Question Time LiveBlog 17th March 2011

Question Time tonight comes from Eastbourne, which boasts of being the sunniest place in Britain based only on a freak statistic from 1911 and is the location of the third most popular suicide spot in the UK. The ashes of Frederick Engels were scattered there upon his death. Marvellous.

On the panel tonight we have…well, it’s just surreal. Question Time’s favourite minority box-ticker Baroness Warsi, the Labour guy who posed in a gay contacts magazine in his Y-fronts Chris Bryant, Bermondsey by-election “The Straight Choice” against Peter Tatchell – and who later turned out to be anything but straight; Simon Hughes, and eco-fascist Caroline LucasKelvin MacKenzie occupies the lone chair of reality.

This LiveBlog doesn’t promise any improvement afterwards when the grim horror of This Week  is lanced like an exploding corpulent pustule of stupidity all over our screens.  Two washed up politicians, Andrew Neil and a surreal collection of F-List wannabes and never-will-be bores will escort the live-chat into the night.

Moderators TheEye and David Mosque will be sobbing quietly into their absinthe here from 10:30pm.

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12 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 17th March 2011

  1. Buggy says:

    Blimey ! What a crew, eh ?  🙁

    And just think, every one of those is the result of hundreds of generations of ancestral ghastlies managing repeatedly and against all odds to get laid.

    Suddenly winning the Euromillions doesn’t seem such a long shot does it ?


  2. Clameur de Haro says:

    With the lineup of beauties scheduled, not sure I can stomach it without copious supplies of Cotes du Rhone………..

    Tatchell & Pinko (both politically & personally) Hughes could be fun though. 


  3. George R says:

    At least three homosexuals on the panel, for ‘QT’ impartiality.


  4. Llew says:

    The smug factor from the bused* in greenies is going to be overwhelmingly sickly tonight.

    *Can’t see them all walking/cycling to Eastbourne


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    What a perfect opportunity for someone in the audience to ask the panel if the Shadow Works and Pensions Minister, Karen Buck, should be sacked for saying that the Tories are racists who don’t want Muslims in central London.

    Baroness Warsi has called on Miliband Minor to get rid of her, but I doubt if anyone in the audience will dare give her the opportunity to comment.

    The BBC hasn’t mentioned it at all yet.


    • London Calling says:

      I pas through both Islington and Camden two or three times a week, and I am staggered how many of the “headscarved ones” I pass on the streets, not a few full burquas, in places I could never afford to live, like around Camden Town, Regents Park, Highbury and Islington

      I suspect multiracial gerrymandering by Labour Councils, using subsidised social housing to flood their boroughs with ethnic muslims through which they hope to maintain the Labour hegemony.

      Karen Buck is a typical Labour mouthpeice for Labour anti-British racism. I dont want more or less Muslims in my city. I think people should live where they want and can afford to live, like the rest of us. Karen Buck seems to think those of us who can’t afford to live in these places should subsidise Muslim migrants so they can. What a prize Labour (lost for words)


      • jarwill101 says:

        Hello London Calling,
        I’ve lived in the Camden area for over 30 years, so I have some perspective on the social engineering that has changed the area for the worse. In my ‘hood, the greatest benificaries of Labour’s largesse with taxpayers money have been the Somalis – 15,000+ of them, but the real figure, given their penchant for passport fraud, is much higher. At a meeting I attended, a Liebore councillor was talking about the 18,000 people on Camden’s waiting list, I asked her if she had ever stopped to wonder why the borough had such a problem. No answer. Just a dumb, amazed expression. She knew what I meant, but couldn’t really believe anybody could object to the ‘great enrichment’ of our area.
        There’s much to object to: murder, violent assaults, mugging, class A drug trafficking, rape, sexual assault, guns, every fraud & benefit scam under the sun, links to Al Shabab, the Al Qaeda franchise in Somalia & the general air of menace & aggression all the young men exude.
        Perhaps one night on the streets of Camden, Karen Buck will be forced to engage with the wonders of ‘diversity’, with the renowned Muslim respect for white women. Maybe some kind passer-by will help her count the holes in her face. Maybe, she might begin to realise why so many people regard mass immigration/colonisation as an unmitigated disaster. But I doubt it. She’s just another brainwashed, Frankfurt-schooled, cultural Marxist robot playing her part in the destruction of the nation state. Who needs Fifth Columnists? On QT, they’re right out in the open.
        I never watch the programme, but did Simon ‘The Iron’ Hughes manage to lure Chris Bryant back to his love nest in The Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets? They could burn poppies together with the Caliphate Crew, in their Y-fronts, to a soundtrack of deranged Imams howling for the destruction of the West – & homosexuals.


        • Cassandra King says:

          Hostile colonists doing what hostile colonists have done for centuries, this time however these hostile colonists are coming from the worst third world cesspits on the planet and they are being paid to colonise our nation. They care nothing for our culture or our nation, to them it is a free banquet of free everything and best of all they dont even have to pretend to like us, in fact they are encouraged to hate us.

          God help the British people if a hurricane Katrina/Haiti-New Zealand-Japan earthquake/tsunami hit the UK becuse then we would see the true grotesque reality of inviting millions of hostile 3rd worlders to our shores. Fifty years ago we would have acted like the Japanese in horrible adversity BUT nowadays our inner cities would fall into an orgy of violent rape murder looting violence and antisocial mayhem, the thin eneer of civil life would evaporate. Thats what our leaders have done for us, that is the gift they have bestowed on the UK.

          Wait until times get really tough and hard and wait until the free stuff runs out, then we will get the full flavour of the exciting new multicultural paradise we have been gifted with.


  6. Johnny Norfolk says:

    All it was the Caroline Lucas show. That woman can say more words per minute than anyone.


    • Cassandra King says:

      And not one word has any intrinsic value whatsover 😀 never mind the quality feel the fascism?

      Still no word on the greenshirt ecofascist exit from Irish politics I see, a wipeout for the econazis and silence from the BBC.


    • Natsman says:

      Caroline Lucas is a green robot, and she’s programmed to speak endlessly, thus giving no-one else a chance to say anything or get a word in edgways.  It’s part of the plan.  Her voice box is partially constructed from a wind-turbine, and designed to go on, and on, and on…

      It would be wise to keep her isolated from birds, whales, and…wind!


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I just witnessed on Al Jazeera (No, no, not the BBC Arabic Service: something more honest) a bunch of Libyans basically rejoicing that the US is going to send our boys over at last.  Presumably this is based on recent news of the UN authorizing a no-fly zone.

    What’s this sh!te I keep hearing from the BBC about having no moral standing, we can’t go in because Ghaddafi will make hay out of it?  I call BS on Caroline Lucas, MP, Mark Mardell, and the entire BBC organization (with the lone exception of – Lord forgive me – Matt Frei).  You are liars and propagandists, willing to let people die so you can maintain your happy place.

    No matter how badly the Left and the BBC want to spin it, there is no moral high ground on top of mass graves.