The BBC is cunning. During the past week as it became clear that Chris Patten was destined to become next Chairman of the BBC Trust the BBC propaganda line has been to suggest he is some sort of far right capitalist loving Tory who might smash them! As Neil Hamilton puts it…

“THE BIGGEST joke of the week was the BBC cowering in terror at the prospect of Lord Patten as chairman. Patten, the most wringing-wet member of the Eighties Tory governments, was the apotheosis of anti-Thatcher, euro-fanatic, social-liberal political correctness. When he lost his seat to the Lib-Dems in 1992, Rightwing wags called it a Tory gain “Patten has spent his life as a political insider and bureaucrat, moving from one Establishment job to another.”

I might add that Patten’s endless vicious criticism of Israel, his pathetic  pandering to the IRA, his obnoxious opposition to the war on terror – all this always plays directly into the BBC meme so it really IS farcical when the BBC pretends that a tough Conservative is now likely to challenge its “impartial values”. What really sickens me is that the likes of Jeremy Hunt is cheer-leading for this appointment. Patten is as much of a Conservative as John Bercow – namely one in name only. 
Furthermore I heard Hunt on Marr bleating about how trusted the BBC is. Trusted to undermine everything decent and good about our country, trusted to attack beacons of democracy like Israel, trusted to elevate Islam, trusted to damn Israel. The BBC seeks to cloak itself in order to carry on the relentless bias and Patten is just another awfully convenient way to do this. I am at a loss to understand WHY the Conservatives play along with this sham.
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  1. Dick the Prick says:

    ‘You’d be a hero there’ said Marr to Hunt after Sondheim mentioned that Venice spends more cash on arts than the US NEA. Implicit in the intonation that Hunt’s treated as a gimp here – yeah, right. Get a job Marr, a proper job. Ejeet.

     Is God responsible for earthquakes and are Catholic faith schools evil? Hmm…big questions indeed Nicky, huge questions, hmm…brown sauce or ketchup with my sausage butty – bit of a bigger question in Prick Towers todays.


    • Guest Who says:

      Methinks the luvvies are more concerned with arts funding than anything else at the moment.

      At least until the Graun fires up some tweets on what next to ‘report’.

      At the moment, I just want my news providers to tell what’s needed and who here will get it from me to Japan most efficiently.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Is God responsible for earthquakes” well if you can’t blame CAGW I suppose God must be next.  
      The BBC is ridiculous. Nature never seems to get the blame for anything. If they cannot vilify man, then the “aggresive aetheists” at the BBC must vilify God. Despicable but predicatable.


  2. hippiepooter says:

    Here’s something Lord Patten recognises as BBC bias.

    The then BBC’s Lance Price was fed a wilful lie by his ‘close friend’ Peter Mandelson that Patten had leaked official secrets.  It t was a deliberate lie to get Robin Cook off the front pages for his marital infidelity.  A couple of days later Price and his BBC colleagues found out Mandelson had lied to them to levy an extremely serious smear against Patten, who had done Britain stirling service in Hong Kong, but said absolutely nothing about it.


  3. Marky says:

    Beeboids, you’re got another feather in your cap so when anyone mentions that the BBC is biased you have something to use. You may want to cut and paste from below into a text document just so you don’t forget it.  
    You’re having a laugh, there’s no way the BBC is biased as they have Chris Patten, Nick Robinson, Andrew Neil and Jeremy Clarkson.  


  4. tommy attkins says:

    I have watched the coverage of the disaster in Japan for 2 days. At no stage has there been any criticism of the govt handling of the situation which is extremely surprising given the situation in Fukushima which is looking increasingly like a cover-up at worst, or the authorities being economical with the truth at best. If George Bush had been president of Japan, White City itself would have melted down in righteous indignation by now.


  5. Derek Buxton says:

    Let’s get one thing straight, Patten is not, and never has been a “conservative”, but then that applies to Cameron and his “cabinet” as well.


  6. Span Ows says:

    Patten’s endless vicious criticism of Israel, his pathetic  pandering to the IRA, his obnoxious opposition to the war on terror

    You forget pro EU and man-made climate change. The whole BBC package and one they can and will claim is a Conservative to salve claims of bias.


  7. George R says:

    INBBC and Patten: anti-Israel, pro-Islamising Turkey.

    As a corollary to INBBC’s and Patten’s anti-Israel political stance, they are pro-Islamising Turkey. And they (and all three main UK political parties) want Islamic Turkey in the European Union; so it’s not surprising that they present a sanitised view of Islamic Turkey.

    In a vitually all-Muslim show from Istanbul, Sudan-born Muslim ZEINAB BADAWI, who floats between INBBC and World Service, fronted a devious, rigged, stilted non-debate in which she extolled Turkey as some kind of wonderful example of Islam.

    Of course, Badawi censored out this crucial aspect of Turkey:

    “Turkey and the Restoration of the Caliphate”

    Janet Levy

    And INBBC is reluctant to report what goes on in Turkish-controlled Cyprus (while finding fault only with Israel):

    “Turkish forces arrest ‘Euro MPs, bishop in Cyprus’<img src=”” border=”0″/>”


  8. Craig says:

    Dispiriting to see bright-eyed Jeremy Hunt so enthusiastically tickling the BBC’s tummy this morning (yet again).

    The interview with Marr began in the way interviews by Marr with Tories so often begin – with a barbed ‘Cuts’ comment from Marr:
    “Which leads me to Culture, Media and Sport, which used to be known as the Ministry of Fun. Whether that still applies in the time of 25% cuts I’m not entirely sure. Jeremy Hunt is the man in charge. Welcome!”

