A Biased BBC reader informs;

” There was a revealingarticle in “The Villager” on 4th March 2011 (a local free newspapercovering E. Northamptonshire). It was about a speech that Chris “EU”Patten made to sixth form pupils at Oundle School. He spoke on the growingthreat of climate change, which he perceived to be “the most urgent ofchallenges”, and said “.. this generation ought to have recognisedthe problem of climate change much earlier and tackled it with moredetermination ..”
Further, he predicted that “.. the 21st century will be dominated not bynation states, but by ideas…” (of course, he meant present states, not thestate that is being formed, i.e. the disastrous EUSSR which will completelyoverwhelm and bankrupt us within a few years).

So when he is installed in the place of Michael Lyons, we can be very sure hewill not be insisting the BBC is balanced in their reporting of climate change,or of the EU. Indeed, under his chairmanship, we can expect the bias to getworse. “

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  1. stevefb says:

    If only “Cast Iron Cam” has appointed Norman Tebbit instead of Pratten…


  2. Cassandra King says:

    This is the new post democratic aristocracy in action, this is the new political class with a common purpose, this is the new face of our enemies and the most dangerous enemy of democracy ever to haunt the planet.

    There is no left and right, there is no difference in the vision of the future, they have a common purpose and they mean to enact a post democratic post national vision. Patten will be the most ideologically fanatical chairman to date, the CAGW fraud will be pimped as never before and pro EU euroslime propaganda will be ramped up to insane levels. We see a euroslime common purpose taking the helm to ramp up and speed up the corruption of the UK.

    You thought the BBC was bad before Patten? You just wait until this scumbag finds his feet, the beeboid filth are about to get their most fanatical supporter to date. Looks like we have our work cut out people 😉 .


  3. George R says:

    Patten will ensure BBC-NUJ remains politically: pro-EU, anti-Israel.

    Patten’s deep political commitment to, and work for the European Union, for its expansion as Eurabia, to EU supremacy over national sovereignty, remains.

    On the Middle East, Patten applauds the anti-Israel reporting of  INBBC’s Bowen. Of course the liberal-left  ‘Independent’ here is in political accord with Patten’s political partiality for the EU and his anti-Israel stance:

    “He [Patten] rejected the suggestion that the corporation had an inbuilt bias and went out of his way to praise the BBC’s Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen and its political editor Nick Robinson. Of the supposed urban liberal leanings of the BBC, Lord Patten reflected that in 1966 he had chosen a first job in the Conservative research department in preference to the offer of a graduate traineeship at the BBC. Had he followed the other path he might not now be considered an old-fashioned Tory but a ‘metrosexual leftie’, he observed, to laughs from the gallery.

    ( I wonder who was in the gallery…) 

    Patten has now resigned (temporarily?) from ‘Medical Aid for Palestine’ outfit.


  4. Derek Buxton says:

    He will not have to find his feet.  As a fully paid up member of the EU he will promote it and all it’s works with the zeal of a religious maniac.  After all his ultra large EU pension may be on the line.  How such a conflict of interest could be allowed is unbelievable…..well except with this bunch of numpties at the wheel.


    • Andrew says:

      The idea of not acting in a way that threatened his pension is a key point.  I recall when Mandy came back to Govt from Europe.  Someone highlighted an aspect of an agreement around the terms of his pension that effectively said he must continue to promote the EU and its aims in order to maintain the payments he was due to receive.

      These people are out in the open now and are operating on broad daylight.  Peter Hitchen’s question of has the left won seems suddenly very pertinent.


  5. Umbongo says:

    I don’t expect it from the BBC but it seems not one representative of the broadcast or print press has asked Patten (or cares, apparently) about how he proposes to deal with the BBC coverage of AGW.  Even the Telegraph’s editorial today welcomed Patten’s appointment but was constrained to throw some sceptical swill to its loyal readership by admitting that he does indeed have a Left-Liberal bias.  Even so, that bias is OK because, according to the Telegraph, he’s a “Conservative” who effectively stood up to the Chinese over Hong Kong.  In reality, although he marginally widened the electoral franchise, he talked a lot which irritated Beijing but HK went to China anyway.

    Also Andrew’s point is a good one: we now have the head of the most influential broadcaster in the UK who is effectively prevented from saying or doing anything against the interests of his former employers in Brussels – very “impartial”.


