Richard Black, again, I’m afraid….today he’s in propaganda overdrive about the US, those nasty republicans won’t allow CO2-curbing measures to be passed, and they are even daring to challenge the idea that those mercury-filled greenie light bulbs should be foisted upon us all. Most of all, though, he’s praising that democratic paradise called China. The reason? Well China, unlike the US, is going to join the EU in curbing emissions. For Richard, that’s enough for sainthood and a big plug on his blog, no matter how repugnant the regime.

But, er, Mr Black, have you not heard of propaganda, and divide and rule, and all the other treacherous techniques used by every despotic regime since Darius? No, of course, not. Those who follow the green creed are virtuous choose what. Four legs bad, two legs good.

For the record, Mr Black, China’s goals are simple. They want economic expansion and total domination of the west. They are well towards achieving what they want and the crippling EU green bureaucracy is assisting them by pushing up the West’s Labour costs and strangling innovation. And as for green promises, they aren’t worth a straw. A few minutes’ digging shows that China consumed 3bn tons of coal in 2009 and is easily the world’s biggest gobbler of the fuel, accounting for almost 50%. It has no intention of stopping anytime soon, despite its rhetoric. For greenies, though, that’s immaterial – they say they are going to do something and that’s enough. The US, by contrast, consumes just 14%.

The green creed’s obsession with CO2 is a dangerous and mindless, but economy-crippling, obsession. And Mr Black is pursuing it with every sinew.

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6 Responses to COAL BLACK

  1. john in cheshire says:

    The bad news never ceases. I wish the tipping point would come so I join the band of vampire hunters and thrust a sharp stake through the heart of those who seek to enslave us.


  2. John Horne Tooke says:

    How many “windmills” will it take to power this city?
    Shanghai, China


  3. Phil says:

    Black says

    China’s political process means that policies are largely decided centrally, at five-year intervals, after long discussions with interested parties inside the country.

    We can only wonder what happens if anyone dares to disagree too much at one of these long discussions.

    Somehow I don’t think Black does wonder though. He approves of the Chinese regime’s green policies so he conveniently decides to overlook the lack of democracy involved, and is keen to tell us the discussions are long, so we know that there’s none of that nasty totalitarian intolerance of dissent going on. So much for the famous ‘analysis’ that BBC news prides itself on. That ‘analysis’ is only brought to bear when the BBC disapproves of something.


  4. John Horne Tooke says:

    This is how the BBC describe the National Peoples Congress:

    Yet Black uses this example to “shame” the US. What an imbicile.


  5. Umbongo says:

    Oh dear, Mann did have emails deleted according to Eugene Wahl as reported here .  Somehow I think this bit of news has already found its way to the BBC memory hole particularly as other parts of this episode reveal some very “unscientific” behaviour among well-known climate “scientists”.