Question Time LiveBlog 10th March 2011

Question Time tonight comes from Edinburgh.

On the panel  we have Leader of the Scottish Conservatives Annabel Goldie MSP, SecofState for Scotland and LibDem Michael Moore MP, Labour’s Wee Dougie Alexander MP, Green Party MSP and painfully right-on Patrick Harvie, and the SNPs Nicola Sturgeon MSP. Londoner Nick Ferrari is the final panelist despite his only apparent connection to Scotland being appearing with Sean Connery as an extra in Octopussy.

As we’re coming from Scotland for those playing the Buzzword Bingo we’ll be using the Caledonian Rules. Therefore rude references to Fatcha and NorthSeaOil are not on the Bingo cards tonight but will instead be weighed and points awarded accordingly. Attempts to make Gordoom look anything other than a disaster are worth 10 points apiece. The Hutton Report is your Joker tonight, and you’ll want to double it up with Brown’s Pension Raid, Final Salary, Retirement Age and Sending Kids Up Chimneys depending on the panelist. Independence will only score points if on the same line as Barnett or diagonal to Trident Hypocrisy.

The LiveBlog will also cover the insane This Week with Andrew Neil, two washed up politicians and a surreal collection of F-List wannabes and never-will-be bores.

TheEye and David Mosque will be operating a no-fly zone here from 10:30pm.

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12 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 10th March 2011

  1. Dick the Prick says:

    Am going sober tonight – hmm…could be like a scene out of Airplane, ‘of all the days I choose to give up drinking…’


  2. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Unfortunately I’m otherwise engaged the nich’ doing other more interesting stuff – I’ve got some wet paint I’m going to watch dry, some wood I’m going to watch warping and a pane of glass I’m going to watch weeping.

    Sturgeon and Wee Duggie will be having a ‘I’m smugger than you are’ competition, and Patrick Harvie (of whom I have never heard) will be telling us about the millions of green jobs he and Lucas are going to create out of pixie dust and moonbeams.


  3. Demon1001 says:

    5 Left, 2 Right.  They managed one nearly balanced panel last week but won’t do it twice running, or not even twice in a decade probably.


  4. Johnny Norfolk says:

    QT pick the questions to be asked and most of the show was slagging off Prince Andrew, William Haig and The Lib/Dems with the Chairman making sure Labour, The greens and the SNP had the most say. I watched it but wished I had switched off.


  5. George R says:

    Wot, no ‘QT’ political chum, and pontificator on ‘liberty’, Shami Chakrabarti?:

    “Gaddafis’ ‘blood money’ dents image of Indian-origin academics”


    • Cassandra King says:

      Shami the hypocrite will lay low counting her dirty money for a while before popping up again after the BBC has erased her past, the BBC airbrush will be used and after a few weeks she will be back on the airwaves with that fake smug holiness and faked up sympathy and empathy for the downtrodden of the world.
      I cannot bear to look at the fake innocence she projects and which the BBC exploits to the full, just beneath the surface is the usual grubby prejudice allied to eyewatering greed, this woman is raking in the cash and like all snake oil frauds selling their fake goods she is laughing at the mugs who take her at face value. Just another greedy selfish prejudiced parasite and the numbers grow every day.


  6. All Seeing Eye says:

    QT have just appointed a new editor, Nicolai Gentchev…who used to write for the Socialist Review, the monthly magazine of the British Socialist Workers Party.


    • Cassandra King says:

      Hows that for impartial broadcasting? These people must be pissing their pants lauging at us.

      Socialist question time featuring a riggd socialist audience encouraged to throw rotten fruit at the enemies of the people, you can imagine the show trials of the future would be conducted by the BBC question time comrades.


      • Andrew says:

        It will look like a soviet congree before we’re done.  Broadcast in vast buildings holding thousands of social politburo members, with various left wing lovies receiving standing ovations for every anti capitalist statement, delivered in untranslatable left wing tautology.


  7. Johnny Norfolk says:

    Will Chris Patten make any difference. ? I do not think so.


  8. Derek Buxton says:

    Johnny Norfolk, 
    He will make it worse, if that were possible.


  9. John M Ward says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it this week: I was all geared up for it but them something unexpected got in the way. Still, it looks as though I didn’t miss a great deal…

    Why is it that the further north one goes, the bigger the chips that one finds on the shoulders there? Of course the Scotland/England who-benefits-whom scenario isn’t one-sided; but the bottom line is that Scotland’s residents get free this and that, and it is easy to show that it stems predominantly from subsidies from England.

    That is the reality that affects real people, regardless of any (convenient?) manipulations of facts or whatever. That is what fuels resentment, and anyone with any savvy would realise that instead of trying to demonstrate how much Scotland “aids” England. It simply won’t wash while there is this vast gulf regarding publicly-funded services.

    That is obvious!