Here, miracle of miracles you might at first think, the BBC website has reported a survey from the respected consultancy Verso Economics showing that the obscene rush to create renewable energy (mainly wind farms) in Scotland is actually losing 3.7 jobs for every one that it generates. The findings chime with dozens of other surveys, as is reflected in this article today by Christopher Booker. Credit to the BBC for publishing it.

But hang on to your wallets, there is a catch – as with everything the BBC does. When Richard Black and his cronies publish their climate change propaganda, such as here, or here, the stories are accompanied by scores of quotes from so called experts agreeing with the alarmism in all its varied forms. Not so with the Verso Economics story. Spot the difference. Less than a half of the story is about the actual report, and there is not one word about how the economists involved have carefully reached their conclusions.

The rest of the item is from those who are determined to shout Verso down, and those who financially benefit from wind farm development, including, of course, the Scottish government itself, which as Verso points out, is laughing all the way to the bank with its barrow-loads of subsidies from taxpayers elsewhere in the UK. The other objector is Scottish Renewables, a propaganda-scavenger, eco-fascist organisation that seeks to make maximum amounts of money from any damn green scan it can. One of the chief speakers at its forthcoming conference is Yvo de Boer, the former Executive Secretary of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and now an advisor to scam-consultant in chief KPMG, where surprise surprise, there is a BBC link – it’s where Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick, the former BBC director of corporate social responsibility, also works.

So fanatical are the said Scottish Renewables about climate change that they actually believe the upheavals in North Africa have been caused by it. Shame on the BBC for including such a ludicrous end-of-the-world quote. And how predictable that they cover the Verso Economics report with such blatant bias.

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  1. john in cheshire says:

    Good posting Robin. It’s always refreshing to have information rather than opinions. One question – Verso Economics; though your report of their findings chimes with my thoughts, they do seem to have had quite a few projects paid for by taxpayers money. Are they trustworthy?


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Well done, Robin.  Follow the money, or follow the trail of slime.


  3. Charlie says:

    Predictions of human-induced rising CO2 levels driving catastrophic and uniformly malign climatic changes, based on biased data manipulated by biased processes and magnified by biased reporting, have caused the waste of billions of dollars and, unchecked, will result in the waste of trillions more.


  4. JohnW says:

    Ignore the BBC eco-loonies. Just buy food commodities.