  6. dechildrenedFather says:

    The CAGW fraud is still hanging around, and is becoming a zombie. To recap, the land air temperature data which purports to show that global temperatures are increasing catastrophically as a result of human activity is fraudulent. The original temperature data has been altered, under the pretext of “homogenization adjustments”, to show non-existent and indeed infeasible rates of increase. Typically this is around a few degrees per century, when the real rise is about one tenth of that. Furthermore, this rise is inevitable given that the starting point, around 1870, was an abnormally cold period, and that there are natural cycles of temperature swings of a couple of degrees over  several decades. The most serious fraudulent tampering is in the data for Eire, with Australia and Nepal closely following. There are serious errors, rather than deliberate tempering, in the data for the polar regions. In these areas the small rate of change of temperature as recorded by thermometers, whether up or down, is swamped by consistent errors such as building works around airports or progress snow buildup around the station. The calibration of satellite data to fit in with the ground-based data invalidates any argument that the satellite data corroborates the land data. The details of how the temperature data was falsified, as part of the wider fraud, were published around 2008-9 and will eventually be investigated by fraud teams in the USA. The BBC and some politicians appear to rely for their pensions and income upon sustaining this fraud for as long as possible.

    The other aspect of the fraud is that generating electricity from wind is uneconomical, and benefits only owners of remote windswept land, by virtue of payment of inflated feed-in tariffs and subsidies from taxpayers and customers.  The overall effect is to transfer energy-hungry industry to India and Japan. 


  7. fred bloggs says:

    My understanding is that the royal charter demands that the bBC operate in an unbiassed manner.  This means Pattern should have refused the post of chairman.


  8. fred bloggs says:

    I got this from the bBC web site about the trust.  It is from a pdf about what bBC news is to provide,  First paragraph:

    1. Remit 
    BBC News Channel should deliver up-to-the-minute, accurate, impartial and 
    independent news, analysis and insight. It should provide fast and comprehensive 
    coverage of local, UK and international events as they unfold and specialist analysis to 
    put the news in context. 


  9. Chairman of Selectors says:

    as an “old oundelian” myself, apart from the distressing appointment of Patten as Chairman, I am upset no oundle school boy stood up and shouted “bollocks” to the arrogant turd. I assure you all, that is exactly what would have happend in my day. I blame the introduction of girls. Surely this speech alone is enough to stop the bloke being made Chairman? Oh, sorry, its the BBC we are talking about, the corrupt, vain, lazy, arrogant, lefty, scheming, anti semitic, anti christian bastards.


  10. OrdeS says:


    You have perfectly encapsulated my thoughts abour CAWG.  Do you work in the science field?


  11. cjhartnett says:

    Didn`t that nice Mr Birt tell us that it`s OUR BBC then?
    Am I not a stakeholder and a shareholder in the starship Beeb…mission statement to boldly go to Utopia and draggging the rest of us with them by the “hearts and minds”?
    That being the case, where was MY invite to see that nice Mr Pattens CV,before considering him a worty(spelled that right!) candidate?
    Is he not a bit old for this kind of caper-running the Beeb is demanding-why else pay over £100K?
    How many years of pregramme making has he done then?
    Has he not got another couple(!) of jobs to be getting on with-Oxford?H.K? PLO? Eurocrawling?…when will the poor lad have the time to listen to his stakeholding base?
    Oh wait-he heard us in Bath 1992 and did`nt like it-so off to Brussels he went. Since then,he`s been on the run from any kind of democratic accountability whatsoever-so H.K/E.U and now the BBC Trust…a top hole TRIPLE whammy for Lady Barnesy and his hot totties of girls needing a Saudi prince with a pony or two.
    No-can`t imagine that THIS plum of pomposity need be worrying about Huttons pension plans. We poor fools need to do a Bernie style mugging of his plans to live high on our backs…so plumped is he that he`d not notice if we DID do something in any case. The fat grandee needed no open enrolment-for he is one of “them”. Diversity/transparency/accountability?…for the birds mate-not for the likes of thems that rules us guv`nor!
    The Project Fatten Patten sails on-saipan or cruise liner?…all the same as long as the EU stay in charge of it all!