    But Mr Hunt was soon singing loudly from the BBC’s hymn sheet and this had a temporary effect:
    “The BBC is is our cultural crown jewel. It’s incredibly important economically. I mean you think about the extraordinary coverage we’ve had from the BBC from Libya, also the terrible events in Japan. It’s probably the most respected news gathering organisation in the world and the public want that to continue. They love and respect the BBC for that.”

    Then later:

    “…he (Chris Patten) wants to make sure the BBC does what it’s famous for, which is top quality programmes. I mean the BBC’s historic role is to be the quality benchmark in British broadcasting, to set  the standard in terms of quality that everyone else then has to match up to.”

    Then later:

    “The BBC is a beacon for liberty and democracy throughout the world and the World Service is at its forefront.”

    Talk about looking at the BBC through sepia-tinted spectacles!

    No wonder Marr’s closing words (after that last quote) were, “I can’t think of a rude question to come back on that!”
    I bet he couldn’t!

    (All this shameless sucking up won’t get him very far in the long run. The AM Show website headline for the interview is: Hunt’s warning to the BBC.)

    Most of the Conservative leadership are clearly a very lost cause.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Funny how Phil made a comment on Friday in the Open Thread about veiled threats from the BBC to close down some local radio stations to spite the Tories over the funding cuts, and Marr’s first question to Hunt about the effects of the funding cut is about closing local radio stations.

    Agenda?  What agenda?

    Having said that, Hunt proved what I always say about the BBC being virtually impregnible due to its special place in the hearts and minds of the public. They way he was talking sounded as if he and the Tories saw the BBC as a special mascot of the UK (which it’s kind of supposed to be, according to the Charter, in fact) which must be supported at all costs.  He probably thinks that if they shut down the BBC, the public will never forgive them, so he wouldn’t dream of it.

    A beacon of liberty and democracy?  Yer all doomed.


    • John Anderson says:

      The principle should be – are the local stations performing a serice that could be provided commercially – and does the BBC threaten the vigour of local newspapers in the UK.

      The answer to both is emphatically yes.   Much of the local radio output is twaddle – with bias of course – and would not really be missed.  Nor would much of the local stuff on the gargantuan BBC website.

      Hunt is a damn fool to give any hint that he is worried about local radio closures.  I hope that the relevant commercial firms and local newspapers will lobby hard on this.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Hunt tried to focus on his desire for the BBC to uphold its responsibility for “core services”.  A vague buzzword, to be sure, but it got his point across: we care about the public getting good value.  It’s too bad he chose that line of defense.  He kind of ended up dodging the local radio issue, really, and missed a good opportunity to hit the BBC the way another Minister (I forget who) called out those Labour-led councils for deliberately hurting the public about cutting libraries and children’s care centers instead of addressing real issues of bloat.

        Seemed like he was on the defensive about Tories hating the BBC, full stop, so lost the argument by playing into Marr’s hands.  It’s an intellectual failure with these people, really.


  10. Cassandra King says:

    Ever get the distinct feeling that these poeple are having a rather large laugh at our expense?

    Faked up hair pulling in the school yard in front of the mob when in fact they are all taking warm showers together. I get the feeling that this thin veneer of conflict is a show to blind us to the reality of the political class getting on like a house on fire. They certainly have motive and form do they not? Think about what they agree on, all the important stuff like the EU and the CAGW fraud and spending and taxing like there is no tomorrow and think of how meaningless and petty the differences have become.

    Patten is a beeboid to his core, he is the man that will take the BBC to new heights of bias and partial behaviour. It gives the BBC the golden chance to shout from the rooftops ‘look we have a tory at the top how can we be biased?’ And shout it they will! But the actual truth is rather different to the BBC fraud as usual. Patten is establishment beeboid common purpose NWO slime, he is no more a tory than I am. People like him are not left or right, the term has no meaning to them whatsoever, he would laugh at the thought.

    Patten is ruling class, he saw he could climb the greasy pole and red yellow or blue was unimportant, he is of the establishment party. A party that owes its loyalty and fealty to the estabishment party, they do whats good for them and f*ck the prole drones. They are perhaps the most corrupt and corrupted amoral gang of b*stards you could ever imagine.

    Dont expect human emotions like patriotism love of nation loyalty and pride in people and country, dont expect shame or morals or decency because to the establishment party these qualities are unknown. Imagine them as a kind of mafia, corruption binds them together better than any moral code and it is why so many politicians are on the take and on the make, its hard for anyone to make a noise if they have their fingers in the till.

    Imagine the political establishment as one party with the same aims and the same kind of people and what is happening right now makes sense, if you swallow their little charade and fall for the fake  Punch & Judy routine it all looks so senseless and insane doesnt it?

    Their longed for future looks a jackboot stamping on the face of a human being for ever and judging by how many people have fallen for their little games it wont be long before they achieve their goals.


    • dave s says:

      Quite right. Patten and Cameron are the contination of corporate socialism by other means. A two class state. The rich (them) and the poor (us).
      To achieve this destroy the independent middle class. Farmers, the craftsmen and tradesmen. the truckers and the shopkeepers. All those people who value independence above wealth.
      For now they still need us and still we have a bit of time left.. At last we can see our real enemies clearly and this man Patten epitomises their arrogance and contempt for us. Time to either go or wake up and take our land back .


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Forgot to mention that Marr and Dyke revealed the new BBC Narrative on Libya:  It’s George Bush’s fault that Ghaddafi will stay in power and kill loads of his people.  Nobody wants to interfere because of the mistake of Iraq.

    You know it makes sense.