Sue or Bite

Inayat Bunglawala, the Mr. Bean-alike chair of Muslims4UK has instigated a police investigation of Melanie Phillips because she said “The moral depravity of the Arabs is finding a grotesque echo in the moral bankruptcy and worse of the British and American ‘liberal’ media.”
If the police really do waste their time on this, while they’re at it they should look at Bungle’s own racist remarks.
Anyone else noticed the culture of blaming the victim that has sprung up this spring?
Jews living in Muslim lands, i.e. Israel, have only themselves to blame. By being there they’re putting themselves in harm’s way. Women, not covered from head to toe, are asking to be molested. Provoking a Muslim by not being a Muslim amounts to bringing it on yourself. Peacefully counter-demonstrating near a pro Palestinian hatefest is putting oneself in harm’s way. Jews cause offence by existing, and it’s their own fault if they’re bitten on the cheek.

Seen this, BBC? I’m blaming you and if I see you I can’t decide whether to report you to the police, or just bite.

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15 Responses to Sue or Bite

  1. pounce_uk says:

    “Provoking a Muslim by not being a Muslim amounts to bringing it on yourself. “  
    I used to post on the Guardians CIF (Until i was banned) and I used to correct the Pro-Muslim crowd. Of course on one such thread Inyat decided to threaten me (Indirectly by reminding me of how he stabbed somebody, but the threat was there) and that I was a fraud. I in turn replied by calling him a sister-fucker in Urdu (just to prove i wasn’t a fraud) and he didn’t like it. Which is why I was banned. Lucky for Inyat I didn’t feel the need to visit Luton and  regain my honour and in a bunfight I don’t think he would win. 
    But that’s it with bigoted muslims like him in the Uk, they try to silence their critics by playing the racist card time and time again. The thing is they can’t play that card with me, as I am the same f-ing colour.


  2. deegee says:

    Spectator being investigated because of Melanie Phillips?

    According to Renaud Sarda The Guardian has written this story up, claiming The Spectator is being investigated by the Press Complaints Commission. This is untrue. The PCC tell me that a complaint has been lodged, but that’s as far as it has gone. They investigate only if they believe there is a serious prospect that their code has been breached, and it hasn’t. 


    • pounce_uk says:

      Degree wrote:  
      They investigate only if they believe there is a serious prospect that their code has been breached, and it hasn’t. “  
      But, that’s just it Degree, how many times have you heard a Muslim say he is going to sue? The simple aim of such a threat is to cause people from thinking twice from speaking out agaisnt the more odious mores of ‘Islam’ In otherwords it is used in which to silence critics.  Before July 7th 2005 anybody who spoke out agaisnt Islam was castigated as a ‘Racist’ and that was enough. However since then people are no longer silenced by the ‘R’ word and people have become much more vocal in asking the questions that still haven’t been answered by Muslims.

      So now, Muslims say they will sue, of course 9 times out of 10. The person in question backtracks and the Status Quo of remaining silent on Muslims and Islam is regained.
      And if that doesn’t work, then Muslims attack you first with death threats then with a cut throat.

      And my mum used to berate ‘Catholics’ because all their sins could be washed away with a hail mary. 


  3. john in cheshire says:

    The muslim threat is, in my opinion, going to get worse before begin to turn towards normal. None of us can foresee the outcome, or when we will notice but unless and until muslims are made to conform, convert to another, more tolerant religion, or be asked to leave our country, then I don’t expect change to be any time soon.


  4. Beeboidal says:

    I wonder if the BBC’s favourite SOAS student, Clare Solomon, was at the SOAS hatefest. Poor Clare has just been voted out of her position as president of the University of London Students Union. This might have had something to do with Clare’s demise.

    More recently, she has been accused of racism, specifically antisemitism, herself. Last May she posted on Facebook: “The view that Jews have been persecuted all throughout history is one that has been fabricated in the last 100 or so years to justify the persecution of Palestinians. To paint the picture that all Jews have always had to flee persecution is just plainly inaccurate.”

    Clare quickly reasserts her victimhood.

    It’s the use of the term ‘fabricated’ that is problematic, because that’s what the Nazis use, that’s what Holocaust deniers use, and I do not accept – I’m clearly not antisemitic … I obviously regret what I said, the way that I said it. The issue was blown up vindictively against me.”

