


    • 1327 says:

      Yes but I wish the Tories had the guts to take advantage of it. If I had my way Dave would clear his schedule this week. Tomorrow morning would be taken up by visiting injured Police officers and bystanders in hospital , Tuesday would be spent very publically viewing the damage and on Wednesday the Met Chief Constable would be called to number 10 for a meeting on what he needs to prevent this happening in the future.

      Done correctly they could dominate the news agenda all week.


  31. London Calling says:

    How much tax did the UK Uncut Tax Protestors pay last years? Show me the money you phony middle-class muppets. Cambridge graduates fashion politics.


  32. Guest Who says:

    Having had a chance to sleep on this, I am having some problems reconciling the role of the uniquely funded national broadcaster in all this.

    The concerns of ordinary folk seem real enough, and the right to demonstrate (even if pointless and so vague on sensible intention as to be no more than a toddler’s foot stamp. There is no more money. The public sector are simply demanding the Government shackles future generations for index-linked nirvana to continue in the face of reality, and a few yummy mummies and trustafarians are in a snit because they are not getting all the Labour-bribe goodies they got used to and feel entitled to) enshrined in the democratic process we all hold dear.

    But this is reading like a bad play on the part of the BBC.

    Abusing a £4Bpa budget and national broadcast reach, they seem to have stepped well over the line and manipulated events rather than made any attempt at reporting. With the scene set quite neatly by the best they can find to focus attention of followers to the task at hand:

    But today he tried out his new message: That the coalition’s cuts risk a return to the national disunity of the 1980s.’

    Unsure how shrieking about bankers over and over was meant to ally that risk. One is sure Fortnum’s may have a view, too.

    In advance of the whole thing we seem to have seen countless attempts to facilitate matters. Some, such as this from Newsnight making one wonder to what extent:

    ‘In other news we are seeking more information on a man who was known as Simon Wellings during the time that he was a member of Globalise Resistance (between about 2001 and 2005) – click here for more details and to see pictures of the man in question.’

    Then, during the inevitable consequences of such preparation, when it kicks off we have senior reporting ‘brands’, neither exactly peans of impartiality despite their seniority and influence at the best of times, pretty much orchestrating perceptions based on either narrative rigging…


    At Fortnum and Mason the demonstrators who took it over are trying to get out, texting me to point out the difference between themselves and the “black block”‘

    And all cheered on by the ‘they are on TV and paid a lot so they must be worth listening to’ yoof-adored peroxide sink brigade, appealing to the fickle bunch who drive their multi-hundred £k salaries, perks and pensions:

    Without the merest hint of alternative views, context or common sense.

    It’s more like a student party that’s kicked off because the kids all got high on spiked punch. But enough of the employees of the BBC, as for the rioters…

    I can only imagine today’s Wolfie Marr Show will be a hoot, as ‘guests’ include? 

    Meanwhile next week’s Newswatch will carefully select comments on the carefully selected clips they feel represents the BBC’s antics, and solemnly intone ‘they got it about right’. Again.



  33. Guest Who says:

    Missed Mr. Marr thanks to forgetting about the time change. Probably no loss.

    And as News 24 is now a total joke I have been consigned to SKY, and its weekend wimmin specials (all the blokes playing golf?).

    Hence treated to a peroxide sink outside the wreckage in Piccadilly chirruping that the banks and shops are today facing a big bill.

    Pretty sure that, via insurance and/or operating costs, the bill will get loaded back on those who work, pay taxes and honour obligations.

    At least they had a guest paper reviewer who did not abuse the opportunity for a counter-free tribal rant. Speaking of Aunty’s favourite, Mr. Maguire…

    Seems the ‘Big Society Bites Back’.

    Er it looked more like the very antithesis of it got to throw their toys out of the pram. 

    Ably assisted, mind.


    • Craig says:

      Ah, well you missed Marr putting this gloss on yesterday’s events:

      Protests in London were big and, while, yes, a few so-called anarchists attacked some cake stands in Fortnum’s and threw a bit of paint at the Ritz, it was – thank goodness! – very mild.

      Can’t say it looked it from the scenes on Sky.


  34. Guest Who says:

    Much that is so very wrong with our media’s role in this inherent in this image:

    I presume that captured in the cameras of those featured are pretty much the exact same row of ratings parasites either getting their jollies or actively egging on.


    • Demon1001 says:

      It would be nice to be reassured that that little pillock trying to hit a policeman got his head busted by a truncheon (or whatever they call them now).  He needs to have a jail sentence of not less than 2 years inside, followed by at least 10 years of Community Service.  His right to vote should be taken off him for all that time too.


    • hippiepooter says:

      On the plus side, that guy can be easily identified.  If he gets anything less than a year for assaulting a police officer like that it will be an outrage.  I fear though that the Courts will take into account the Police Officer is wearing protective gear.  They shouldn’t.


  35. pounce_uk says:

    I see the bbC post protest coverage is just as biased:
    TUC condemns post-rally violence in central London

    Commander Bob Broadhurst, who was in charge of the Metropolitan Police operation, said his officers had to deal with “mindless yobs” in and around Trafalgar Square in central London. 
    “We’ve had a number of – I hesitate to call them protesters – a bunch of people that ended up in Trafalgar Square,” he said.
    “All was peaceful for quite a long while but then for some reason one of them made an attack on the Olympic [countdown] clock, we moved in to make an arrest, the next minute they’re attacking us and they’re trying to attack and damage the Olympic clock in Trafalgar Square.”….

    One of the people caught up in the trouble in Trafalgar Square, named Sophie, gave an account 
    She said: “All of a sudden about 10-20 Met police came storming down the steps of the National Gallery, ran straight to the Olympic clock.
    “I have never seen such a fast escalation of violence in my life. Everything just kicked off, glass everywhere, police hitting people, people being dragged across the floor. I just can’t believe it.”

    Read that, according to the bBC, its actually the police to blame for the violence. Yet in the above peaceful account by Sophie she points out where the police were running to. I wonder why?

    Meanwhile elsewhere the bBC is asking the question why didn’t the police act sooner.


    • Paddy says:

      TUC and militant Miliband have washed their hands of any responsibility so the fault must be the polices. Never mind our uniquely funded state broadcaster building the deluded hysteria over a four month basis, cuts cuts cuts.
      when they were marching earlier, they couldn’t help saying how they hoped the police let it go peacefully,And didn’t go in heavy handed and yet when Tarquin Jake olly Cressida and the rest of the trustafarian showed their true colours it’s… The boys in blue have misjudged this. Well so did you overpaid part time members of the British shining path. BBC scum