    Despite her defeat, I’m sure the BBC can still find a spot or two for this far-left, violence condoning, definitely not an antisemite, idiot.


    • pounce_uk says:

      Clare Soloman is your typical leftwing hypocrite as exemplified by the bbC. She was a member of the Socialist Workers Party for 4 years until they kicked her out 2 years ago. The major stepping stone for the SWP is its anti-capitalistic bent and of course replacing our way of life with a pure Marxist one. Of course interlaced between its pure far left message is a purse hatred of anything to do with America.


      So imagine my surprise when reading the blog the other day on how she had fallen at the first hurdle into trying to get back into the SWP. Oh it wasn’t the fact she failed, but rather she openly states that she was blogging from her I-Phone. A Marxist with a I-phone? So much for doing away with capitalism. It seems the Pigs in animal farm can be found amongst British Marxists who not only have no issues with walking on two feet, sleeping in beds but getting getting drunk on whisky.


      Hey, I’m not saying she can’t own an I-Phone, but it would be nice just for once to see a real so called Marxist walking the walk for once.


      • J J says:

        Marxists are hardly primitivists in general, in fact they’re in general as enthusiastic a group of technocrats and materialists(the non-philosophical sense meant here, though of course they’re philosophical materialists as well.) as any. This is one reason they’re to be despised so much.


    • wild says:

      “I’m clearly not anti-semitic.” Yeah right.


  5. George R says:

    INBBC doesn’t report this.
    “The School of Outrageous Antisemitism Studies”

    (by Melanie Phillips)


  6. J J says:

    Personally I don’t think anti-semiticism has much to do with the leftwing dislike of Israel. It has more to do with a partially misguided sense of always rooting for victims and underdogs and just plain anti-Americanism.

    It is only the Islamic(and perhaps some rightwing groups.) opposition that contains much truly ‘anti-semitic'(though Arabs are semites of course.) strands.

    I don’t think throwing around the term anti-semitic for those who are anti-Israel is useful. You can be very anti-Israel and not have much anti-semiticism in you, much of the left, for all their faults, appear to be in this camp.

    Let siilly acting people like Sean Hannity engage in such underhanded tactics, but for yourself try and always be fair and decent and civil and honest.


    • TooTrue says:

      It’s a very difficult one to disentangle but there is no doubt that many of the anti-Israel left are anti-Semitic. (The fact that Arabs are also Semites is meaningless since the term anti-Semitism has never applied to them.)

      The far left Ken Livingstone is without doubt an anti-Semite as is George Galloway. 


      • J J says:

        I would doubt it though, I really have not seen much indication of genuine anti-Semitism(thanks Sue, I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was typing and spellcheck doesn’t work in the comments for some reason.) on the Left.

        Anti-Americanism is rife on the pro-Palestinian Left, though so is anti-Islamic feeling among the pro-Israelis in Britain, but I’m not so sure anti-Semitism has much of a role.

        I’m using a sensible, and not a Sean Hannity, definition of anti-Semitism; I still remember Wild accusing me because I was relatively neutral and relatively uninterested in the topic.


  7. sue says:

    “Personally I don’t think anti-semiticism (sic) has much to do with the leftwing dislike of Israel.”
    Or indeed the other way round. In other words does the leftwing dislike of Israel have anything to do with antisemitism?
    No, they’ll say. We don’t think of ourselves as racists! We’re the good guys, occupying the moral high ground. Antisemites wear jackboots and shout “Jews back to the ovens!”

     It’s those damned Jews that are the racists!

    (Why have you given antisemitism an extra syllable?) My keyboard always wants to write Palestininans, but I usually use spellcheck.


  8. hippiepooter says:

    I think you’re all being rather hard on Mr Bunglawala. After the stabbing to death of the Fogel family including their 3 month old baby in their home Mr Bunglawala wrote an extremely strong condemnation and expressed the desire that both the Fatah and Hamas Governments do all in their power to capture the terrorists and extradite them to Israel to face justice.

    You can find his condemnation of this sheer barbarism .. you can find it .. oh dear, I dont seem to be able to find it. How can that be?